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May 10, 2013

Do Not Tell Me There’s No Intifada

The going line concerning the rocks, firebombs and attacks against Jews that have been escalating in Judea and Samaria has been that although such events are taken seriously and fully investigated, nobody would honestly believe that these incidents warrant being called an Intifada. After all, these attacks are nothing like the murderous times during the first half of the last decade. The problem with this line of reasoning is these are exactly the types and numbers of attacks which eventually built into the First Intifada in the years leading up to the 1990s. They are also indicative of the lead up to the eventual extreme violence which became known as the Second Intifada which studies have suggested could have been less severe with far fewer fatalities and other casualties had forceful intervention been taken earlier that was eventually called to resolve what became a desperate situation. The current denials will serve the exact same purpose that the evasions served in allowing the ramping up of violence during the previous Intifada. If those tasked with protecting the people and keeping order would step to the plate and act with serious purpose now rather than allowing the violence to become intolerable, then perhaps we can avoid the inevitable this time. We should have learned this lesson after the last episodic violence.



Of course it is all well and good for some editorialists or even some politicians to sound the alarm, but it will serve no good purpose if the warnings are not resoundingly given repeated calls by the people forcing the issue in the Prime Minister’s office and in his Cabinet meetings. Until the leadership decides to take action rather than trying to sell verbal bromides to calm the nerves of the populous the violence will continue to grow more and more intense until the people demand the necessary actions be initiated. It is not like what is occurring is a new experience which has never before been witnessed as all who were of knowable age remember the growing violence starting the fall of 2000 building until action was finally taken in 2005. Would it not be preferable to have action be taken as early in the process as possible and not allow things to go from bad to worse just in an effort to seek approval before acting? Waiting for the world to agree that the violence has reached a level where an Israeli response would be considered reasonable by the rest of the world is an act of insanity. The world will never believe that any act of self defense by Israel is justifiable so why waste time and allow the fatalities and grievous wounded numbers to grow to unacceptable levels before acting. The violence will not abate by itself and allowing the terrorist rock throwings, fire-bombings, stabbings, shootings, and eventually suicide-bombings to continue to climb is nothing short of inducing self-inflicted violence on the Israeli citizenry.



Hesitation before the use of force is understandable in any society which holds all lives to be valuable. Hesitation to use force to prevent further violence and threats to life and limb is counterproductive especially against a society which openly brags about their worship of death being superior to your love of life. In such cases those who value life will serve life best by intervening with sufficient force to prevent further threats to life by those who willingly serve violence. The world as a whole will never come to Israel’s defense no matter how reasonable the action or how dire the situation. Waiting for the approval of those who would just as well, if not preferably, desire to see as much carnage dealt to the Jewish population living in Judea and Samaria is beyond farcical and well into absurdity. It is actually even worse, such inaction is criminal and against the teachings of Torah. To quote Rabbi Hillel, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And, if not now, when?” Why, please why, are you waiting before defending the defenseless and, if not now, when?  





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