Beyond the Cusp

June 10, 2013

Thanks for Asking and Israel is Doing Just Fine

Virtually every single hour of every day there are numerous governments, organizations, agencies, assemblies and other assorted interests inquiring as to what, why, how, where, and even if Israel is up to, committing, planning, revealing, building, planting, reaping, and almost every other inging imaginable. Nowhere else in the world is subjected to such close inspection and the Israelis are so happy that so many people are concerned but even Israel can have difficulty with the world showing so much love, or consideration, or consternation, or whatever it is the world is showing. We would like to assure every single entity that Israel takes all the helpful comments, suggestions, advisories, critiques, reports, proposals, and even demands into consideration and gives them the full weight they are due. Where Israel does not wish to be disrespectful of all the kind efforts from all over the world but could we please ask everyone to do us a small favor? Would it be possible that you address the calamities, inequalities, financial difficulties, and all the other problems existent in your own countries, societies and amongst your populace and leave us to tend to ours. Thank you.


There have been some suggestions we wish to impart to you, free of charge. To the world’s governments and especially the European Union and European Governments we wish that you use your treasures and resources towards tending to the problems in your houses before sending so much to NGOs in Israel with the intent of implementing your agenda in our country. We are not attempting to corrupt your national interests and wish you would return this favor. Please allow these sundry so-called NGOs act free of government funding and directives. How can they act as NGOs if they are mostly funded by government entities? If you wish to have an influence in how and what Israel does, please work through the various channels such as your embassies instead of attempting to use serendipitous, circuitous, duplicitous and underhanded means to affect change and force your political mendacities upon Israel. We have treated you with the respect and deference due countries such that each is allowed to control their own policies and pursue their own desires and ends. The levels of influence being attempted by many countries borders on levels which in previous times would have been sufficient to risk sufficient insult which inevitably has resulted in open conflict. We have already had a small taste of the extent to which you wish to keep the amounts you are expending secret by the uproar that followed the consideration by the Knesset to require NGOs to release the amounts of foreign funding they receive. One would have thought we had threatened the very milk that suckles these NGOs when we gave consideration to said financing legislation and we can imagine the furor that would arise throughout Europe if we were to also require the names that go with those foreign contributions which are from other than private individuals.


With the millions upon millions and even billions being spent by foreign nations to influence events in the State of Israel we can only imagine the financial health of these nations. Those reports of the financial difficulties within the European Union must be fabrications otherwise you would most assuredly have more pressing uses for these funds. Surely the events and internal policies in Israel are of far lesser importance than the health of your economies and the needs of your people. We cannot help but to wonder what would be the result if your levels and extents of your squandering government spending by diverting such large outlays of funds to NGOs and other organizations simply to make your desires expressed in Israel while everything at home is so completely funded that you have these funds to throw at Israel. We appreciate that you think so highly of our success that you feel impelled to assure that the levels of social spending in Israel remains so healthy. If we could ever return the favor and be requested to meddle in your affairs please do not refrain from asking, perhaps we could assist you in finding better ways of spending your people’s taxes than wasting them on influencing Israeli policy makers. Honest, we are sure we could be of great assistance.


What also amazes us is how short your memories appear to be. Treaties and other binding agreements made between the majority of nations of Europe and included representatives from the Arab League and other interests throughout the Middle East within the last century guaranteed independence over certain described lands to the Jewish People and their State. The minimal boundaries of these guarantees, as you well know but refuse to honor or admit, relents all lands remaining from the British Mandate after the Zionists permit the establishment of a State for the Arabs within the Mandate to be formed on the 78% of Mandate lands east of the Jordan River and such lands relented for the Jewish State shall remain undivided and inviolate. Perhaps if you would dedicate a similar amount of efforts and treasure to meeting the promises made presumably in good faith as you have committed in complete disregard of your promises, apparently worthless promises, then there would be no problems as this disagreement you foment through herculean efforts was already settled. Since your regard for your promises has been made evident, how can you now expect Israel to take anything you propose, promise or offer as an honest promise containing any weight or permanence? We wish not your council as your past is likely indicative of your trustworthiness or lack thereof and we wish no partner in such deceits ever again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, well, you know and we prefer not to be fooled twice. Given your duplicitous past, what is there that would convince the people and government of Israel that should we finally find an agreement with the Palestinians, just suppose, that you would not then begin efforts by some other group to claim the Negev Desert and your financing and full support through international agencies to assist another group to deny our ownership and rights to the southern desert? The answer is nothing. And nothing is what attention and heed we will continue to give your meddling serendipitously through your several NGO front-men.


Beyond the Cusp



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  2. “Since Jobbik got into parliament (in 2010), hate speech has gained a lot more ground,” Orosz told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference about hate speech on Monday. Far-right campaigners say they are planning to stage a rally against Bolshevism and Zionism in Budapest on Saturday, the evening before the start of the meeting of the World Jewish Congress, which represents Jewish communities around the world.


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