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June 17, 2013

The Next Land for Peace After the Palestinian West Bank Theft

The United States is joining the chorus of virtually the entire world in the song to sweetly lull Israel into a stupor which is necessary for them to surrender the entirety of the gains from the Six Day War in Judea and Samaria for the formation of a Palestinian Arab State. The song has sweet words which make the future after the next great sacrifice to complete the surrender begun by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Gaza by adding the so-called West Bank such that the central heart of Israel can share in the heavy metal rain of rockets, mortars, and death from the ballistic terror which is sure to soon pour out of the surrendered lands just as they poured forth from the skies of Gaza onto Sderot, Ashod, Ashqelon, Beer Sheva, Dimona and the farms, kibbutzim and towns bordering Gaza. President Obama has loosed Secretary of State Kerry with the holy mission to grant the Palestinians the high ground overlooking the heart of Israel while the Administration sings platitudes about their undying support for Israel as the Jewish State within the 1967 Lines living side-by-side with the Palestinian State in peace and security. The backup chorus for this production is supplied by the backers of the Arab Plan, the authors of said plan, Saudi Arabia, the European Union with Lady Ashton singing the lead solo, the United Nations with special choral harmony provided by the UN Human Rights Council and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and numerous nations from every corner of the globe.


But fear not as this is simply the first act in the decommissioning of the Jewish State of Israel and the second act has made their initial appearance. Thousands of Bedouins marched through the city of Beer Sheva in the northern Negev region of Israel this past Thursday. In order to assure that there were no doubts as to their desired message, they were waving Palestinian authority flags and carrying signs demanding the return of the Negev as their holy and ancient homelands. What is very interesting about the Bedouin tribes residing and tending their flocks of sheep in Israel compared to their brethren throughout the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa is that throughout the world the Bedouin Tribes are referred to as a migratory and nomadic people while the Bedouins in Israel are defined by the United Nations as an indigenous peoples. This is no accident or oversight or typo, it is intentional with an eye to the future when the world will demand that Israel return the Negev Desert to its indigenous and ancient people, the Bedouins. The Bedouins have been setting facts on the ground building small villages and towns on lands which have been assigned for their use but also have spread to areas of State owned land and even onto farm lands owned by Israeli farmers who end up pushed off their land unable to fight the more populous Bedouin families who simply move in and then threaten the farmers treating them as trespassers. Fortunately the Knesset had come up with an ingenious solution; they are working on legislation to turn much of the lands claimed by the Bedouins which belong to the State into new Bedouin lands in a bribe to establish these new areas and have the Bedouins in return promise not to settle more lands. It is rumored that the Bedouins simply nodded staring blankly and returned to their daily business. The honest truth is there are activists from Europe and extreme leftist Israelis who are working with the Bedouins and aiding them in similar manner as they have assisted the Palestinians by encouraging the Bedouins to take more land and simply disregard any agreements, treaties or laws which may inconvenience their takeover of the Negev Regions in southern Israel.


Thus far this has simply been an inconvenience but has the potential to become a tragedy for the Jews and non-Bedouin Arabs living in southern Israel. Already there are a fair number of Bedouin camps and towns being constructed in order to surround Beer Sheva, Dimona and other Israeli towns in the Negev. If this problem is permitted to grow in scope it will very soon come to threaten the Israeli possession of the southern half of their country and an area which many had believed to be an area for future growth as Israel’s population grew. Instead the Bedouins are at the beginning stages of imitating the Palestinian methods for usurping areas of land and making their case to the world that these are their historic homelands. If Israel does not take measures to end this war by attrition and stealthily usurping land piecemeal, then the Israelis will be facing a world sympathetically demanding the Negev be returned to its natural and ancient owners and that the Apartheid attitudes of Israel to the blighted Bedouins who they are causing to be oppressed and denied their rights. This is coming though not likely to make the headlines for the immediate future but in a couple of years whether the Palestinians have been granted their state or not. This will be the second attack in the piecemeal destruction of Israel by breaking off a peripheral area slowly drawing and quartering the nation of Israel as if it were a peasant who was sentenced to death by some medieval European nobleman. Talk about the four horsemen.


Beyond the Cusp


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