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July 30, 2013

Why Does the World Insist Terrorism Against Israel is Different

Often during political discussions of the terrorist threats faced by much of the world but usually focusing on the terror threats faced by Europe, the United States, other Western nations and in the Middle Eastern Arab nations there is a distinction made setting these threats as being completely separate from those faced by Israel. This has been made excessively evident by the great reluctance by the European Union when it came to treating Hezballah as another terrorist organization. It is even more evident in the manner that Fatah, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), the PFLP (Palestinians for the Liberation of Palestine) and the rest of the groups making up the Palestinian Authority are treated as legitimate organizations despite the number of confirmed attacks carried out against Israeli targets. It was evident while the arguments were discussed and after some deal of difficulty the world condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization and it is rearing its ugly head as there are efforts to include Hamas in the deliberations with Israel as a legitimate representative of many of the Palestinian people. Such has never been debated when it comes to al-Qaeda and its many tentacles that reach across the globe.


Perhaps the single most damning evidence of this double standard would be the life and death of Yasser Arafat. During his life Yasser Arafat received honors including a Nobel Peace Prize while never letting up in his drive to murder as many Israelis as possible. He knew that as long as he restricted his murderous intentions largely at Jews the world would leave him alone as they would not be interested enough to “waste” resources in efforts against him. Arafat also knew that there would even be those from all points on the globe and from every political stripe who would extend their protective arms over him and prevent Israel from simply shooting him. When Arafat died there were eulogies made over him that should an alien have arrived in the weeks after his death and listened to the news and other speeches given about Yasser Arafat and tributes to his life they would have thought somebody eligible for sainthood had passed away and not a viscous murderer who was rightfully credited as being the father of modern terrorism. Compare the furor over the possibility that Arafat may have been poisoned when some of his remains were found to have high levels of polonium on them after almost a decade had passed. Never mind that for these items to have contained the levels of polonium that were claimed they would have needed to be all but soaked in the element all those many years earlier for such levels to have persisted. Still the French and the Swiss volunteered every necessary scientific test and equipment and experts to get to the truth of the matter. There were calls for charges to be brought against Israel even before the tests were run and the world all but convicted Israel of murder despite there having been no evidence and no individual under suspicion. Many in Europe seemed almost despondent when the tests did not provide the evidence they had so desired. Never has a murderous villain who was instrumental in spilling so much innocent blood ever to have been canonized as was Yasser Arafat.


The praises heaped upon him after his death completely ignored not only the Israelis whose deaths he had directly caused, but also many others such as the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel, his deputy chief of mission, George Moore, and Belgian charge d’Affaires Guy Eid in Khartoum, Sudan on March 1, 1973. These direct victims who were murdered that day upon direct orders given over the phone personally by Yasser Arafat had been taken hostage in an attempt to have a senior Black September, a specific terror group within the PLO and the perpetrators of the Munich Olympics terror murders of the Israeli team, leader, Abu Daoud, from Jordan and Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert Kennedy, from the United States. Upon hearing that Jordan was refusing to release the Black September leader Arafat phoned the hostage takers and informed them their mission had come to an end and to murder their hostages. The victims were taken to the basement of the Saudi Arabian Embassy and it was claimed the gunmen shot first for sport shooting the men not in order to kill them but to torture them further by firing at their feet and legs; only after this did they gun them down in a hail of automatic weapons fire. The reports on these acts were kept classified for over thirty years and when they were finally declassified were only made mention in an obscure piece of government reporting. This horrific act was covered up simply in order not to place blame and righteous indignation by the citizens of the United States against Yasser Arafat, the approved man of terror.


Look at what will be starting today in Washington DC with the resumption of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. The man with whom Secretary of State John Kerry went almost on bended knee and to whom President Obama saw fit to pressure Israeli Prime Minister into releasing over one-hundred of the worst of the murderous terrorists who were serving multiple life sentences for killing nearly countless Israelis and even a few Americans, many of them for the murder of children, was Mahmoud Abbas. Look at how the leaders of the world’s nations and organizations treat Mahmoud Abbas and one would be led to believe this man is a man of peace and an individual of impeccably good character. But that is most definitely not the case. Mahmoud Abbas can be best described as Yasser Arafat in a three piece suit. Mahmoud Abbas was at Yasser Arafat’s side as a co-founder of the PLO. Mahmoud Abbas spent decades as the number two behind Yasser Arafat supporting every vile act committed in both their names. Mahmoud Abbas gets a special mention in a singularly tragic event witnessed worldwide. Abbas was the man who raised and channeled the money to the Black September team that committed the Munich Olympics murder of the Israeli Olympic Team, the competitors and the coaches. Abbas had a direct hand in arranging, facilitating, planning, and executing the Munich Olympics murders. The names, how they were murdered and position on the team follows. Shot during the initial break-in: Moshe Weinberg (wrestling coach) and Yossef Romano (weightlifter). Shot and killed by grenade in first helicopter: Ze’ev Friedman (weightlifter), David Berger (weightlifter), Yakov Springer (weightlifting judge), and Eliezer Halfin (wrestler). Shot in the second helicopter Yossef Gutfreund (wrestling referee), Kehat Shorr (shooting coach), Mark Slavin (wrestler), Andre Spitzer (fencing coach), and Amitzur Shapira (track coach). There was another casualty other than the terrorist, Anton Fliegerbauer who was among the German police officers who executed the attempted rescue. These men were murdered directly due to actions and facilitations committed by Mahmoud Abbas, yet should there be an agreement hammered out in the talks we will witness President Obama and probably Secretary of State Kerry along with others shaking this man’s hand and honoring him on the White House lawn as if he were a hero of peacemaking and not a viscous murdering terror leader and main facilitator. So, how can this travesty be permitted? Abbas only murders Israelis, so it is not like he was a real terrorist that the world need bother over.


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