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August 7, 2013

Obama Likely Considering Tragic Error in Iran Policy

The writing is appearing on the wall as new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani introduces the idea that Iran is ready to negotiate and do so with a new openness stating, “As the president of the Islamic republic, I am announcing that there is the political will to solve this issue and also take into consideration the concerns of the other sides We are the people of interaction and talks, with seriousness and without wasting time, if the other sides are ready.” Quoted by the Agency France Press (AFP), President Rouhani also proclaimed, “”Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is a national issue… we will not give up the rights of the Iranian people. We will preserve our rights based on the international regulations. In Iran, nobody has said we will give up uranium enrichment, no one and at no time. He also took a swipe at the United States complaining that Washington was sending “contradictory messages” with the White House claiming they are a “willing partner” desiring genuine talks while the U.S. Senate urging tougher sanctions. He added talking to AFP, “Recent declarations from the White House show that some U.S. officials do not have a correct and realistic assessment of the situation here and the message that the Iranian people gave in the election. They are still sending contradictory messages. We care about the U.S. response in deeds, not in words.” The new Iranian President denounced the letter calling for stronger sanctions to be placed on Iran received by the White House recently from seventy-six Senators claiming, “The interests of a foreign country and the will of a certain group have been imposed on U.S. lawmakers, who do not serve the interests of the United States.”


Taking a supportive view of the Iranian statements offering a fresh and new approach to the negotiations over the Iranian nuclear program was the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who told AFP, “I think these ideas contradict the fundamental interests of the international community. These are dangerous games and we hope reason will prevail.” Furthermore, in complete agreement with Iran, Foreign Minister Lavrov strongly criticized as well the letter signed by the seventy-six United States Senators sent to the White House calling for tougher U.S. sanctions until the promise of more constructive engagement proved to be validated, saying that it was in the interests of the whole world to respond positively to Rouhani’s talks offer. AFP further quoted the Russian Foreign Minister protesting, “These are dangerous games and we hope reason will prevail.” Lavrov claimed it to be “extremely important” that the group of Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council Plus Germany, aka P5+1, to take the new approach emanating from the newly elected Iranian leadership and hold a fresh, new and open negotiations as soon as possible.


That is a rather broad front supporting resetting the entire negotiations over the Iranian to square one ignoring all of the previous obstructions, prevarications, equivocations and outright lies that have been the main fare of the Iranian negotiations as well as the basis of their dealing with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) since the very start. To relent and suffer the restart of negotiations would be to completely ignore the salient fact that President Rouhani was the leading negotiator for Iran at these very same negotiations over the Iranian clandestine nuclear program and he could very honestly be credited with being one of the originators of the oblique and circuitous negotiation technique that has continued to the present. To believe his words of encouragement would be to once again fall for his proven practice of say one thing and mean the opposite for which he gained some amount of reputation during his period of representing Iran at these very talks. Still, if anything could be said to give credit to President Obama, it must be said that he holds a strong proclivity to give second, third and even fourth chances in all the wrong situations.


Sometimes President Obama’s actions in negotiations with the enemies of the United States, the Western World and our way of life, he seems to have infinite patience and a level of accommodations to show favor granting them every possible benefit believing even the most ludicrous of claims. It is that track record that has some fully expecting President Obama to take Iranian President Rouhani’s and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s advice and grant the Iranians the benefit of a fresh start and may even go as far as to provide Iran some amount of relief from the current level of sanctions but will, at a minimum, not choose to increase the level of sanctions for as long as he is able to hold off the demands of the Congress and the American people. The additional fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s colorfully described newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” will only redouble President Obama’s irresistible need to grant the Iranian leader as many fresh, new chances as he requests until overwhelmingly pressured by the Congress, the American people, and realities beyond any ability to ignore. The actions by President Obama beg one to inquire why exactly he appears ready to go to any length to guarantee that Iran is permitted adequate time to complete their efforts to join the nuclear club despite the evidence of what ends Iranian Supreme Leader intends to pursue once they have the weapons they continuously tell President Obama they are not researching. Some things just boggle the mind beyond any capabilities for logic to explain, yet explain them we must try.


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