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September 4, 2013

United States and Israel Charging in Opposite Directions Over Syria

These comments from Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Peres and Defense Minister Ya’alon on Israeli position on interfering in Syria as reported in the Israeli Media makes the Israeli hands off, no desire to be included in any way, undeniably obvious.

Netanyahu said on Sunday Israel was prepared for “every possible scenario” in Syria, as Israelis rushed to collect gas masks, fearing possible reprisals against the Jewish state for Western military action against a hostile neighbor.

But President Shimon Peres ruled out Israeli involvement in any intervention.

“It is not for Israel to decide on Syria, we are in a unique position, for varying reasons there is consensus against Israeli involvement. We did not create the Syrian situation,” he said.

Defense Minister Ya’alon made similar comments during his visit to the Israeli town of Beit El, in the Binyamin region.

“We aren’t getting involved in what is happening in Syria. What happened there crossed a red line from the Americans’ perspective, but we aren’t supporting, or involved in, a possible strike,” he maintained.


I had not planned on going over this subject any further but President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry insist on repeating over and over ad nauseum that the congress must support and vote for an American strike against Syrian strong-man Bashir al-Assad or they will be letting Israel and Jordan down. Well, the Jordan half of that statement is laughable as Jordan would never risk a war by making any adversarial comment which may be taken as an intention for hostilities as the Jordanian military is likely the least ready to engage in any combative situation of any nations’ military in the immediate area. The crux of President Obama’s and Secretary Kerry’s argument is that the United States needs to engage against Syria over their use of chemical weapons on their own population presumably causing significantly over one-thousand deaths and even more suffering various amounts of distress and injury resulting from the egregious and significant use of Sarin gas because of some need to protect Israel and Jordan. Thus far the main problem being faced by the Jordanian government resulting from the war in neighboring Syria has been the hundreds-of-thousands of refugees who have fled across the border and are now held in camps where they require complete care supplying them with all the necessities such as food, medical treatment, shelter and other basic items for survival. Jordan is sharing this burden with Turkey, Lebanon and reportedly Iraq with only Israel as a neighboring nation not receiving great numbers of Syrian refugees.


That is not to claim that Israel has not received Syrian refugees because they have but almost exclusively the refugees crossing into Israel are in desperate need of medical attentions often requiring extensive life-saving surgeries and hospitalization. There have been a few cases where the Syrian refugee has been left where it is known the Israeli IDF Golan Heights forces patrol the border and there is a note on the injured person explaining what aid was administered by Syrian physicians and their plea for further treatment which was not available in Syria. Israel has treated numerous such refugees and once they are capable of being returned to Syria they are given the choice of returning into Syria or crossing into Jordan or Lebanon. The one theme which has been repeated by the Syrians treated by Israel either in the field hospital set up within one of the IDF bases in the Golan Heights or in the regional hospitals, with the most critical refugees being treated as far from the border as Haifa, has been their absolute disbelief, shock, awe and amazement to the kindness and treatment they receive from the Israelis who treat them. After being fed a steady stream of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic propaganda their entire lives even to the extent of such being taught in their schools, carried in all of the media and having so saturated their entire lives that to then be treated and accepted without animus or hatreds but instead kindness and caring even to the point of friendly acceptance, many of these injured in the fighting in Syria are shocked to find that the Israelis, and the Jewish Israelis in particular, are not monsters who would treat them in horrendous ways and who practice dark and inhuman practices such as harvesting organs and other blood libels they were fed all their lives.


The one thing that is a certainty is that neither the Israeli people nor the Israeli government wants anything to do with the war raging in Syria for over two years now. Had Israel any desire to interject themselves into the Syrian catastrophe they would have done so long ago rather than allow the carnage and destruction to continue for so long. Israel has made her positions clear repeatedly from the outset of the civil war even before it transmuted into a proxy war between Sunni terrorist forces that allied with and superseded the rebel side and Shiite terrorist forces who backed the Syrian military and were joined with troops from Iran, probably members of the IRGC. The Israeli stated position is they reserve the right under international laws to respond and counter any offensive attack which spills across her border especially should such attacks appear to have been intentional or if they pose a threat to Israeli civilians or personnel who monitor the border. Israel also reserves the right of preemption under international law to intercede to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other WMDs being transferred into Lebanon or taken possession of by Hezballah terrorist forces or to prevent such other similar transfers of weapons or materials which would pose such dangers to Israel as to be considered game-changing in their effect.


There have already been a number of such interventions where Israel has destroyed through air strikes or missile launch certain attempts to transfer or supply the Hezballah forces with advanced weapons which would have posed great and new threats to Israel or any WMD style weapons or stores. The reason these attacks have become known was because of intentional leaks of the source of attacks on Syrian or Hezballah personnel who were in the process of executing such movement of weapons and weapon systems which were traced to the administration of President Obama. It has become known that these leaks were made with the intent to entangle Israel and prevent Israel from continuing to prevent such transfers of dangerous capabilities into Hezballah terrorists’ possession. As the leaks failed to prevent Israel from conducting continued defensive strikes to keep such game-changing weapons and capabilities from being transferred into Hezballah hands or in entangling Israel into the growing and increasingly deadly Syrian war, it might be suspected that the constant repeating of claims by President Obama and his acolytes that any strike by the United States is purely being taken at the insistence and for the protection of Israel thus providing a perfect excuse to expand the war and attack Israel in response to any United States strikes. The constant claim that any American action could also be considered a false flag Israeli originated strike would also give the Syrians a potentially legal excuse under international law to strike Israel, something they have guaranteed they would do should the United States or anybody strike Syrian troops, positions or assets. Including Israel in every argument and making them one of the driving forces behind a strike by the United States might provide Iran with a casus belli to strike Israel for having been the precursor forcing the strike by Obama. Anyway one looks at the attempts to include Israel as part of the strike should President Obama eventually commit one is curious and appears to be President Obama looking for somebody to blame should things go wrong or escalate, he is setting the board to be able to claim that it was all because Israel needed protecting and demanded a United States attack on Syria. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


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  3. This is interesting. Thanks for it. I have no argument about it, but if the Israelis treat the Syrians in need of help so well, why do they treat their other neighbours, the Palestinians, so abysmally? Recently in my church, which is my city’s cathedral, there was even a photo exhibition depicting the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel, in particular the West Bank settlers. I regularly receive posts on Facebook about Palestinians shot by the IDF, children among them.


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