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September 12, 2013

Peace Process on a Rough Road as Palestinians Complain and Make Demands

A number of Palestinian spokespeople have been complaining recently that the Israelis are not working with their side in the negotiations and they are demanding greater American pressures be put on the Israelis to grant the Palestinians the concessions they feel they are entitled to receive. At the same time they are refusing to make any compromises and insist that they have given enough already after all they agreed to talk and now the Israelis need to reward their willingness to hold negotiations. The Palestinians leadership is still protesting the planned Israeli construction in places which previously both sides had agreed would be parts of the lands which the Israelis would retain and despite having known of the plans to build before they entered negotiations. This feigned surprise and shock at the Israeli announcements to build is aimed at demanding that the United States force the Israelis to enact a complete building freeze immediately and an end to any building whatsoever in and lands the Palestinians claim are theirs. The Palestinians were offered a building freeze by the Israelis and refused that demanding prisoner releases instead and now that they have arranged the prisoner releases they are demanding a building freeze as well.


Meanwhile, the Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Muhammad Hussein has declared that the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount is under attack by Jews who during the High Holy Days have been permitted to pray on the Temple Mount. He has added that the religious Jews and the settlers are rioting on the Temple Mount and have been throwing rocks at the Muslim preventing them from entering their Mosques to pray and injuring their children among others. This series of false complaints has come while the reality on the Temple Mount has been rioting Muslim teens and young adults attack and throwing rocks at the security police and Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount. These are regular events which are executed in order to force the authorities to forbid any Jews from ascending onto the Temple Mount, the holiest place for Jews, during most Jewish holidays. The Muslims have learned to play the system well as they complain about Jews throwing rocks and assaulting and rioting on the Temple Mount while in reality they are the ones who are rioting and attacking the Jews who enter the holy area. By complaining and at the same time causing riots and rock attack which can be backed by new photographers who take their pictures from a distance and then the lead in many European new reports quotes the Palestinian complaints and lies of Jews attacking Muslims along with deep in the article a couple of sentences, often buried on a continuing page, spilling the truth with their pictures in which it is difficult to discern who is attacking whom. Along with the Palestinian verbal complaints about Jewish violence they also have decried that the Jews are attempting through mysterious ways to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque in order to make room for the building of the Jewish Temple in its place.  Meanwhile, the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades has declared war on the Jews giving a “green light” to terrorist attacks targeting Israelis beginning on Friday. Their reason was stated, “The invasion of the compound by hordes of settlers, and the harm to (Muslim) worshipers, with no intervention from the international community.” This is simply an addition on the call for international forces to pressure the Israelis into granting even more concessions as part of the negotiations in return for which the Palestinians promise to continue to negotiate.


This will eventually pressure Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama to lean on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to allow the negotiating team to grant the Palestinians some form of concessions in order to satisfy their blood lust and insistence on receiving something for nothing, the most common and repeated tactic they have been using from even before the Oslo Accords and more so since. On another front many of those who work as the Palestinian negotiating team both at the actual talks and those responsible for propaganda and media manipulations have been agitating that the negotiations have reached a breaking point and unless the Israelis are forced to be more reasonable and grant some of the Palestinian demands they will be forced to refuse to hold further negotiations. This is also part of their usual and longstanding tactic when in negotiations. They threaten to walk away and this in turn usually results in the United States mediators, President, and whoever else is part of the responsible group for the negotiations to enter the talks on the side and pry additional concessions from the Israelis. When the Palestinians believe they have wrung sufficient concessions they return to negotiations and refusing to make any concessions to the Israelis. This will continue for some weeks until the Palestinians feel they can demand more concessions without needing to offer anything in return. This entire fiasco will repeat until the Israelis finally have had enough and refuse to grant any more free concessions which is when the Palestinian walk away from the Negotiations claiming that they had warned the world all along about the obstinate Israelis who refuse to negotiate in good faith which gets covered on front pages of European and American liberal mainstream media outlets and then we wait until the next time there is a call for negotiations. When the next call for negotiations comes around the Palestinian demand that the starting point be the last position reached and that every concession ever made by Israeli negotiators is included as the base beginning. It is by this ever slow creeping taking without ever honestly negotiating that has changed the baseline from Israel retaining defensible borders, all of Jerusalem and Area C while the Palestinians retained Area A and they negotiated over Area B and Israel was perceived to retain the entire Jordan Valley. Those lines have long since disappeared and now the debate is whether or not the Palestinians will be generous enough to allow any of the settlement blocks to remain as part of Israel while they are given equal lands to compensate. Should this trend allowed and even anxiously applauded by much of the world continue by 2050 Israel will be negotiating to try and retain all of Tel Aviv and the world will see nothing untoward about such a progressive result.


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