Beyond the Cusp

October 7, 2013

When Iran Turns Nuclear

United States President Obama has been predicting the Iranians would produce a nuclear weapon within the next year to  year and  half  since early in 2009 and he appears to still be stuck on the at least one more year prediction. Many European leaders take an even more troublesome and distressing approach claiming that Iran has assured them they are only producing electricity and other peaceful uses with their nuclear program and even if they were making a bomb, what business is it of ours is their mantra. It has been so long that Europe has been almost completely unable to protect their own borders that they now seek to hide from any potential confrontation and hope that they are eaten last. Many of the members of the non-aligned movement of developing nations hold the Iranian efforts to develop advanced nuclear weapons as proof that they too will soon be able to have the ultimate weapon for themselves and then the world will take note of their grievances and demands. And then there are those whom everybody points to as the crazies who pound the podium to emphasize their point, hold up near comical pictures of a cannonball bomb with a red line near the top and a lit fuse claiming that the red line is soon to be crossed demanding actions and ending the period where words and diplomacy could have sufficed. Among the crazies is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who may be channeling Winston Churchill from the early 1930s warning of the war machine being built and the army being massed by Herr Hitler. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu does appear to be selling the same dire warnings of a perceived threat which is imminent and already on the horizon only requiring a small amount of time before their efforts come to fruition and their weapons will be bared against the world and the tumult begins.


With the Europeans all but sleeping through the Iranian nuclear drive and President Obama steadfastly sticking to his diplomacy must be given time to work and even if Iran were to get nuclear weapons produced, they can be controlled much the same manner that the Soviets were contained during the Cold War. Never mind that Iran is not the Soviets or that unlike the Russians, who hold human life, at least their own, as precious and not exactly being big fans of martyrdom, the Iranians believe that by instigating a nuclear conflagration they can usher in the end-times and force the return of their Mahdi who will establish an Islamic paradise on Earth where everybody lives in the peaceful bliss of their commitment of total surrender to Allah. Believing that the Iranian leadership believes in a similar manner as Western Judeo-Christian society is a dangerous misconception and for proof of the differences we need only look back a few decades to the Iraq-Iran War. The Iranians were having difficulties with the defenses utilized by the Iraqis, especially the fields of landmines. The Iranians did not have modern mechanized mine clearing vehicles and had attempted numerous solutions among which sending herds of goats, sheep and other herd animals all of which responded erratically at the first explosion and were uncontrollable as far as having them clear a path through the minefields. The solution they came up with utilized young preteen boys who were given some minimal training mostly in marching in a formation and then were taken to the front to clear paths through the minefields by marching through them resulting in the majority being killed. The Iranian military leadership purchased thousands of plastic keys from China and hung one around the neck of each child telling them they would use the keys to open the gates to Heaven upon their arrival. The families of these youthful “volunteers” were not ignored but instead were praised for their sacrifice for the revolution and were paid for their son’s volunteering. When the families complained about the state of their child’s corpse noting that they were often incomplete, the Iranian military responded by wrapping each boy in a heavy and wet blanket which served to keep the body parts together to be returned whole to the families for burial. Thousands of young boys’ lives were snuffed out clearing the Iraqi minefields for the Iranian military. There were other youths which were used to mass rush machinegun emplacements and once the Iranians discovered that if they charged hundreds of poorly or unarmed youth at the Iraqi regular army that rather than mow down innocent children the Iraqis often abandoned their positions and retreated. This only served to encourage the Iranians to utilize this method.


This is the mentality that many in the world claim will act rationally and logically and thus can be reasoned with and deterred. Will the Iranians act rationally? The honest answer is yes. Will the Iranians decide things with logic? Again the answer is yes. Does this mean we can work with them because we are both being logical and rational and as two honest rational peoples we can work together to reach a peaceful resolution? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Before any decisions can be made on how to approach the Iranians we must first understand what they hold as precious, we need to research their definitions of terms so that when we refer to something as seemingly obvious as peace we both are referring to the same concept. These two simple and what should be obvious steps have been omitted from the dealings thus far between Western nations and the Iranians. Using peace as our example, when Western leaders say peace, they refer to a state lacking in violence and contention, a coexistence and harmony. When the Iranians refer to peace, they mean the lack of opposition to Islam, the complete surrender to Allah, a state where there is no longer any opposition where Islam has been victorious over all other faiths and systems of governance. To the Iranians there cannot be peace as long as Israel exists, as long as the United States is governed under its Constitution and not by Sharia or as long as anywhere on Earth Shiite Islam does not reign supreme. What Western leaders call peace does not exist for the Iranians and the closest term they have to peace is a Hudna which is a state of temporary non-belligerence which is allowed to exist until the Islamic forces are powerful enough to defeat their enemy at which point the Hudna may be broken and hostilities resumed by the Muslim side, the other side is not allowed to reinitiate hostilities as with a Hudna as with almost everything else when defined under Islam, the Muslims must have every advantage and nobody else matters, only Islam.


One of the reasons that Prime Minister Netanyahu is so animated and strident is because he has learned through difficult lessons of life experience the different perspective that animates the Islamic way of thought. The same can be stated about the Saudi Royal Family who are as panicked as are many Israelis because they also understand the mindset of their Iranian foes and they fear for what carnage and destruction not only to their Saudi Arabia and neighboring nations of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) but quite literally the entire world as they too realize that once the Iranians decide their time has come there will only be one outcome, either the world will have succumbed to Shiite Islam as the Ayatollahs define it or Iran will have been laid waste and utterly destroyed. There will be no halfway measures in the end. When Prime Minister Netanyahu states that Iran becoming a nuclear power is not just an Israeli problem or a Saudi Arabian problem or any half measure but it will be an entire world problem, he is neither grandstanding nor exaggerating, he is simply stating fact that can be ignored at the world’s peril. The Saudi Royals have already given up on President Obama who they view as a simple minded fool who is pretending to be a world leader but is actually buffoon who is totally unaware that all his adversaries, enemies, and even too many of his friends are either laughing at or pitying. The problem is the fool is the only one who holds the keys to preventing a great and horrible disaster which will lay waste great swaths of our Earth and he doesn’t even know how to turn the switch on.


Beyond the Cusp


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