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October 12, 2013

Abbas Desires Meet with Netanyahu

Abbas has told the Americans that he would be willing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Abbas claims that he would not place any preconditions on such a meeting but he would still expect that the Israelis make some actions on the ground in order to prepare for such a meeting. This is nothing more than Abbas out on a fishing expedition attempting to pick up some concessions which he will expect the Americans to pressure Netanyahu to make. This is the same game being played once again and until the Israelis refuse to play into Abbas’s hand every time he pretends to want to make an effort showing good intentions when all Abbas really wants is to gain some more land or other promises Abbas will continue with his false promises and lies. Netanyahu should return the favor and agree to meet Abbas once he has made some moves to show that he honestly is seeking reconciliation and not just more of his same old game. This tired old game of Abbas making sweeping statements to the press promising the sun and the moon only to turn around and demand to know what Netanyahu and the Israelis are willing to grant him in return has got to end. Then once the Americans have pressured Israel into making some concessions to the Palestinians, Abbas usually calls the meeting off at the last moment and claims to be willing to meet at a later date; in the process Abbas’s promises fall through the cracks and Israel has once again been pressured to grant Abbas concessions in return for the pleasure of meeting with Abbas for a brief meet and greet.


The one blessing is that the meeting with the snake, Mahmoud Abbas, is short and fortunately infrequent. Israel does not need to be seen to be waiting for Abbas to offer crumbs and that they are always at the ready to drop everything just to accommodate his royal decrees. This time Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to simply refuse to meet with Abbas unless Abbas makes some gesture beforehand to prove that he intends for the meeting to be serious and not just another ploy to get him before the cameras where he will point fingers at Netanyahu and make grand claims that Israel is the sole reason there is no peace, when Abbas is as aware as anybody who has watched and honestly evaluates the situation knows that Abbas is the principle reason there has not been and never will be an agreement. The truth is that Abbas is only willing to accept a peace in which there is no Jewish state even if it means allowing Israel to remain in name but having it absorb five million Arab refugees who would vote the Jews out of their own state in the next election. Abbas has made his position eminently clear when speaking in Arabic to the Palestinian people or to Muslim audiences when he has claimed that Jaffa, Netanya, Acco, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa and Ashod are all parts of Palestine and the resistance will not end until all of Palestine has been liberated. This is the reason Abbas will never recognize Israel as the Jewish state because to do so would be to lose claim to that which he believes is Muslim lands that must never be permitted to fall from Muslim control, and even more so if they are to lose these lands to Jews.


So, why should Netanyahu even wish to meet with Abbas other than possibly to please the Americans? Even more to the point, why would Netanyahu even meet with Abbas to please the Americans who have already placed Israel in the most untenable position she has ever faced and have proven not to be a true friend. That is not to say the American people are not friendly to Israel as they have made their friendship clear and it is appreciated. But President Obama and his merry band have proven beyond any doubt that they would be willing to push Israel under the bus if they thought it would result in gaining them some advantage. President Obama has gone to great lengths to expose Israeli missions which were launches to prevent the passage of highly dangerous, game changing weapons from Syria into the hands of Hezballah. President Obama has made it evidently clear that he would do anything in his power to include shooting Israeli planes out of the sky if Israel were to have the audacity to attack Iran without first receiving the approval of President Obama. Of course President Obama is most likely never going to allow an Israeli strike on the Iranian nuclear sites and would be more likely to call the Iranians and warn them than he would be to assist Israel. Israel should finish the current talks which will end with Abbas declaring that Israel simply is refusing to make peace and cut her throat and then he will trot back to the United Nations. I fully expect this time that Abbas will be given the green light to go to the Security Council where President Obama will allow full recognition granting Abbas the 1967 Lines as his new borders. What follows after that vote is anybody’s guess; but I doubt it will end peaceably.


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