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October 14, 2013

Abbas Begging Using Same Worn Out Ruse

Palestinian President and Palestinian Authority Chairman and Leader of Fatah and the PLO Mahmoud Abbas spoke to the media this week claiming that the Palestinian Authority may not have sufficient funds to pay their employees in November because Israel still exists and as long as Israel exists the Palestinian Authority will not be able to run anything resembling a normal society unless the entire world stops everything and sends them money. Of course they will have the funds to pay the highest paid group of individuals on their payroll who are rewarded with salaries approaching ten times that of the Palestinian Security Forces or any average wage-earner on the Palestinian Authority payroll, these people of such spectacular accomplishments deserving such riches are, of course, the terrorists who have been convicted and are serving in Israeli prisons and the families of those terrorists who sacrificed themselves to murder Israelis, preferably Jews, either by suicide mission or falling when they chose to fight rather than surrender to the IDF when they came to arrest those suspected of committing acts of terror. Of course that dirty little secret is just one more item known by those in power in the West but never brought up as doing so would cast the Palestinian Authority in a bad light with much of it reflecting on Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the sole peace partner that world insists the Israelis must placate if Israel is to be a respected member of the universal society. That is the same Mahmoud Abbas who played a critical role that included but was not limited to arranging the financing and logistics for the Munich Olympic Massacre during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany where eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually murdered in cold blood.


Of course there will be those who will rush to defend Mahmoud Abbas claiming that he was not fully aware for what the funds were to be utilized and he has reformed and has adopted secular ways and seeks peace and wears a western style suit unlike that terrorist Yasser Arafat and the world should be glad to have a man of peace such as Abbas working so diligently to make peace with the unrepentant Israelis. I really hate to put a stain upon the legacy which has been built around Abbas full of lies, deceptions and misrepresentations but Mahmoud Abbas is the same man today that he was in 1964 when he was one of the cofounders standing with Yasser Arafat at the Arab League summit in Cairo. Mahmoud Abbas aided and abetted terrorism from day one of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. In 1964 there had not been any Six Day War from which Israel liberated the lands of Gaza, Judea, Binyamin, and Samaria which was fought in June of 1967 thus the PLO was not founded to reclaim any lands that were contested or occupied by Israel other than the Land of Israel inside the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines which the Arab League refused to recognize as constituting a border of any kind and upon Arab League insistence were declared an Armistice Line never to be intended or applied as a border as to do so would mean the recognition of the Jewish State, the one thing that the Arab League and subsequently the PLO and the Palestinian Authority can never allow to be made official, a border between any Arab entity, nation, protectorate, or anything and Israel. The PLO, which is the progenitor of the Palestinian Authority, was founded and its Charter still states its purpose as the replacement and eradication of Israel and the liberation of all of Palestine which includes all the lands of the British Mandate. This is the minimal position which Mahmoud Abbas claims is just and the end to which Israel must dedicate itself so as to fulfill the rights if Islam to retain for eternity the lands once conquered by Islam.


So, Mahmoud Abbas is once again blaming Israel for the graft, corruption, misappropriation of funds, theft, and out and out lining of the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of Palestinian leadership as well as the use of major amounts of funding for the purchase of weapons, explosives, and other requirements of the terrorists which are used in assaults on Israelis such as the shooting of nine-years-young girl named Noam Glick in her neck whilst she played in her own yard in community of Psagot, just north of Jerusalem, by a Palestinian terrorist who immediately fled the scene. The young lady survived and we thank G0d for his granting that miracle and give out due appreciation to all who played a part in her miraculous lifesaving treatments. The IDF continues to investigate this horrific, brutal, uncivilized and barbaric attack, where evidence has led to two brothers from the Palestinian Authority town of Kfar el-Bireh who have reportedly been arrested as suspects. The fact that a crime this horrific was actually planned and executed says more about the debasement of societal norms within the Palestinian Authority autonomous areas and the effects on the minds of the youth, in particular of the combined indoctrinations with the systematically honoring terrorist murderers by exalting their deeds and revering the names of those who committed the most heinous acts of terror spreading the most harm, death and carnage leading to blinding hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. This brainwashing includes using school lessons, reading material, and teacher lessons; media including cartoons aimed at the youngest, music videos for preteens, teens and young adults, movies, television regular programming and specially made productions; murals on walls throughout Palestinian Authority security zones; naming of soccer teams, tournaments, fields, playgrounds, parks, streets, and holiday style events with parades dedicated to deceased terror masters who died murdering many, many innocent civilians often including young children, even infants, the elderly, and everyone in-between. This is where the salaries go and one of the costs that European and American funding is used for and nobody cares to even ask for an accounting when Abbas asks for more billions if not trillions of dollars and Euros.


So, Abbas has signaled that the voracious appetite needs to devour more funds from the Western nations because Israel has stolen or prevented the earning of sufficient funding to pay the Palestinian Authority salaries. Abbas never mentions that the Israelis provide virtually all of the electricity used by the citizens of the Palestinian Authority for which Israel has never received payment. Yes, the world insists that Israel must never resort to cutting off the power every time that such is threatened as to force the Palestinians to pay for their electricity would be asking too much of the poor dears, so we know that it is not to pay the electric bill that Abbas needs more funds. The same pretty much goes for the water system which Israel services and keeps the water flowing, for free of course. And as an added bonus, when there is a problem and the system requires servicing the Israeli power, water and other utility workers need to arrange IDF escort otherwise they are not likely to return and the required service work would not be performed. One might think that logically the Palestinians would at least wait until the repair work were completed before attempting to murder the Israeli service personnel, but that apparently requires deeper thought than we should expect. Abbas will demand his money, maybe even grace us with a trip to New York to beg before the United Nations, one must wonder where the money for the trip sprang from. There will be a great gnashing of teeth in Europe as they seek high and low to find the funds for Mahmoud Abbas but still many of these same nations are begging for money to save their ailing economies. President Obama will likely find a way around the Congress just as he did last time when Congress refused the funds and President Obama just sent the funding anyways totally ignoring Congress. What, you think that by doing such an act President Obama had ignored the Constitution and the will of the Congress and could have been charged with a crime or made to at least answer some pointed questions. Obviously you have mistaken the United States Congress for something with at least cartilage for a spine if not actual bone vertebras.


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