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October 22, 2013

Is the Fight for the Heart of the Republican Party Over?

Those of us old enough to remember back forty to fifty years might recall the period where the Democrat Party went through the final fight for its heart and soul between the old Blue Dog Democrats and the International Collectivist Socialists who eventually won out. The transition was started by President Lyndon B. Johnson and those who backed George McGovern for the nomination in 1972 closed the transition of the Democrat Party. It was these powers who brought forth such Democrat Presidential candidates as President Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and so forth right up to the current President, Barack Obama. The Democrat Party became a wholly owned subsidiary of the AFL-CIO affiliated Unions, the Teachers Unions, the community organizers, the NAACP, and at the controls pulling all the strings were the International Socialists also referred to as the Communists. There have been those Democrat candidates who were not solidly under the control of these puppet masters but they have been few and have had to allow much of the programs and legislation proposed by the Socialists in order to also be able to serve their own preferences.


The battle for the Democrats being settled, the fight over whether these same interests will be in control of the Republican Party has now been in progress for the past twenty years. The International Collectivist Socialists go by many other names as to use either their long title or the simple title of Communists would make their acceptance by the American public that much more difficult. This fight to convert the United States into imply another European styled socialist state has been ongoing since the early 1900s but was interrupted by the two World Wars which demanded that the United States be united in a patriotic fervor backing the troops in what were necessary fights to retain freedom and this fight was supported by the socialists as well as by patriots and virtually all of the politicians. The early politicians behind this slow takeover of the American political scene called themselves Progressives and touted the idea that the people should hold the power over all elected officials. This was not their end goal but they used this in order to pass under a populist demand, the Amendment XVII, which allowed for the direct election of United States Senators taking their selection away from the individual States. This simple Amendment to the Constitution completely removed the individual States from being represented in the Federal Government which had been one of the checks and balances that prevented the Federal government from steamrolling over the States. Before the passage of the Amendment XVII the Federal Government was checked by the States from imposing unfunded mandates upon the States leading to laying additional expenditures on the States for programs designed in Washington but dropped in the lap of the States to run and finance their implementation and enforcement. Since the passage this method of pushing programs onto the States has been one of the methods by which the Federal Government has introduced new programs and initiatives and paid the introductory period after which it falls to the States to continue the implementation and all that entailed. Eventually these programs and expenditures grew to the point that they helped make a slowdown in the economy turn into the Great Depression. This economic downturn while passing within a couple of years in Europe where the governments were gridlocked and failed to act allowing for a natural recovery, in the United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried one program after another changing approaches every few months never giving any one approach time to actually accomplish the desired goals. Despite the claims that President Roosevelt’s programs finally led to the end of the Great Depression, the real solution was because the onset of World War II and the American entry into the war put an end to any attempts to spur the economy as the war footing production brought the economy back to full productive capacity out of necessity. Still, after the war the people had grown suspicious of anything tied to the Progressive agenda so the Progressives simply rebranded themselves as the Liberals. Recent history has tarnished the liberal brand to the point that Hillary Clinton actually claimed not to be a liberal but rather she was a classical turn of the century Progressive.


So, for simplicity let us use the preferred terminology and refer to the collectivists by the name they prefer, Progressives. The Republican Party has, for all intents and purposes, been hijacked by the Progressives who are almost exactly the same as the Progressive Democrats except they claim that their methods would be a better approach because they will utilize a market based system. The words sound great except there is no actual way to use a market based system as these programs all result in top down big government programs which eventually result in higher taxes and always exceed all expected costs and grow seemingly exponentially. If you listened to Jeb Bush give his ideal approach to addressing Obama Care recently he claimed that what the Republicans needed to do was sit back and allow for Obama Care to fall apart and prove impossible and then propose a Republican run version of government healthcare and extoll the benefits of the Republican plan which would be market based, whatever that means when you have a government run healthcare system. Senator John McCain expressed the desire for the Republicans to wait for Obama Care to fail and then the Republicans could adjust, amend and generally repair those items that did not function of Obama Care and then the Republicans could claim the credit for a functioning government run healthcare. Do either of those ideas sound like a Constitutional approach or does it simply sound like they want the Republicans to simply become Democrat Lite? The truth, and it is an unfortunate truth, is that the Republican hierarchy and leadership are almost as progressive and collectivist as are the Democrats and we are rapidly heading to a one and a half party system where in too many instances there would be virtually no difference between the Democrat and the Republican beyond their language, both would work towards the same big government solutions and the complete abandonment of the American Constitution. As the next weeks and months pass just watch how Republicans treat those such as Senator Cruz and the true Conservatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate as well as the old line Republicans gathering to push the chosen 2016 Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush. While watching this also ask yourself what are the real differences between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush other than Jeb is somewhat less annoying to listen to. It may surprise you when you compare them issue to issue and find the difference is a matter of shade, not substance.


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  1. I am hoping that the fight has just begun. If the Republican party does not once again become conservative constitutionalists, then they will go the way of the Whigs. The “Tea Party” is their base and they risk much by angering and ignoring them. We can after all start a party of our own.


    Comment by Electronicrepairman — October 23, 2013 @ 1:58 PM | Reply

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