Beyond the Cusp

November 3, 2013

The Reality About Obamacare

Between the disastrous rollout of the website and the thousands upon thousands of people losing their health insurance over noncompliance, the truth of the real intentions behind Obamacare have gotten lost in all of the noise. Contrary to what everybody has been told, Obamacare is not about providing health insurance to every American nor is it about making sure everybody has access to quality healthcare. The truth of the design of Obamacare has little to nothing to do with insurance, providing coverage, providing healthcare, assisting people to receive affordable health insurance or anything else which has been either stated or implied. So, if Obamacare, or if you prefer the actual title, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and they are one and the same contrary to what some have claimed, is not about healthcare or providing affordable or even unaffordable health insurance, then what is it really about and why has it been kept a deep, dark, hidden secret never to see the light of day?


The reason it has been so guarded is because if the truth became well known then the people and much of the healthcare system and health insurance providers would all be up in arms carrying pitchforks and torches and heading for the closest HHS office. The end result for Obamacare is for it to be a dreadful and complete failure. The rollout was simply a precursor for the eventual effectiveness of Obamacare. The reason that the White House and everybody at Health and Human Services along with the companies who worked together to program the website have taken its failure in stride is they do not care if it works or not beyond image. They mind that they are receiving disapproving numbers but since after this term President Obama cannot run again, they all know that after a few more years they will be seeking new employment. The design of Obamacare was to force through regulations unnecessary coverage into each and every health insurance package in order to send prices through the roof. That is why an eighty year old single man must have prenatal coverage and a young single woman must have prostate cancer coverage or some other equally ridiculous set of terms. The entire aim is to make health insurance prohibitively expensive such that everybody ends up on the government exchanges. Even the exchanges are set up to fail and that will set in motion the populace demanding that the government repair the disaster the government foisted upon the public. The only other set of items in the Obamacare regulations and legislation are a series of new taxes on all sorts of things many not even remotely related to healthcare in the slightest of ways. The end result will be a series of individual new taxes some of which, like the tax on medical instruments are designed to make research into new medicines and procedures more expensive, actually are related to the healthcare industry while others are solely applied to items from investments, banking transactions and a myriad of other non-healthcare applications simply to feed the government coffers.


Once the companies which offer health insurance finally realize that they have been forced into a corner through regulations demanding broad base coverage requirements pushing prices exceedingly high that they can no longer make any profit from their healthcare divisions and close them down and no longer offer healthcare insurance, then the government will be virtually the sole proprietor issuing health insurance which will facilitate government run healthcare as the next logical step. This will place the vast majority of the population onto the government exchanges which will also be a disaster already happening. Even the prices on the exchanges will end up rising as they struggle to bring in the needed funds through monthly charges to their members to cover the ever rising costs of healthcare. Eventually those people who do not receive financial assistance, and the threshold for financial assistance will be lowered each year forcing more people to have to pay the full price on the exchanges, will realize that the penalty for not purchasing insurance is far lower than the price of insurance and if you find yourself in need of insurance then you purchase it at that time and cannot be refused so they will simply run the risk of not having health insurance. This will be particularly true of those younger adults who can no longer remain on their parent’s insurance and who will balk at having to pay for longtime care for mental deficiencies which really means Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia which only usually afflict the most elderly along with other items forced into the base required insurance package.


Once the majority of the population has been forced onto the government exchanges and the few remaining health insurance providers are hanging by a thread then the regulations only need change a few items in order to force sufficient changes on the insurers that they cannot survive the costs and realize their customers will react adversely to yet another set of policy changes and rate hikes.  This is the point where the government exchanges will provide the final impetus to get the progressive plan to its final goal, a one payer government healthcare system. By this point things will have deteriorated that even the dreaded government run healthcare will actually sound good. The healthcare industry will be so broken that anything will sound appealing and a single payer government run healthcare system will be welcomed. Sure there will be those who will rail against this inevitability and their rally will be that it is not Constitutional. If they are able to get this before the Supreme Court let’s hope that Chief Justice Roberts has reread the Constitution and does not get cold feet and fold rather than stand on Constitutionally sound principles that can keep him grounded and end this nightmare.


The United States has had a healthcare industry that has been the envy of the world despite what propaganda you may have heard. The United States was among the top five nations in medical discoveries and new procedures every year for seemingly forever. The wealthiest from every corner of the globe have come to the United States and a very select few other nations such as Israel for their surgeries or other technically challenging, complex, or requiring extreme specializations medical procedures. I can attest to this as during my time as a biomedical equipment engineering technician I was fortunate to assist in adapting and utilizing equipment and be a part of three of the first ten RF Catheter Ablation Surgeries in which the patient’s heart has two distinct nodal nerve bundles which fire to stimulate the ventricle twice per cycle and the errant node has to be destroyed using RF waves to kill the nerves within the node in order to produce proper heart rhythm. Any further description would be tedious, boring and unnecessary. The only other point is that had a tax been levied on each piece of medical equipment used in such a procedure the price would increase significantly. These such procedures are pioneered in the United States even should the discoveries be made elsewhere as the United States has the funds, patient load and every other advantage necessary to further medical science. The big lie is that there are people being denied healthcare in the United States for lack of insurance. That is not true as by law any hospital which receives any forms of government funding, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Insurance or any other program, must treat anybody who seeks medical treatment without regard to their ability to pay for the services. This is part of the reason we find emergency rooms filled at times with people who have a bad cold, sprained ankle, or other minor affliction which could be treated in a physician’s office but being unable to afford such they go to the closest hospital and are treated.


The other lie is that the cost of medical care rises beyond all reason because doctors are getting wealthy on the larger fees. The reality is that between employer provided insurance and government provided payments for healthcare the prices face a similar upward pressure that has also sent college tuition prices skyward. Since close to eighty percent of Americans have some form of third party health insurance they are not concerned with the costs and thus do not shop for cheaper prices as it would make no difference to their bill for the care. The other force driving healthcare prices skyward is a combination of two very closely related items, the costs for malpractice insurance and other coverage required for any physician, hospital or healthcare provider to operate and the ever larger rewards given plaintiffs in malpractice cases and the unfortunate fact that there are lawyers who seek out any reason no matter how slim to bring such cases hoping that either the jury will be sympathetic and reward their client, and they take their percentage, handsomely or the caregiving victim of the suit will settle out of court for some easy money. Anyway we look at healthcare now it is too late, the die has been cast and we will sooner than later find the United States becoming simply another European style financial disaster with government provided single payer healthcare. Who cares if it has failed almost everywhere it has been implemented, the United States will get it right because they know what they are doing. Right, that’s just so believable.


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