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November 28, 2013

Ramifications of the Israel, Iran and the United States Tangled Relations

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What would be the ramifications to Israel by United States if Israel were to strike the Iranian Nuclear sites to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear armed menace threatening not only Israel but also Saudi Arabia and the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Europe and very probably the United States as well? The answer is plainly obvious as President Obama and numerous members of his Administration have all but simply stated the position of their boss. President Obama laid it out plainly for all to read, see and hear over the past year and over his entire first term. President Obama has, from day one in office, held that Israel is the main reason that the world is not experiencing universal peace, robust economic conditions and cooperation in caring for the environment as well as anything else that could be a positive but for Israel. Israel, according to President Obama, does not know what is in its own interests and acts often to their own detriment and would be doing so much better if they would just listen and take the advice which is being offered them from so many directions including the Arab League, the European Union and, of course, from president Obama and his minions. President Obama made his position clear when he forced Israel into freezing building in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and again through Secretary of State Kerry a few weeks back when Secretary Kerry threatened Israel with a third Intifada, chaos, and isolation within the world of nations. President Obama has shown disregard, disgust and disrespect to Prime Minister Netanyahu at virtually every opportunity and was caught in a hot microphone incident trading Netanyahu complaints with French President Sarkozy where he replied to Sarkozy’s complaint that Sarkozy found Bibi Netanyahu to be a pain in a particular body part, to which President Obama replied that he had to deal with him every day, in a dismissive and condescending tone.


The raging storm emanating from the White House in Washington DC aimed at Jerusalem was almost beyond belief during President Obama’s first term and has somehow managed to accelerate to such an extent as to exceed anything expected even from some of the most ardent Obama detractors. Under the auspices of President Obama, he and many trusted inner circle Administration advisors, Czars and cabinet members have all but declared war on Israel their abuses have become so dire. President Obama bas been backing and even encouraging the proposed European Union boycott of any cooperation, trade, academic research or other formal relations with any Israeli company, university, people who reside or work in the contested lands which will virtually result in cutting off over half of all relations and commerce between Europe and Israel. The Obama Administration has leaked information to Syria and Russia identifying the Israelis as being behind attacks on Syrian and Russian weapons, chemical weapons reagents, anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles, anti-ship land-to-sea missiles and other military items which were either being sent or intended for transfer to Hezballah in Lebanon to give the Hezballah terrorists drastic additional capabilities which could have proven to radically changed the balance of power between Hezballah and Israel. The Obama Administration has even gone so far as to transfer information through third parties informing Iran of Israeli plans and deals which were the initial stages of plans to facilitate an Israeli military response to the Iranian nuclear program. The most serious of these leaks was the revelation to the world media that Azerbaijan and Israel were negotiating the use of a deserted military airbase in southern Azerbaijan that was close to the Iranian border and would have served as an excellent staging area and safe zone for attack aircraft either damaged or low on fuel to find safe haven. This leak actually scuttled a meticulously planned strike which Israel had put in a lot of time and revenue researching and training for the mission.


But vilifying and working to counter Israeli plans for their own self-defense is not the end of the perfidy committed by the Obama Administration to undermine Israel; they have also taken measures to undercut those in the United States who support Israel with a propaganda campaign casting them as warmongers trying to drive the world over the brink and into a great conflagration. President Obama used the White House and its press corps to elevate the importance of J-Street, a far leftist Jewish organization which claims to support Israel and believe that Israel would be best served by completely surrendering to every single Palestinian Authority demand including returning all of Judea and Samaria along with much of Jerusalem and allowing for the “right of return” for as many as five or six million Arab refugees granting them immediate Israeli citizenship. President Obama has also held numerous meetings with other leftist Jewish groups including the Council of Reform Rabbis and coordinated with them to give sermons supporting Obamacare and the Administration’s views that Israel needs to do whatever it takes to make peace with the Palestinians and found a Palestinian State. These Rabbi and other groups are political allies of the President and are more determined to purport leftist ideologies and radical social reforms than they are to espouse the Commandments or the Covenant which are at the heart of the Jewish faith and the crux of what makes the Jews a separate people. Of course these Leftist Jews are about inclusion, assimilation, and acceptance by their fellow leftists and would very probably been Hellenistic Jews and not fought with the Maccabees in their revolt to reinstate Judaism’s rights and practices after the Greeks had made circumcision and Jewish prayers and anything else that was essential to the Jewish faith illegal and punishable by death.  Jews are currently celebrating that very revolt as it is the return to the commitment to the covenant and the practices and rituals as well as the resanctification of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem that is at the heart of Chanukah. President Obama did have a meeting with more conservative Israeli supporters including most importantly AIPAC. At this meeting President Obama stressed the necessity of their support for his planned strike on Syria, the one he decided to cancel after taking a walk on the White House grounds and dither it away waiting for Russian President Putin to throw him a lifeline. AIPAC did their part and gave the cover and support the President requested and in return he had supporters cast the members and leaders of AIPAC as vile monsters who were more supportive of Israel than their own country. He cast them as warmongers ready to cast the United States into wars in Syria and Iran and who knows where else all in the service of Israel and the Israeli agenda for control and taking lands from the Palestinians. Part of the problem was once President Obama had his moment of clarity and decided that attacking Syria may not be an idea his supporters could get behind, he told many of those who he had requested set the stage for this attack but somehow AIPAC did not get that memo. This left them still backing the plan the President laid out while the President was issuing the reasons that he decided that perhaps he needed to go to Congress for the authority or maybe forget it all together or who knows what rattles around in his head. The reality was AIPAC was left high and dry with a whole crate of eggs on their faces and were silenced for a period or at least made less effective.


So, where is President Obama going with all of this? It should be obvious by now. Should Israel take measures to prevent an Iranian nuclear stockpile from becoming both a reality and a nightmare and plan to strike Iran in any manner, then if they inform President Obama we can expect the Iranians will be notified, probably directly this time as President Obama likely has their phone number, and then Israel will be left sitting with their flanks exposed. Then, should the so-called negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians fail for any reason, then President Obama will lay the lion’s share of the responsibility on Israel and force a solution upon them. If Israel refuses to obey President Obama’s dictated solution, then he will take the entire thing out into the world in a full blown campaign demonizing Israel for causing all the problems throughout the Middle East, North Africa and the entire world if any remote link can be imagined. Then President Obama will go before the General Assembly and demand a sanction on Israel before making a prime time speech about his efforts for peace being resisted and in vain because of Israeli intransigence and make his case to the American people. He will end that speech with an ultimatum that will go something like this, “I will give Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government two weeks, a full fourteen days, to come to the table ready to meet their obligation finally after over fifty years and allow the Palestinians their rightful place among the nations of the world. Should the Israelis fail to meet this request and fulfill their obligations before the nations of the world, then the nations of the world and the members of the United Nations Security Council will have little alternative than to pass a Security Council Chapter Seven Resolution enforcing a decision upon the recalcitrant government of Israel and the nations of the world will finally give the Palestinians their dignity and their nations and return to them all the lands that have been stolen through wars and aggressions since the United Nations first issued the Resolution which called for a Jewish and a Palestinian State.” Of course it will take President Obama close to ninety minutes to say that as he does like the sound of his own voice. The end result will be either a war brought on Israel through the United Nations or a war started by the Palestinians in coordinated collaboration with other Arab and Muslim states and with the backing of the United States. Should the conflict between these Arab and Muslim forces not prove to be able to defeat Israel then President Obama will finally have a war he can boldly charge into fully believing in its cause, the eradication of Israel.


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