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December 11, 2013

Secretary of State Kerry Inadvertently Resolves Lack of Arab Israeli Peace

If the world really actually cared about the truth rather than simply being dependent on their blind reliance of the oldest hatred of mankind, they might have had an awakening resulting from John Kerry’s efforts this past week in Jerusalem and Ramallah. The truth was laid bare and fortunately appears to have, at least temporarily for now, we will have to wait and see if the revelation lasts, caused a seismic change in the approach by the Obama administration in the Israel-Palestinian peace process. The change is as wondrous as it is remarkable. Perhaps we should reveal exactly what transpired that gave members of the Obama administration, including President Barack Obama, such an education opening their eyes to a truth that had been mostly ignored if not shunned by so many across the world. During the meetings held this past week by Secretary of State Kerry and General John Allen with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu along with military and civilian leaders in Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas and Palestinian leaders in Ramallah a peculiar problem was encountered that was probably as unexpected as it was revealing. Where the Israeli delegation spent hours discussing ways that the plans could be implemented and exchanging ideas and working towards implementing some version of a plan which could be acceptable to all involved while when the same discussion was attempted with the Palestinian leadership every single item, suggestion, and iota of all the plans and security arrangements were outright rejected and denounced completely and unilaterally. Then, adding insult to injury, Chairman Abbas, immediately after the end of the meeting with Secretary Kerry and his delegation, held a press conference where he stated the minimal demands the Palestinians are willing to accept. The demands include having Israel, at a minimum, being forced to surrender every iota of occupied lands won in the Six Day War of 1967, surrendering over half of Jerusalem as the Palestinians claim it as their ancient Capital City and Israel must accept millions upon millions of refugees and their descendants who fled responding to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini’s instructions to flee allowing the over a half dozen Arab armies and militias to more easily win victory and slaughter all before them in this war they initiated immediately after Israel declared its birth as the Jewish State (also called Israeli War of Independence).


There have already been ramifications resulting from the object lesson provided by Chairman Abbas through his complete refusal to consider compromise in any fashion and rejecting outright to even listen and consider anything Secretary Kerry had to offer. Secretary Kerry has announced that he is considering delaying the next round of terrorist prisoners by the Israelis as a further bribe to influence the Palestinian leadership to even sit with the Israelis while refusing to negotiate honestly. Immediately after this announcement Chairman Abbas made his feelings on the subject known telling the press that he would refuse to accept any delay in the scheduled prisoner release. This is on top of several Palestinian spokespersons having recently stated that their intention was to continue participating in the negotiations until all the prisoners were released and then they would walk out having achieved their aims. All of these negative indications that the Palestinians were not negotiating in good faith and had no intention of reaching any peace with Israel and would only accept the complete eradication of Israel as the Jewish State and nothing less have finally gotten the attention of somebody beyond those who are already advocates of the Israelis. The fact that the rejectionism has broken through and had visible effect on President Obama and the members of his administration is both astonishing and a gift from Heaven. After the difficulties and seeming hostility that emanated from the Obama White House during the early few years of his Presidency that this revelation finally waking them to the reality that Israel is not the impediment to achieving an agreement and that the Palestinians are the refuseniks who refuse to accept anything short of a complete and total Israeli suicidal surrender agreeing to submit to have the Palestinians rule over them and being good little Dhimmi. How long the revealed wisdom emanating from these revelations will last is unknown but friends of Israel can hope as the one thing we have clung to eternally has been hope that the truth would finally shine brightly illuminating the real obstructing committed by the Palestinians. May the new awareness evidenced by Secretary Kerry threatening to delay the scheduled release date for the next group of Palestinian terrorist prisoners held by Israel spread steadily allowing for truth to finally vanquish the slanders, accusations and spurious accusations which have spread universally infecting and poisoning the discourse across the globe.


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