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December 12, 2013

Who Guards the Gates of Europe if not Israel?

There have been a number of invasions of Europe from out of Asia and the Middle East throughout history. There was the Persian conquest which finally was reversed by the Greek City States following one of the most famous historic stands by King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors at Thermopylae where three-hundred held the pass between the cliffs and the sea for three days against an army numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Those three days did not turn the Persians back but did permit the Greek City States to gather together and eventually turn back the Persians.  These were the same Persians who defeated the remnants of the Babylonian Empire freeing the Israelites allowing them to return to Eretz Yisroel and rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. The most persistent source of armies intent on trying to conquer Europe since the seventh century has been the Muslims who have attacked Europe from both the east and the west coming from the Middle East as well as from northern Africa by way of the Straights of Gibraltar. The Islamic armies were twice turned back attacking from the east at the gates of Vienna as well as while under Ottoman rule and leadership also having fought a long struggle against Romania. The strike into Europe by the Muslim Moors succeeded in conquering Spain and the Iberian Peninsula renaming it Al-Andalusia. This assault was turned back by Charles the Hammer Martel at the battle of Tours in southern France. Spain eventually revolted against Islamic rule starting around 1492 with the introduction of one of the most horrific purges in all of history, the Spanish Inquisition. After Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella liberated the Spanish peninsula from Moorish Islamic rule the only feared threat from Islam originated within the Ottoman Empire. After World War I the Ottoman Empire was divided between the French and British as victors in that struggle and the Ottoman Empire was no more with Turkey being the only remnant that remained under Islamic rule.


Islam has had two distinct periods where it was expansive conquering new lands. There are some who are claiming that the world is witnessing what may be the leading wave of another period where Islam will be resurgent. For the sake of argument let us simply accept this claim that we are witnessing the very beginning of the next resurgence of Islam and that their desires are fixated on Europe and the Western nations. The current military state of affairs in Europe is a far cry from the strong, sizeable and superbly armed and trained fighting forces which fought in World War II as the European leadership has redirected their attentions and interests on social spending and societal safety nets at the expense of funding their militaries. This has occurred while Europe has also faced reduced rates of reproduction leading to societies averaging a higher age and not even meeting replacement levels which appears to have tracked directly related to the loss of religious observance resulting from increasing secularism. This has led to an increase in the numbers of immigrants as a percentage of the societies which is leading to a diluting of the historical culture and threatening to transform Europe from its Christian legacy and Judeo-Christian based philosophy into an Islamic culture. Such a transformation would take quite some time and would very likely not take place peaceably. When the strife which would be inevitable began to break out, then the possibility of the Islamic nations from the Middle East and North Africa would likely come to the aid of the Muslims within Europe assisting them in whatever manner available. This could even result in an Islamic invasion of Europe using the resident Muslim populations as a fifth column using terrorism and sabotage to weaken the European defensive efforts and assisting the Islamic forces.


The immediate question that would come to mind is where the Europeans could turn to find an ally that could rescue them. The one nation which has been the protector of Europe since World War II has been the United States. There are questions as to what the future will be for the United States military strength as more and more socialism resembling the exact programs which led to the hollowing out of the European military abilities are enacted by the United States. There have been those, myself included, who have predicted that should government guaranteed healthcare known as Obamacare become the law of the land and be implemented then the United States will inevitably resort to some form of government provided and funded healthcare, very likely a single payer plan similar to the public healthcare systems in Canada and Europe. The rapidly expanding costs of such healthcare provisions will necessitate a greater funding for healthcare resulting in the healthcare budget taking a larger and larger percentage of the budget. This will inevitably be dealt with by decreasing the percentage of the military’s budgeted funds. This will leave Europe either vulnerable or finding another nation that would be willing and able to assist them in their struggles; otherwise they will be absorbed into the Islamist block of nations. There are only two nations to whom Europe will be able to turn after the United States assistance proves to be inadequate and unable to stem the rising tide of Islam, namely China or Israel. China would be one choice as they are a rising power and would be able to provide sufficient forces to completely change the balance of the struggle but at what price. But what could Israel actually offer?


The advantage Israel holds in assisting in protecting Europe from an Islamic invasion is all about location. Israel stands at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa and as such controls a vital area of passage leading to Europe’s eastern edge. Where Israel would not be able to completely stem the tide of Islamic armies moving against Europe, she would be able of reducing their numbers and maybe weakening them sufficiently that the combined militaries of the European nations and the United States, Canada and possibly Australia would be sufficient to prevent the conquest of Europe. Furthermore, with Israel placed where she is the Muslim nations would have to consider exactly how much of their military strength they would be willing to send to a war in Europe leaving their homeland susceptible to an Israeli strike. Israel, in such a war, would act very much like Britain had during World War II where she was unable to turn the tide and defeat the Nazi alliance by herself but by remaining as a base from which the added strength of the United States and her production capabilities as well as her military strength which was rapidly increased to meet the challenge, Britain served as the linchpin, the fulcrum of the allied resurgence and eventual defeat of the Axis powers. Without Britain as a staging grounds for the D-Day invasion there would have not been and invasion and the entire war’s outcome could very easily have been completely different. This is the same position that Israel holds in any war between the powers of Islam and Europe, may such a calamity never occur.


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