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December 21, 2013

Israel Must Refuse to Even Accept Interim Deal

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Following the smashing success in failing in more ways than one cares to list in implementation of interim six month Iran nuclear deal President Obama and Secretary of State threaten to seek interim deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Israeli leadership needs to get out in front of this idea and squash it completely before it is allowed to draw its first breath. This is not a serious peace plan but is a way of claiming to have accomplished peace without having actually accomplished a single iota. The Palestinians have already latched on to this idea and claimed they are willing and anxious to reach an interim deal provided it includes solutions acceptable to them on all the final issue items including all their demands regarding borders, land swaps, security arrangements, Jerusalem, and “refugees” are met. Once again their demands include but are not limited to Israel surrendering all of the disputed territories with minimal land swaps; East Jerusalem surrendered and recognized as the Capital city of the Palestinian state; security arrangements including Palestinian having full military rights, unlimited import rights including heavy weaponry, no Israeli presence anywhere within the disputed areas especially the Jordan River Valley, right to form alliances with other states and hold military drills in their newly formed states, complete and total rights to airspace over new state disallowing any form of overflight by Israeli origin aircraft which effectively closes Ben Gurion airport, and other items which I feel assured will become evident if this insanity is allowed to proceed; and of course the “Right of Return” for five million plus refugees to within Green Line Israel making Israel the next Arab Muslim State at the first elections.


One might ask why the United States would be seeking an interim deal in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. President Obama is facing probably the greatest personal challenge of his Presidency with the troubled rollout and continuing problems implementing the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare. This has his total attention and is foremost in his list of priorities and the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations and the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks are an unwelcomed distraction from the really important items which are of paramount importance to President Obama. He needs to clear his schedule in order to put all his efforts behind getting Obamacare in place, passing a new Immigration Legislation passed replete with amnesty for twenty million illegal immigrants currently in the United States, and if President Obama’s wildest dreams are realized, the passage of Cap and Trade to completely overhaul the energy market in the United States which would make coal an unaffordable commodity from which to generate power. With such a full plate it is no wonder the President Obama is seeking ways to get out from under any pressures emanating from the foreign policy front.


But why should Israel simply refuse to even permit discussion of such an interim agreement right up front thus cutting the idea off before it even gets a fair hearing. The reason is that the whole idea of an interim deal is to get a framework in place using the idea that the deal is only a temporary situation whose individual terms were not chiseled in stone and were capable of being altered before any final agreement is reached. This would allow greater pressure to be brought to bear on Israeli leadership claiming that just agreeing to allow certain items to be included in the interim deal would not result in any guarantee that they would remain in the final agreement. Of course once any of the Palestinian demands for Israel to make suicidal concessions were agreed to in any form they would become chiseled in stone and as permanent as the sun rising and setting. This would be an interim step in the route to completely forsaking Israel and leaving her vulnerable and all but guaranteeing the next offensive to try and drive the Jews into the sea. President Obama has basically signed on to the destruction of Israel in stages, the intention first presented as the Palestinian tactic to the complete and full restoration of Palestine in place of Israel through stages where as much as can be gained through negotiations is step one and terrorist attacks weakening Israel is finally followed by a multi-state war against Israel in order to annihilate the Jewish state. This would also serve the Obama Administration’s apparent desire to force Israel into an agreement as once this interim agreement has been signed and ratified all that would remain is to wait out the period stated for negotiating a final agreement and then simply forcing the interim agreement to become the final agreement and such would be completed with or without Israeli agreement as the United Nations, European Union and virtually the rest of the world would back the idea.


Israel needs to take on the current United States Administration policies head-on and relegate the entire process now being used in order to push Israel into a corner and then shoving Israel into some interim deal which would eventually result in an attempt to completely destroy Israel which, of course, would require the final step, shooting. All one need do is draw conclusions from President Obama’s track record on the foreign policy front. He has systematically, from day one, set out and undercut the United States alliances and destroy any standing the United States had in the world. President Obama has, by design, neutered the United States influence on every front in the world. His first actions to this end was the complete lack of support or even comment backing the Iranian Green Movement during the short-lived uprising in 2009 after a transparently obviously rigged election. This reneged on the standing of the United States as the protector of freedom and open and honest elections. Such perfidy continued including the debacle over the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war continuing on to include inaction over the Ukraine blackmail by Russian President Putin’s open threats in order to prevent an agreement with the European Union over opening trade relations. Considering the fact that President Obama has sought to even negate all of the gains possibly resultant from the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the first decade of the new millennium by successfully botching the negotiations for a continued American presence in Iraq which has resulted in returned violence along Sunni-Shiite lines and the return of al-Qaeda to Iraq and actually negotiating and agreeing to allow the Taliban to share in the future governance in Afghanistan which has resulted in Afghan President Karzai negotiating with Iran seeking protection under their wing, selling Israel down the road and granting the Palestinian their wildest desires would simply be the cherry atop President Obama’s foreign policy debacle banana split.


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  2. U. S.-Israeli relations have evolved from an initial American policy of sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish homeland in 1948 to an unusual partnership that links a small but militarily powerful Israel, dependent on the United States for its economic and military strength, with the U. S. superpower trying to balance competing interests in the region. Some in the United States question the levels of aid and general commitment to Israel, and argue that a U. S. bias toward Israel operates at the expense of improved U. S. relations with various Arab states. Others maintain that democratic Israel is a strategic ally, and that U. S. relations with Israel strengthens the U. S. presence in the Middle East.


    Comment by Gerard Perkins — December 23, 2013 @ 11:22 AM | Reply

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