Beyond the Cusp

December 23, 2013

The Western World Demands Religious Purity

Try and tell the modern metropolitan citizen of Europe or the Americas that they are slavishly devoted to a religious creed and they will probably give you a strange look before simply dismissing your criticism. Yes, to imply that the modern citizen of the world follows a structured and rigid set of rules that border on religion is considered insanity. Most will tell you that they are irreligious and believe in a Darwinian secular humanist philosophy and have discarded religion as belonging to the old ages and no longer applicable in their modern views and lifestyle. But that is where they are mistaken as that Darwinian secular humanism is their religion replete with codes and laws which are held sacrosanct and transgressors are duly punished and even ostracized, cut-off from the body of society. The furor of the new religion was on full display this past week simply because one of those Christian dinosaurs had the temerity to actually give voice to the idea that practicing sodomy is considered a sin. The family head of the Duck Dynasty crew, Phil Robertson, in an interview with GQ magazine gave an answer that sent apoplectic shocks through the management of A&E cable channel as they were faced with somebody who stood contrary to their religious dogma that nobody has the right to claim that another is unacceptable for any sexual action they may prefer or partake in and saying such is wrong or a sin in any way is tantamount to an assault on the entire gay community and society as a whole. One has to keep one thing in mind, Mr. Robertson did not call any person a sinner nor did he claim to hold any animosity or dislike for any person be they gay or otherwise, he simply stated that Biblically the act of sodomy is a sin. Phil Robertson did not condemn homosexuals nor did he castigate the members of that society as persons to be excluded in any way, but he noted that an act is considered sinful, not any person no matter their sexual proclivities, only if they commit specific actions are they sinning.


Phil Robertson would likely agree that we are all sinners just at varying degrees. Even the most saintly among us have fallen to temptations either by act or thought. Mr. Robertson would probably agree that it is part of a religious Christian’s life to better oneself and to pursue a righteous life and that when one falls short they are to be helped to overcome their weakness and return to the path of a righteous life. But that kind of religious view is no longer acceptable in our modern secular society. The moral rules of our modern secular humanist religion, and it is just that, a religion, dictates that all rules are personal and as long as they do not conflict with others, except those who insist on holding on to those superstitious old religions and their restrictive rules, and that universal acceptance is among the holiest of actions that one can observe. Well, even that universal acceptance has limitation as Mr. Robertson found out as A&E ordered him off his own reality show for transgressing that universal acceptance rule. Of course A&E did not go against that universal acceptance rule as Mr. Robertson belongs to one of the groups not included in the list of those to be universally accepted. As a matter of fact, he belongs to one of those groups which the secular humanist credo demands be denounced and humiliated as being a religious Christian, Jew or other form of Judeo-Christian belief with belief in sin and G0d and all the rest of the trappings and rules that go along with such must be ridiculed and demeaned lest it claw and crawl its way back into society and upset the perfect secular humanist world.


The secular humanists cannot accept that old time religion as it believes in one ideal which secular humanism demands was something introduced to enslave the masses and deny them from true happiness, restraint and responsibility for one’s actions. Modern secular humanism believes that nobody is ever at fault, they may be misunderstood or misinterpreted, but they can never by wrong. Secular humanism claims that everybody has the right to enjoy whatever pleasures they are able to find at any time in any place with any person without need for guilt or other negative emotions. As a matter of fact, secular humanist truly is never having to say you’re sorry ever again. There are rules and forbidden acts under secular humanism, but most of these are political positions which are unacceptable. Belief in the Bible, the United States Constitution as an actual, stamped in stone set of restrictions and rules designed to curtail government powers are among the forbidden beliefs. One may not hold that any custom or society is in any way superior or inferior from any other and that all are of equal value in a secular humanist society. Of course that excepts traditional religious societies unless they sequester themselves away out of sight in rural Pennsylvania and make quality wood furniture that looks great and functions well in any secular humanist’s loft or study.


Boiled to its essence, secular humanism is the feel good do what you want religion where everybody can be a hedonist. Secular humanism rejects anything which our grandparents thought was worthwhile and definitely cast off those prudish limitations on sexuality and those equally restrictive ideas such as marriage and commitment. One of the interesting side-effects of this modern secular humanist society is that it appears to also discard any need for children as they can get in the way of all those fun times to be had. This has also led to the declining populations throughout Europe and beginning in some sectors of American society. Should this lack of reproduction continue, I guess secular humanism fortunately will prove to be a passing fad as there will be few in the next generation raised by secular humanist parents. Oh well.


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