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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year?

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Welcome to 2014 and almost all the same old problems from 2013 are still with us. In the United States the politicians will only put in six months of making life worse for many just to satisfy their big money donors and largest constituencies and then spend the rest of the Year until election day spending those funds gathered from their big donors to convince everybody that everything going on is not their fault and how they have worked tirelessly to address all the problems that any particular audience cares about most. They will defy the laws of nature and manage to become, or at least appear to become, all things to all people. The real magic is how they can talk to a group at Planned Parenthood in the morning and sound like their best backer and then talk at a Catholic Women’s Auxiliary and sound just as solidly their best backer and do both with equal appearance of honesty. I have concluded that the reason for this phenomenon is simply, most of the politicians have compromised so much that they no longer have any personal opinions and simply read the prepared speech and do not even bother to really read what it is they are saying. Perhaps that is why so many politicians get so befuddled when somebody actually bothers to ask them why they voted one way or the other; they do not even know themselves why they vote as they do. The one thing politicians are competent at is feigned sincerity. Perhaps it is the requirement to vote for legislation you know any honest and truthful person would never consider, but because you need others to back your legislative agenda to assist and help your constituents, you have to swallow your pride, reputation and every last vestige of self-respect and vote for items such as a bridge to nowhere Alaska in order to get the highway funds to repair a bridge in need of replacement that threatens to collapse into the river. Exactly how many of such compromises, and many far worse, does it take to corrupt even the most honest individual? That is probably the best argument for term limits as that might save the people’s souls we send into government before the government way corrupts them completely.


The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, could also earn a new nickname, the Destroyer of Your Health Insurance Plan which President Obama will try to convince you that you did not really like it and the one he has for you is so much more. And we have to give the President his due as the insurance he will foist on you is more, expensive that is and covers so many items you did not realize you needed to insure. I am sure that most people need to cover maternity care, birth control, newborn care, mental health, substance use disorder services, ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices and so much more. I look at the coverage guaranteed to be on every individual’s plan and other than the obvious lack of almost half the population, meaning males, have little need for maternity care and nobody will be in need of birth control and maternity and newborn care running concurrently. I am sure with some deeper research there would be numerous other conflicting coverage situations. Obamacare will even make the cost of taking your pet to the veterinarian due to the new tax on medical devices which will also be applied to the devices used by your veterinarian if they can be construed as also having applicable use on humans. There will be other taxes on other items which have but the slightest connection to healthcare such as a tax on tanning salons. On top of all these little disasters is the really important duo, you will not necessarily get to keep your doctor and the government is doing everything in their power to make sure you cannot keep your current health insurance plan going forward. Obamacare was never meant to provide healthcare to the American public, it was designed to destroy healthcare to such a point that even totally government run socialized healthcare would appeal to even the most ardent capitalist.


The United States does not get all the problems and disasters going into the New Year so now we take a look at some other problems which will continue to be with us from almost half way around the globe. In Syria they continue to destroy the entire country while decimating the population either by forcing them into squalid refugee camps or simply murdering them in numbers beyond sane thought. The Syrian refugees are left living in tents or whatever cover they can find. Iraq is well on their way to being almost as dangerous as Syria as sectarian violence continues to spread and mount daily. About the only agreement between the Sunni and Shiite in Iraq is they both victimize and murder Christians. Egypt is still fighting a low level civil war and also persecuting their Coptic Christian population. Things are slightly different in Libya where they are having multi-tribal conflicts where the individual tribes are fighting one another vying for preeminence. Yemen has its own version of a civil war with tribes from the north fighting the government who are also at war with al-Qaeda which is occupying areas in the south of that war torn country. In Turkey the government is crumbling under the ramifications of corruption from graft, bribery, favors and other criminal acts. It is even possible that Prime Minister Erdogan might end up having to resign which might deliver a silver lining to this whole sordid affair, the slowing or even reversing of the Islamization of Turkey and the undoing of all the safeguards which Ataturk had put in place to preserve the secular nature of his beloved homeland. Then there is the Arab-Israeli war by the name of peace process. The Arabs, represented by their agents the Palestinians, are still attempting to make a peace with Israel which does not require the recognition of Israel as the homeland for the Jews and that will guarantee that Israel will simply become another Arab Muslim state.


The New Year will also be bringing us a former problem which we had all hoped we had seen the last of years ago. President Putin has been quietly squeezing through trade and even military intervention the former central Asian and easternmost European nations which had split from the Soviet Union upon its collapse back into a close and closed orbit of the new hegemonic Russia. The last major event had been the intimidation of Georgia by Russian tanks a few years back. The current target of Russian President Putin is the Ukraine. The leadership of the Ukraine, with the full support of the people, had been attempting to reach a trade agreement with the European Union. After threats and intimidations from President Putin where he threatened to cut off all Russian trade with the Ukraine as well as preventing the flow of oil between the two nations, the President Viktor Yanukovych of the Ukraine backed away from the agreement with the European Union and signed a long contract exclusive trade agreement with Russia. The people of the Ukraine are protesting en masse taking control at times of the center city of the capital, Kiev. Popular protests exist in other Ukrainian cities but as they are dependent upon receiving assistance from the European Union or from the United States, their position does not appear favorable. The Europeans, especially those in the European Union, have no stomach to take on a trade war with Russia and especially President Putin. As for the United States, the Ukrainian protesters had best take a serious and long look at the Green Revolution of 2009 in Iran and see what happens to people who try to bring democratic change to their nation and remove oppressive leadership and include assistance from the United States and President Obama and then seriously consider going home unless they believe they can win on their own.


We could continue on and cover Iran and nuclear weapons, China and their encroachment and their finally coming out as a new Pacific naval power, the gender and religious apartheid in Saudi Arabia and much of the surrounding world, the still total anarchy in Somalia and so much more, but its New Year’s Eve and I would rather go to a party, any party. Just the same, may everyone have a healthy and memorable New Years and may none of the world’s cares or worries interfere with your lives. Take care of your friends and family and try to commit to one kind effort each day as eventually the little changes we each make will eventually add up and bless us in return. May your lives have meaning and your cares have solutions which are within your grasp. And most of all, may G0d bless you and your loved ones with health, peace and contentment. May your life be full of health, smiles and precious joys. Happy New Year to all.


Beyond the Cusp


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