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March 5, 2014

The News AIPAC Will Not Hear From Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently in the United States where he met with President Obama where it is assumed he was heavily pressured to announce and enact a building freeze and anything else that Abbas whines and demands while President Obama hurries to satisfy. Netanyahu will then address the AIPAC Conference where he will avoid giving any news that would be overly depressing while reaching extremes to sound a positive and hopeful picture. Where the Prime Minister might recount about some of the terrorist acts suffered by Jewish residents, especially those living beyond the Green Line but will he also mention the spread of terrorist attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and even of late in Tel Aviv. Will the Prime Minister speak of the rock attacks and the fact that in too many incidents there have been infants and children below four years old with at least one fatality and others permanently crippled left without any future? Will he tell of the attacks of this past week where Palestinian Arabs have assaulted Beit El throwing firebombs which landed within the security fence within mere meters of homes, none of which fortunately caught fire but that is only by the grace of G0d. Even the media here in Israel has turned away from reporting any news that pertains to terrorist attacks, especially when the victims are the Jewish settlers these media outlets believe are living on Palestinian lands. Will the members attending the AIPAC Convention hear that there are two Israels, one Zionist and the other willing to surrender anything believing that doing so will pacify the Arab hatreds? Will the Prime Minister challenge the American Jews to stand with Israel and take the extra efforts to prevent President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry from pressuring Israel in their efforts to support the Palestinians? I hope he will tell the conventioneers the truth about Iran and that Iran is likely producing atomic weapons as he is speaking and that the United States is in as much peril from this as is Israel. Will those attending his speech believe and accept these warnings should Prime Minister Netanyahu inform them of these troubling truths or will they return to their lives feeling they had done their part to support Israel by writing checks and attending the AIPAC Convention.


The world has become far more dangerous in the past decade and appears to promise that this trend is only going to continue with ever greater speed. Much of the Arab world is either in crisis and active turmoil or is very likely to fall into strife once Iran has reached what they have set as their conditions for their breakout on their way to spreading their reach across the oil fields and cementing their preeminence in the Muslim world. Meanwhile President Putin is making his bid to expand Russian hegemony and guarantee Russia has a warm water port at the tip of the Crimean Peninsula. Further around the globe there are the Chinese who are constructing a blue water navy with the announced aim to supplant the United States in the Western Pacific Ocean. Add to this fact the extension of their territorial waters which paralleled their claiming two disputed islands which much of the world recognizes as belonging to the Japanese. How much longer before China decides to reunite Taiwan by whatever means necessitated? Almost everywhere one looks on the globe there are fires raging or threatening to become yet one more conflagration. All of these world difficulties and much of it can be traced directly to a weak presence, if any, of the United States in the world. President Obama’s charm and go along to get along method of addressing international relations is not accomplishing any of the promises he gave as the reasoning for United States timidity on the world stage. President Obama has accomplished more than any previous President in removing American influence which has permitted every bad intention appear to be requiring a herculean effort to turn back around. This is all due to vacant American influence which has stood for order and the rights of individuals and the fair treatment of nations and people. Without a strong American presence these ideas wilt and that is the result we are witnessing. The question is will the United States reawaken in time or has the United States permanently taken a vacation from leading allowing the world to spin off into unchartered and dangerous waters.


Beyond the Cusp


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