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March 8, 2014

The Quest to Deliver Israel by President Obama

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President Obama once again delivered a shot across the bow immediately before Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC earlier this week with an interview given to Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg where he stated, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” This was President Obama’s way of reinforcing the threats which have become part and parcel of Secretary of State Kerry and the rest of the Obama Administration demanding that Israel must surrender to the Palestinians’ endless demands and preconditions immediately because it has no other option and the United States will not be capable of finding reasons or excuses necessary to protect Israel from the consequences the world will demand. The small and inconvenient fact is that there has been definitive proof that Secretary of State Kerry has been assisting and facilitating efforts to further the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) pressures on European governments. The leaning on Israel while coddling the Palestinians in the recent negotiations has been reminiscent of the early efforts to rectify the imbalance which Obama perceived in the Israel-Palestinian peace process where he not only sided with the Palestinian cause but actually introduced concepts and demands on the Israelis which even the Palestinians had never had the audacity to propose. A couple of examples of these initiatives which originated from the mouth of President Obama and have now become the central demands of Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinian negotiators are the concept of Israeli building and construction freezes in Judea and Samaria, the return to the pre June 1967 Armistice Lines drawn after Israel defended successfully against over a half dozen Arab armies which attacked the nascent Jewish State immediately after her independence in May of 1948, the establishment of the Palestinian Capital City in Eastern Jerusalem and the return of the entirety of East Jerusalem including the Old City and the Temple Mount to Palestinian rule, and Israel granting some recognition for the Palestinian Right of Return by permitting a partial repatriation of Palestinian refugees possibly numbering as high as two or three million. All of these trends beg the question of whether or not Israel will be capable of weathering the storm and wait out the remainder of President Obama’s last term in office or will they be pressed beyond the breaking point.


There is one path which Israel could take which would end the ability of any nation, even the United States, to pressure Israel any further and would give President Obama the definitive proof that Israel does have an answer to the challenge by President Obama’s demand, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” Israel has the option which has stronger support in International Law than do any of the claims made by the Palestinians based on the San Remo Conference which was a treaty approved by 52 League of Nations members in 1922 and by the United States which was not a member of the League of Nations but approved it by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1922 and in a separate treaty, the Anglo-American Convention of 1924 making the claims that Israel, the Jewish State, be defined as all the Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River not only valid under International Law but also the law of the land defining the position of the United States into the future in perpetuity.


The presumed problem Israel would need to address to the satisfaction of the United Nations, European Union, the United States, Russia, China, and a plethora of other NGOs and entities is once all the lands west of the Jordan River were annexed officially and incorporated as part of the State of Israel, would be providing a path through which the Palestinians will be included as full citizens with complete rights incorporating the people along with the lands. The first promise that Israel could make would be to extend water, sewage treatment, waste disposal, electricity, gas lines and all other infrastructure to include all of the Samaria and Judea bringing the services to all the new areas now under Israeli autonomy. There would also need to be a proposed path through which all those who desired to become citizens of the State of Israel could realize that goal. Giving all of the current Palestinians instantaneous citizenship would not be feasible as Israel should not be forced to grant the privilege of citizenship to those who had been convicted of acts of terrorism until some means of gauging the renunciation of such animosities had been met and a period of good faith passed without any further acts against the State of Israel and her peoples. Furthermore, Israel could offer a monetary package to those who desire to refuse Israeli citizenship and instead desire to make their home anywhere else in the world thus, making their accommodation of that desire easier to facilitate. Israel also should make their position firmly known and understood that any person found guilty of acts of terrorism will be deported as soon as possible without any enumerations as those funds are reserved for those choosing to resettle and not to criminal elements being deported. This is one of the available options out of many others which are defined as the One State Solution.


The principle item which would also require the assistance and cooperation of the world is that the descendants of the refugees would need to be incorporated and resettled somewhere other than within Israel. The refugees themselves largely left their homes under the auspices and direction of the Mufti of Jerusalem who claimed that their departure would allow the invading Arab forces could simply annihilate everyone they came across without need to determine whether they were Arab or Jew. They were promised after a few days and the quick victory by their imposing and unstoppable assault they could return and enjoy the spoils of war taking possession of the wealth and properties that formerly belonged to the Jews. The idea that not only the original persons who left or fled automatically instil the definition of refugee on their children and their children on into perpetuity is preposterous and a definition which the world only has attempted to apply to the Arab refugees of the War to Annihilate the Jews of the new State of Israel and on no others. The fact that this definition for refugee is solely applied in the case of the Jewish State of Israel meets the definition of an act of anti-Semitism and not an act of justified accusation on Israel as a state like any other. The correction of this travesty and the incorporating the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) agency responsible for Palestinian refugees removing them from the corrupt and politicized United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) which has a self-interest in perpetuating the refugee status into a permanent class of people that can and will never by fully satisfied. UNRWA has proven that it has long since become an agency whose unofficial job is to bring about the end of the Jewish state and the submission of Israel to Arab Islamic rule. That travesty must be terminated.


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