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March 10, 2014

Is Israeli Recognition as the Jewish State Really Onerous?

Perhaps first a little background might make the situation clearer. Since President Obama was elected the Israelis have enacted a ten month complete building freeze in all of the contested areas which garnered them one photo opportunity featuring Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas and included President Obama all at the White House in Washington D.C. to kick off negotiations. Then there was one meeting followed by a series of additional preconditions demanded by Mahmoud Abbas before he would agree to actually negotiate with the Israelis. After nine months, Abbas demanded of President Obama that he force the Israelis to extend the building freeze indefinitely or until there was a final peace settlement. That request was not accepted by the Israelis as it was seen to be a ruse to simply prevent any Israeli construction while the Palestinians would still refuse to negotiate. Now there has been a renewal of efforts by the United States to forge peace which was facilitated by the Israelis being pressured to provide Palestinian Chairman Abbas with a bribe once again just for the pleasure of being insulted daily while negotiations presumably worked towards making a lasting peace. Abbas demanded that the Israelis release over one-hundred terrorists almost all of which were serving sentences for murder, many of them multiple murders from terrorist acts. Ever since this round of negotiations began, Mahmoud Abbas has been demanding Israel also commit to a renewed building freeze despite having turned down a building freeze as one of his choices and turned it down choosing the terrorist releases in its stead. Abbas’s latest statement is that he intends to remain in negotiations until the last release of the final terrorist murderers has been granted and then he will terminate the negotiation and turn to the United Nations and other international and European organizations and political entities to gain recognition without negotiating with Israel.


Should one look back through the history of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians since the initial agreements under the Oslo Accords and it reveals that virtually every concession has been demanded from Israel while the Palestinians have yet to even meet the required concessions ordered by the original Oslo Accords. The Palestinians were to presumably amend their charter to remove their call for the destruction of Israel, a simple request on which they have thus far failed to comply. The repetitive framework of the entire peace process has been the United States demanding of the Israelis some form of concession each time to start negotiations and often then additional concessions to bribe the Palestinians to not walk away from the negotiations while nothing is demanded or even requested from the Palestinians. The repeating pattern has been the Palestinians collecting as many far reaching concessions and offers from the Israelis as they can and when it appeared that the United States was approaching a point where proposing a final agreement was imminent, the Palestinians would leave the negotiations usually in a flurry of accusations and denials refusing to even offer a counter proposal and rejecting to reason. Then when the next session of negotiations are forced, usually soon after the election of a new President in the United States, the Palestinian insist that the Israelis start from their final proposed offer from the previous session and then continue to compromise further from there. This has changed the negotiations from where they stood in 1993 when the Oslo Accords were enacted and it was considered acceptable and expected that Israel would retain all of Jerusalem and Area C while the Palestinians would retain Area A and the negotiations would divide Area B leading to final borders to the place we are now where Israel will be required to forgive land from within the Green Line in order to retain any of their communities in Area C and might be required to surrender East Jerusalem.


So, why have all the compromises and concessions come from the Israeli side and virtually nothing or actually no concessions have come from the Palestinians? The reason is obvious and simple; the Palestinians have agreed to give such concessions only to then renege and then deny they had actually made any promises. Since they have never been pressed and refuse to recognize any pressures and simply refusing all demands and Israel being a democratic nation where any concession voted on by the government becomes law, the world powers have decided that they can get concessions from Israel and not the Palestinians so they surrendered completely on demands on the Palestinians and simply pressure Israel. The result is that Israel has been slowly over twenty years been backed into a corner where they have lost any bargaining position and are now attempting to protect their existence in any continued negotiations. It is this fact that defines why Israel is making one demand on which they will not back away. That singular demand is that the Palestinians recognize that Israel is the home of the Jewish people. Needless to add, the Palestinians immediately made recognizing Israel as the State for the Jewish People a red line that they could never cross. The reason the Palestinians are refusing to give this one concession to the Israelis is because to recognize Israel as Jewish would negate the Palestinian claim of Right of Return of, according to the Palestinians, over five-million refugees and their descendants into Israel with full citizenship and the restoration of their homes from 1948 or modern equivalent. But please do not take my word on this; listen to Chairman Abbas as he states his demands for the Right of Return and refusal to accept Israel. This is a concession that Israel must resist as such an influx would turn Israel into simply another Palestinian State thus permitting that to attain peace would simply be the founding of two Palestinian States, one named Palestine and one named Israel and the end of any Jewish State. This is why Israelis realize they must demand and insist above all else that Israel be recognized as the State of the Jewish People and insist that the Palestinians take care of their own refugees settling them within the new state of Palestine. The one argument that will be used is that there is not sufficient room for the refugees in any future Palestinian State. The truth is that over three quarters of the areas in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) is undeveloped and when considering the open lands in Israel outside of the Negev Desert is comparable in size to the areas available to the Palestinians. The Palestinians though will never make even that compromise as it is part of their societal convictions that they are not required to compromise and the entire world must instead bend to their will. With the generous and uncompromising support from the Europeans and the willingness of the United States to take their side, they are basically correct that they can refuse to comply with any concessions and can expect the rest of the universe to bend to their demands. Should the world ever decide to take a serious approach to forging a real peace with any possibility of permanence, a new approach will need to be attempted where results and compromises are rewarded and intransigence is discouraged and disparaged from the Palestinians and should they walk away as soon as they feel pressured they would need to face international defunding until they are willing to participate in earnest negotiations. Unfortunately, the world appears to be satisfied to simply spin their wheels attempting the same approach repeatedly expecting a different result. That, my friends, is Einstein’s definition of insanity.


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