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March 27, 2014

Pollard Offer Too Good to be Believed

The Pollard offer appears to be far too similar to a previous promise to grant Johnathan Pollard his overdue release to be accepted at face value. That is not only the Israeli view but also that of many leading American authorities familiar with even the classified information pertaining to his case have said and sworn in statements. There was a strikingly similar offering given by an American President to an Israeli Prime Minister that bears inspecting and the details and other questions which arise in that telling will simply amaze those who have forgotten their history. First, perhaps a scratch on the surface history of the Pollard spies case. Johnathan Pollard was a United States Navy intelligence officer who worked with analysis of satellite and other photographic reconnaissance. He was caught having given Israeli intelligence information concerning troop movements, military placements and other pertinent information on Arab nations’ installations and units including what would become vital information and photographs of the Iraqi Osirak reactor complex which the Israelis later neutralized in a bombing raid. Much of this information was already supposed to be made available to the Israelis due to a mutual intelligence assistance agreement but was being blocked and denied to the Israelis due to high level and cabinet appointees to both the State Department and the Department of Defense. The spurious claims that Johnathan Pollard had compromised United States field agents to the Soviets and was generously rewarded by both the Israelis and the Soviets were later revealed to be false. Despite this being revealed, Pollard’s sentence was not reduced back to the plea bargain length which these false charges whispered in the presiding judge’s ear had caused him to break the agreement and sentence Pollard to life in prison. Pollard, as it turns out, was not even rewarded in any significant manner by the Israelis and gave no information to other entities. Furthermore, Pollard did not, as a reconnaissance officer, have access to files or even names of field agents spying in the Soviet Union and those compromised agents were later found to have come from a Soviet spy placed into a high level State Department position which provided hthe Soviet agent the clearance to see those names.


The instance this current offer resembles so closely occurred in 1998 and also included Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister. The release of Johnathan Pollard was dangled in front of Netanyahu as an enticement for Israel to grant additional concessions to the Palestinians in what the State Department has ascertained as a sufficiently generous offer which would produce a peace treaty. The American President who made this offer was Bill Clinton. Even with the additional concessions, Yasser Arafat still stormed from the negotiations refusing to even make a counter offer and ended the negotiations. After the Israelis made their concessions and Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to President Clinton about making the arrangements for the release of Johnathan Pollard, President Clinton made disparaging and degrading remarks concerning the acceptance of the offer for the release of Pollard implying that Prime Minister Netanyahu a fool and naïve to have fallen for believing the offer.


Returning to the present, we have United States President Obama and the State Department reportedly attempting to entice Israeli Prime Minister to release more terrorist prisoners and apply a renewed building freeze in the areas of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem which exist beyond the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Line, in exchange for Johnathan Pollard’s release and what amounts to his deportation to Israel. What makes this situation even more suspicious is the fact that President Obama has been known to seek the advice of former President Clinton. Additionally, almost immediately after the information that the United States was entertaining the idea of using the release of Pollard as an enticement to get the Israelis to release the final groups of terrorist murderers from Israeli prisons where many were serving life sentences as well as implementing the building freeze presumably to allow the peace talks to continue past April, both the White House and the State Department denied that any such offer had been made and that there were absolutely no plans for releasing Pollard commuting his sentence. As the great baseball player and philosopher Yogi Berra once commented, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”


Whether former President Clinton advised President Obama or if President Obama decided to make this offer completely on his own volition, Prime Minister Netanyahu could not be blamed for suspecting the offer may not be a valid one. Having been hoodwinked once by a President of the United States and having suffered from deceitful actions derived from malicious intents from the United States State Department, one could not blame Prime Minister Netanyahu from being suspicious of this offer and demanding that Pollard be released prior to any Israeli concessions made to the Palestinians, especially since any concessions are being made largely to satisfy and bend to pressures from the United States. This reluctance and lack of trust is merely a prudent and reasoned reaction to what has all the evidence of being another sucker play to get Israel to act against their own interest and give away another bargaining issue to the Palestinians in exchange for a reward from the United States. Comments coming from numerous sources within the Israeli Knesset have expressed disgust and reluctance with making the final prisoner release, especially as the Palestinians have made it crystal clear that they are only negotiating to accomplish the release of terrorists and plan on curtailing the rest of the negotiations immediately after the next release.


Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas has commented that he is negotiating with the Israelis in order to pocket any concessions or compromises he is able to extract from the Israelis such that these items can become permanent expectations from the Palestinians adding them to what they refer to as “Israeli obligations from previous negotiations.” This has been the modus operandi of the Palestinians from the very first when the Oslo Accords were originally drawn up and the fiasco called the peace process began. The Palestinians either refuse to make any concessions or simply refuse to enact any concessions that might have been made during talks. Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki recently stated that any agreement reached with Israel to continue the talks will be “non-binding” allowing the Palestinian Authority to take unilateral steps against Israel following the end of the nine-month negotiating period ending at the end of April. Knowing the declared intentions as articulated by the Palestinian leadership, what reason could the Israelis have to continue down this destructive path. The time is long overdue for Israel to demand concessions from the Palestinians and to no longer give away bargaining points simply to have the Palestinians usurp more lands and rejoice with a hero’s welcome released terrorists who were guilty of murdering Israeli civilians. The one sided bend which has defined the Middle East Peace Process needs to be rejected once and for all and Israel needs to forget about finding ways to ingratiate the world and have the world love them, such will never happen. Even if refusing to concede at every stop along the ways of the peace process results in the United States backing away from their unilateral friendship with Israel and thus leads to the United Nations Security Council granting the Palestinians their desired state, that appears to be an inevitability as any witness to the peace process from its latest inception in 1993 with the Oslo Accords to the present tracking the continued string of Israeli concessions and sacrifices made to placate a hostile world and to allow leaders and politicians from around the world to be able to announce they have worked to reach that allusive peace and feel good about themselves and their empty accomplishments has got to come to a close. The sooner Israel takes an unmovable stand and declares this is as far as we go, the better the chances that opportunities will present themselves and a real solution can be reached. Continuing on the current path will only lead to the eradication of Israel and possibly the Jewish People simply by inching their way to taking all of the land from the Jewish State. Israel must stand against those who would willingly compromise Israel out of existence as their way of defending themselves in the current time thus only postponing their being consumed eventually after Israel’s memory has faded and her memorials forgotten statues.


Beyond the Cusp


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