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April 24, 2014

Proper and Necessary Israeli Response to Abbas Threats and Hamas

Palestinian Authority Chairman has made a number of opposing and contradictory demands mixed with threats over the last few days. He has threatened to disband the Palestinian Authority once again implying that forcing Israel to take responsibility for security and maintenance of running the areas currently under Palestinian Authority control would be paralyzing and bring down Israeli governance. Apparently he must have amnesia and forgotten that Israel actually had done exactly that for the twenty-five plus years from June of 1967 through September 1993 when the Oslo Accords were ratified. Abbas, on the other hand, demands that Israel release more prisoners and enact a complete building freeze for either three months or the duration of the continued negotiations depending on which speech one quotes. What is really fascinating about this new tact taken by Abbas is that not that long ago Abbas was threatening to abandon the route of negotiating with Israel in favor of taking his pleas and demands for a Palestinian State completely on his terms and definitions to the rest of the world, the United Nations, the European Union and wherever else he believed he would find an appeasing body. Then, after private meetings with Martin Indyk, the lead facilitator from United States Secretary of State Kerry’s negotiations mediating team, Abbas saw a the light and a path with which to assault Israel coming out with this new line of attack on Israel.


This raises new threats and potential difficulties for the Israeli leadership which also means it provides opportunities for Israeli leadership to take bold new directions which are long overdue. The time is ripe for Prime Minister Netanyahu, preferably in a joint announcement with the other leaders of the parties in the coalition along with the members of the Prime Minister’s Security Cabinet, to take to the microphone in a nationally televised event and announce the Israeli demands of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas to prove their actual intent to negotiate in good faith with a real intent to hammer out a lasting and fair peace. No longer should Israel be pressured to make concession after concession without any reciprocal compromises on the Palestinian side. Israel must insist that the problematic scenario of Abbas making grand speeches about his dear and precious desire to reach a peace with Israel, masking his true intentions are to collect concessions that the United States with backing from the United Nations, European Union and much of the rest of the world force from the Israelis, be revealed for the lies they truly are. By now we have more than adequately proven the Israeli desire for peace and should now test to see if the Palestinian Authority leadership also truly desires peace or if their protestations are simply a ruse to gather concessions after concession at every incarnation of the peace process. To date, Israel has basically retreated through concession after concession while under extreme duress from world opinion and demands from her presumed best friend, the United States, all the while having Abbas and the Palestinian leadership laugh at the gullible and foolish Israelis who have given away virtually the keys to the kingdom in exchange for lies and deceit from Abbas and company and before him Arafat, a master terrorist who has spread hate and violence wherever he has resided.


This leads to the question, what could the Israelis demand from Abbas and the Palestinian leadership that would signal their willingness to actually negotiate in good faith? The most obvious demand would be the recognition of Israel as the home for the Jewish People. Where such a demand would be sufficient to reveal the lack of good intentions from the Palestinian side, the demands should not be so modest and benign. Additionally, the Israeli leadership should also include among their demands for Abbas to prove his good intentions and validate his claims to desire a real, lasting and equitable peace by having him also recognize that Jerusalem is the Capital City of the Jewish State relinquishing the Palestinian claim to take back all of the Old City including the Temple Mount and other religious Jewish sites and utilize them as the Palestinian capital. Furthermore and for good measure so as to remove any possibility of this coming to the fore in the future as an additional demand with which to reengage in the terror war and destruction of Israel as a Jewish nation by any means necessary, the Palestinians should also renounce their claim to the “Right of Return” of their presumed five-million plus refugees, Arab victims who have been victimized by their Arab brethren who have incarcerated them into squalid refugee camps denying them the rights granted any normal people refusing them citizenship, employment, representation, or any other normal right or privilege reserved for leading a normal and productive existence simply to utilize them as pawns in the struggle to destroy Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu should stand firm on these demands and also demand in writing a framework from the Palestinian leadership defining what they perceive as a fair and mutually advantageous peace agreement. It should be fascinating to finally have in writing the exact aims and desires that supposedly exist where the Palestinians would finally agree to living in peace with Israel as everybody keeps claiming is the desired result, two nations living side by side in peace and security, one a Jewish State and the other an Arab State.


It was decided that despite the tentative reunification agreement announced between Hamas and Fatah that perhaps this articles last paragraph should be rewritten to take the new situation under consideration. It had spoken of a need for the various Israeli political parties to put aside their differences and present a unified position thus removing the negativity and subversions which have been present in the past and simply had to be less than helpful. Obviously, should this renewed agreement actually proceed, which is highly doubtful as Abbas will once again prove unwilling to present himself before the Palestinian people in a fair and honest election as he knows that allowing such would be the end of his privilege and position, there is even less of a chance for peace once Hamas is permitted back on the scene representing the Palestinians. Fatah, or the Palestinian Authority, whichever one prefers, there was negligible chance of any peace offer being accepted. That has been proven time and again when even the most generous offers presented by either Ehud Barak or Ehud Olmert during their respective terms as Israeli Prime Minister were rejected outright without even receiving the dignity of a counter offer. The telling item was the lack of a counter offer as that simply revealed the truth, there does not exist any offer that Israel could ever make which would be acceptable to the current Palestinian leadership as their single-minded goal is the eradication of the Jewish State and the genocidal resolution of Jews living on what they believe are Muslim lands. That being the position of the people touted by the United States, United Nations, European Union and who knows who else as being Israel’s best partners for peace, then we can expect only a renewed terror war once Hamas reenters the mix as they have proven through their launching of thousands upon thousands of rockets, mortars, anti-tank missiles and sniper fire ever since they gained control of the Gaza Strip from Abbas and the Palestinian Authority after the Israeli disengagement where thousands of Israeli citizens were torn from their homes, work places, communities, synagogues and even dug from their graves to be reinterred within Israel for fear their graves would have been violated that they are violent terrorists with no regard for Jewish life and actually even little regard for Palestinian life as proven by their dispatching suicide murderers and celebrating their actions. Despite the doubtful future actually bringing a reunification of the two Palestinian entities, one in Gaza under Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the other encompassing Judea and Samaria under the erroneous label of the West Bank ruled by the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, Israeli attempts at any negotiations or especially offering any concessions is for now on hold with the intent to formally announce all negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority dead. Once the reunification is official the Oslo Accords are beyond dead and will be beyond any means of resuscitation. Israeli needs at that point will be to gird themselves for the terror war which will have become inevitable and to set the field before the world preparing them for the inevitable violence that will soon unfold. Once the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership has taken control of Judea and Samaria after an election sends Abbas and his fellow kleptomaniacal political elites into disgrace and permanent retirement, then the time will soon come where even the most ardent Israel basher outside of the Islamic spheres of influence will finally see the revealing of the truth which they have denied for so long. May Israel have the will and the blessings from Hashem to survive the conflagration which is sure to follow once Hamas rules over all of the Palestinian lands. Amen.


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    Comment by OyiaBrown — April 24, 2014 @ 4:30 AM | Reply

  2. Israel continues to look weaker and weaker as they bow to more and more demands.
    I think it is wrong to blame the US on our troubles except that the US should have stayed out of the ME to begin with.
    But how to be an “ally”…without engagement
    what was that Monroe Doctrine again? I forget.


    Comment by Laura Parker — April 24, 2014 @ 5:21 AM | Reply

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