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April 25, 2014

U.S. State Department Allies with Israel Over Hamas

Many the Israel supporter has likely spent a fair amount of their lives mentally yelling at, actually cursing over or otherwise protesting in the extreme positions and actions originating from the United States State Department towards Israel; particularly over making unilateral concessions to the Palestinians for the displeasure of having their temporary company in what everybody, even the State Department, know will be futile negotiations. Imagine the surprise followed almost immediately with glee, providing one did not simply pass out upon hearing the news, when State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki issued an Israeli supporting statement to the press. Ms. Psaki statement stated, “It’s hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that does not believe in its right to exist.” All of this fuss and apparent change of position by the State Department is all over Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority having agreed and signed a unifying agreement with Hamas with all the particulars to be worked out and elections held within the coming weeks and months. Other than the, what some people might claim, earthshaking turnaround by the United States State Department in support of Israel, what were some of the other reactions to the prospective merger of Hamas and Fatah. Israel, predictably, cancelled any future meetings with the Palestinian Authority and made announcements to the press that should the merging of Hamas in Gaza with the Palestinian Authority and Fatah in Judea and Samaria prove out, then there would be no further negotiations or relations between Israel and the new entity. Somewhat more interesting was the reaction from Islamic Jihad, who pessimistically, though probably realistically if past history provides any valid insights, predicted that the attempt to merge Fatah and Hamas would end in failure. Islamic Jihad reasoned that because Fatah and Hamas made the agreement contingent on accomplishing numerous technical details and gave themselves initially a five week window in which to accomplish these actions, this would provide the two groups sufficient time for one or both to have second thoughts or decide they might stand to lose more powers and position making the deal less appealing and leading to tensions which would result in the deal fracturing and falling through. And lastly, J-Street, the self-professed pro-Israel lobbying group which has been denounced by AIPAC, ZOA, and numerous Ministers from within the Israeli Knesset, came out demanding that the United States government redouble their efforts and force Israel to negotiate with the new entity claiming that since Hamas had support from a sizeable sector of the Palestinian public, then Israel would necessarily need to negotiate with Hamas as there is no other alternative than to engage in more negotiations.


I would suspect that before long we will hear J-Street demand that Israel make concessions in order to pacify any rejections Hamas might voice against Israel and continue to make concession after concession, including releasing every Hamas aligned terrorist prisoner, until Hamas agreed to negotiations. Never mind that Hamas has sworn to never negotiate with Israel and sworn to continue with violent Jihad and terrorism until they have completely destroyed Israel and murdered every Jew on planet Earth. Really have my doubts that there are sufficient concessions in the universe to pacify Hamas’s hatreds. This is right in line with other demands made in the Past by J-Street. They have demanded that Israel return the Golan Heights to Syria as a sign of goodwill claiming that if only Israel would show their flexibility and return the occupied Syrian territory, then Syria would make peace and end all hostilities between the two nations. Syria has never made any offer to end their state of war with Israel and have been quite content to live with a semi-official ceasefire. J-Street has apparently missed the small fact that Israel annexed the Golan Heights as there was no possibility of returning them to Syria remembering that life in northern Israel’s Galilee Valley was next to impossible as Syrian snipers would regularly shoot at the farmers and other civilians from their position atop the overlooking Golan Heights positions. The Syrians would also fire an occasional artillery barrage destroying property and endangering lives. Actually, J-Street could not be any more anti-Israel in their positions if they were to be the ones seeking to merge with Hamas instead of Fatah, and they might even have more in common with Hamas ideologically than does Fatah, though that would be an even contest between the two.


In many ways a merger reincorporating Hamas into the Palestinian Authority and thereby tinting Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas with the terrorist label through guilt by association actually come to pass, it would have the advantage of labelling Fatah and the Palestinian Authority more honestly recognizing the terrorist heart that existed even without Hamas’s presence. The frightening possibility is that the position being proposed by J-Street could very well come to fruition in the not too distant future after time has weakened the will to call a Palestinian terror organization what it is, a terror organization, will dissipate leading to the State Department to recant and demand Israel begin to make concessions once again in order to convince, read bribe, whomever the Palestinian Authority elects as their new leadership to come to the negotiating table and reinvigorate the otherwise dead peace process farce. We can fully expect that over time there will begin to be calls, and later demands, that Israel reinstate the intentions and processes that were at the heart of the Oslo Accords reestablishing their recognition of the Palestinian Authority as the rightful representation of the Palestinians and as such the government in waiting of the Arab state which should be formed to live next to Israel in “peace and security”.


Remember that this will be the new Palestinian Authority which will include Hamas and probably eventually, should the agreement come to fruition, Islamic Jihad and any other terror entity that exists within Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The first sources of this destructive and dangerous idea will probably come from the Arab League followed soon by the United Nations Human Rights Council which will be buttressed by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon almost immediately. Soon thereafter the European Union will jump on board and there will be the litany of complaints and the parade of endless Palestinian hardships and other miseries all given sympathetic coverage by much of the mainstream world media. Much of this will be timed to reach its zenith soon after a new President of the United States has been inaugurated. Then will come the State Department lobbying and advising the new President of how the time is right and how the President can be the one who can win the trust of the Israelis and bring the two sides together and forge a peace thus winning a place in history as well as securing a Nobel Peace Prize. Heck, they might even try to convince the President that by accomplishing this grand achievement that it will bring an end to all conflicts throughout the entire globe and actually accomplish an unprecedented reality of “peace in our time.” Let us hope that whoever the President is being sold this fetid bag of goods has sufficient grasp of recent history and what the last achievement that was touted as bringing “peace in our time” resulted in producing. Another result like that is the last thing this world needs, especially if we also remember the admonition given by Albert Einstein when queried about the weapons with which World War III would be fought using, where he replied, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”


Developing story, more to come tomorrow.


Beyond the Cusp


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