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April 28, 2014

Will Europe and EU Still Intend to Cripple and Destroy Israel

I will have to give credit to the European Union with special kudos to their Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton for not even flinching or showing the slightest doubt over whether there might be some logical consideration of the consequences of Hamas being included in the Palestinian governance concerning forcing Israel to continue to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority. Their immediate response was that Israel must continue to negotiate, terrorists across the table or whatever. Quoting the Lady Catherine Ashton, England made her a lady as her lack of compassion might otherwise have caused some to harbor doubts, she insisted, “Negotiations are the best way forward. The extensive efforts deployed in recent months must not go to waste. The EU calls on all sides to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid any action which may further undermine peace efforts and the viability of a two-state solution.” Further commentary from the Lady Ashton speaking hope against all logic and historical evidence stated, “The EU expects any new government to uphold the principle of non-violence, to remain committed to achieving a two-state solution and to a negotiated peaceful settlement … including Israel’s legitimate right to exist. The fact that President Abbas will remain fully in charge of the negotiation process and have a mandate to negotiate in the name of all Palestinians provides further assurance that the peace negotiations can and must proceed.” Perhaps Ms. Aston missed the part where Mahmoud Abbas met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and agreed that new elections would need to be scheduled within six months from the formation of a temporary unity government. Elections, contrary to Ms. Ashton’s apparent guarantee, means that there is some possibility that somebody from Hamas could win the Presidency of the Palestinian Authority and the new negotiators from the Palestinians could easily be a member of Hamas. For the Lady Ashton’s illumination, Hamas is a near universally recognized terrorist entity which the majority of Western nations would refuse to hold negotiations yet here the Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union appears to ignore or not know this salient fact, something which might force most people to believe that she is completely unqualified for the position she holds or to be so lacking in good judgment to also make her ill qualified for her position.


But this is not the end of the opportunities for Europe as a community to exemplify their seeming unlimited ability to lose all sense of reason as soon as the subject turns towards anything to do with Israel and the Palestinians. Already there have been numerous United Nations and European agencies and conventions which have accepted Palestinian applications for membership. These were all executed and placed for consideration before the unification agreement was signed in Gaza by Fatah with both Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the very same Islamic Jihad which many consider an equally violent terror group as Hamas or even al-Qaeda, which set up the necessary steps for implementing the merger of Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the Palestinian Authority transforming the Palestinian ruling body into just another group of terrorist organizations. Since the grand signing ceremony making recognized terror groups the majority membership in the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has also added another application for the consideration of another prestigious European headquartered organization. Making this application for a group which includes what many would attest to as three terrorist groups as its principle members, Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, even more preposterous is this application was made to an international law enforcement agency. Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Authority officials announced that they had finished their application process for a renowned law enforcement agency, the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL.


Will European officials reject the Palestinian Authority or will they be unable to reject the Palestinian application simply because it would have the potential to impose great difficulties for Israeli government and military officials. How would accepting the Palestinian Authority into INTERPOL make life difficult for Israeli officials you ask? INTERPOL members can add names of people accused of serious crimes onto the INTERPOL most wanted listing known as issuing a Red Notice which acts as a universal wanted posting. It doesn’t take much imagination, or leaps of logic, to figure out what mischief the Palestinian Authority might utilize given the ability to take out warrants for arrest of leading Israeli leaders, especially IDF officers and even soldiers along with Israeli Minister of the Knesset and those members of the Prime Minister’s Security Cabinet as well as the Prime Minister himself thus virtually preventing their ability to travel anywhere in the world honoring such an INTERPOL Red Notice. There have already been incidents where Israeli officials and IDF officers have found it necessary to cancel visits, appearances, and even forced an IDF General to remain on the El Al jetliner on a London airstrip and return to Israel after a pro-Palestinian NGO had sworn out a warrant for war crimes in an English court under the British claim to universal jurisdiction for such crimes. These incidents had become so frequent and interfered with numerous Israelis across a plethora of European courts that many nations decided to limit their jurisdictions and those who are permitted to swear out such warrants. This was done in Britain after Tzipi Livni was unable to make an appearance when invited to give a commencement speech but had to cancel due to the threat of having a warrant sworn out for supposed war crimes committed while she was Israeli Foreign Minister. The Palestinian Authority permitted such access to INTERPOL and their arrest mechanisms is a nightmare simply waiting to come to fruition. How could European INTERPOL officials ever resist such an opportunity?


Beyond the Cusp


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