Beyond the Cusp

June 5, 2014

Only a Puppy Can Save the World

Well, maybe a puppy would not save the world everywhere, but it sure would help in my little corner of the world. We have a world which just a few weeks ago was issuing warnings to Palestinian Chairman Abbas that such an alliance would force them to ostracize him as they would any terrorist leader if he allowed a merger to include Hamas within the Palestinian Authority as Hamas is recognized nearly universally as one of the most serious terror threats. Needless to say, Abbas smiled and continued on to bring not only Hamas into the Palestinian governance but Islamic Jihad as well and it took the world almost all of forty-eight hours to almost universally accept, recognize, agree to work with, continue to fully fund, and start to demand that Israel simply eat their vegetables and also recognize and plan to begin new peace talks with the newly crowned and recognized by a world blind to terrorist if they only attack Israel and that this world that is so ready to recognize a group including Hamas that they will countenance no complaints or protestations from Israel about this small item. Reading about how convinced the European Union is that Hamas had changed despite their strong condemnations of any claim that they now accept Israel or have mitigated their desire to destroy Israel and murder every Jew, the United Nations who claim that since Hamas represents a portion of the Palestinian society that Israel must recognize and take steps to be more inclusive of all portions of Palestinian society, and the United States marveling that the people who have been named to the new interim Palestinian government contain none with names that the United States recognizes as being members of Hamas, as the United States likely has a complete list of members of Hamas and thus can feel assured of this wild speculation, thus American aid can continue and working with the new Palestinian leadership can continue as if nothing has changed and all take this united stand in demanding Israel be just as open and accepting as these stalwarts of all that is civil and acceptable in the world have chosen to be. Times like this is when I used to go sit on the living room floor and make a soft whimper and wait for the puppy to come and assure me everything in the world was simply the way it should be and it still worships me.


Then you go on to read more news and it reports that President Putin, Vlad the Invader, has called for another multilateral conference in order to issue another declaration which will facilitate peace in the Ukraine and an end to the civil unrest, actually civil war, and perhaps he will recommend another one of those referendums where the result is often known before the ink dries on the ballots, let alone the voting being held. The problem is that the usual suspects, the European Union, the United States and the United Nations will all put on their happy optimism faces and declare the seriousness and forthright candor expressed by President Putin and declare their oneness with him in the pursuit of peace. The media will cheer this great stride of renewed multilateral efforts to solve this problematic situation and laud the sacrifice and willingness of the leaders of the major powers of the world to find a solution to this difficult problem. Nobody will mention that one from among these leaders, the one also known in some parts as Vlad the Invader, is actually the person most responsible for much of the unrest and violence and the sole individual from the group who has designs and schemes for the future of the Ukraine and has already annexed a large portion of the Ukraine known as the Crimean Peninsula by what were at the time denounced and blatant aggressions that went beyond acceptable behavior. What one might be unable to figure out is whether Putin is the dog and the rest the tail wagging or is this a case of Putin as the tail wagging the dog. Either way, having one’s faithful puppy meet them even after a short trip to get milk at the store taking at most ten minutes but there the puppy is not only wagging its tail but wriggling half its body as well with those bright eyes and the tongue just lazily hanging out the side of its mouth all in a declaration of I am so glad you made it back, I was worried as you were gone longer than I know how to count, pant, pant.


There is no news that a puppy cannot provide the necessary soothing of one’s nerves and no depressing reports that a puppy cannot commiserate by laying its head on your lap and tilting it a little to one side just so it can look at you with total devotion. If you are reading about the slow economy and the threat of increasing energy costs which will drive up every other commodities’ price including food, the puppy just seems to be saying that it looks forward to the increased time you will spend with it while the two of you go hunt for tonight’s dinner. No matter the sadness, ridiculousness, insanity, inanity, or any other quality in the news which might cause distress, your puppy provides the necessary amount of affection and appearance of commiseration and understanding that is required to lift one’s spirits and renew one’s faith that really everything has to turn out for the best, after all, the puppy is not worried. I miss my puppy and now just have the memories from that deer in the headlight look to the body wriggles saying you’re home at last, I do miss my old dog. In Memory of Brutus, a pure bred lovable mutt.


Beyond the Cusp


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