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June 12, 2014

Reading Daily Assault News Reports Out of Europe Sickens Me

I remember while growing up many people of my parents’ age would discuss how life and the world had changed after World War II and how after the reports revealing the atrocities committed in the Shoah, the Holocaust, that anti-Semitism had passed silently into the dustbin of history never to raise its vile and hateful head again. I would suggest that they were wrong and that the only change was that anti-Semitism was more subtle and subdued but still just as prevalent and just as viscous as it had ever been throughout history. They would dismiss my comments angrily and accuse me of being some kind of paranoid, disturbed  and possibly mentally challenged person and I had no way of knowing of what I spoke being too young to have ever experienced anti-Semitism. I never again told them about the times I had been witness or even victim of anti-Semitism after I first tried to explain the problem to my parents who would hear nothing of my complaint and just became upset and insisted forcefully I never speak of such again as if speaking as I had would not only resuscitate anti-Semitism and bring back to life but actually inject it with a renewed ferocity and give it even greater power than it had ever possessed before. I prayed they were correct and never bothered them again despite my experiences.


Perhaps a short trip back to my early youth will help explain. I lived in a county outside the nation’s capital which was consisted of a large Jewish community. My family was middle class but barely and we often skimped in order to remain solvent. Because of this we lived in a modest house in a neighborhood which had a rather small number of Jewish families and a very large number Christian majority which mostly attended a religious school located between my neighborhood and the expansive apartment community adjacent to us. My having a rather Nordic appearance with blonde hair and blue eyes was pretty much excluded from the Jewish groups until around age twelve when the fact that I was studying to have my Bar Mitzvah ceremony finally proved definitively that I was Jewish. This left me to my own devices when at certain times of each year there were raised tensions between the Jewish and Christian youths over claims of historic and unforgivable crimes committed by the Jews against the earliest of Christians. These tensions often targeted me as the one Jew who was pretty much assured of being alone and thus undefended. Resulting from my flight or fight reactions, I became quite a sprinter as I found I could outrun my adversaries better at shorter distances usually just sufficient to place me near any help available. I had experienced that what the adults claimed had ceased to exist was in fact still very viable and for the same underlying reasons that anti-Semitism has always existed, Jews are different and a small minority which makes them a target of opportunity. But, as explained, nobody cared to listen and actually went to any extent to shun any mention of what I knew.


Taking us further along in the years, also due to my appearance, I did have people approach me while I served in the military and ask if I was interested in joining their club, group, or sometimes even referred to as their militia which inevitable proved to be supremacist or neo-Nazi. I respectfully, well, not so much, declined in no uncertain terms and with full expression of my disgust and insult at their offers. Fortunately, by adulthood I had grown to sufficient size and the United States Army had made me all that I could be and this was years before they used that as an enlistment incentive. Also, by my preteen years of my childhood I had already become a Zionist, a goal that tugged at me for most of my life. I made myself a promise to act on this desire to return to the ancient homeland of my people with one proviso, that I had been of whatever assistance my parents might require for the rest of their lives. When I retired my Father asked what my plans were now that I was not working. When I explained, for the first time as the subject had never been breached before, that I intended to make Aliyah as soon as I had given whatever assistance and care for he and my Mother; my Father insisted that that promise had been met simply through my having shown the intent and that as they might live long enough to make my realization of returning to Eretz Yisroel, he released me from the self-imposed obligation and demanded I follow my heart as soon as possible. Soon as possible proved to have pages upon pages of forms and required gathering documents generated in a very full life which had the property of a wandering soul who had travelled widely. Finally I made my way home to live a simple life just a medium walk from the Mediterranean.


Still, I had watched the growing animosities towards Israel and the attempts by some of the most ardent anti-Semitic haters to try and explain they did not hate Jews; they only had trouble with Israel. This, of course, led to reading about the “3D Test of Anti-Semitism” which can be applied to anyone whose acts are centered on Israel to discern whether they have realistic and honest problems with the Jewish State of if their hatred of Jews drives their difficulties with the Jewish State. The three ‘D’ test concerns looking to see if the person’s range of complaints and determining if their roots are based on demonization, delegitimization, and double standards. These tests were originated by Natan Sharansky, a man very respected worldwide and experienced with the many facets and kinds of hatred who learned much through his times as a Russian dissident in the former Soviet Union who spent his share of time incarcerated and in reeducation camps and today is in charge of The Jewish Agency which is tasked with Zionism and assisting returning Jews and Israeli Jews in general. His own explanation of the Three D’s can be found here. My concerns over anti-Semitism grew greatly after the Six Day War as the world slowly but inexorably turned from loving Israel and lavishing this little underdog nation which faced extermination almost daily from the nations surrounding her and those even a little further away. Right after the Six Day War, much of the world would have been completely understanding and even supportive had Israel immediately annexed all of the lands gained even including the entire Sinai Peninsula and even if she had offered the Arabs who remained within those territories a monetary incentive to leave and start their lives anew in any nation in the world which Israel would fly them there on El Al or another airline company if El Al did not fly to their desired destinations, say like Saudi Arabia, and include a somewhat generous stipend to offset the difficulties of reestablishing your life in a new nation. Slow and steadily that position was eroded until we are at the impasse today where Israel is often expected to return to the original demarcations Armistice lines which existed in June of 1967 and made an attempt to annihilate Israel so tempting to her neighbors.


If that was but the only problem Jews worldwide faced, then it might not be so troubling. It would still be disheartening, but not as serious a problem as what honestly exists today. You almost cannot read the news from around the world each day and not find a report of Jews being attacked in some town or city in Europe or North America. In the past week alone there have been at least five attacks I have read about and those were just in France with three from just outside Paris. Often the perpetrators of these assaults are described as Asians or North Africans with no further descriptions provided. Not only have the numbers of assaults increased but also the severity of the attacks have climbed where taunting has given way to assaults which in turn have given way to group muggings of individual or pairs of Jews and gone on to include attempted murder and on to murder itself. There were the strings of attacks across the United States and were referred to as the “knockout game” or “hit the Jew game” which continue but are no longer considered newsworthy as it is seen as simply more of the same and not a breaking story. There is the almost constant ritualistic desecration of Jewish cemeteries or Jewish sections of cemeteries where swastikas and hate phrases painted in the signs, gates, fences and tombstones and grave markers themselves and often the gravestones are smashed and toppled. This too has pretty much become such a common crime that often they get little if any mention unless you read news sources which tend to cover the minutia of attacks and assaults on Jews, Israel and Judaism. There has been a new twist being reported where desecrations and thefts are occurring at Auschwitz and other concentration camps as well as people posing making anti-Semitic salutes such as the regular Nazi stiff-armed salute or using the “quenelle” originated by anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.


Even with the news the way it has been, it was not until the last few years that any of my friends and acquaintances with whom I had shared my concerns and belief that anti-Semitism was returning to become acceptable in large portions of Western society concurred with my prognosis. Now they are asking how long it had really been increasing and want to know how could they have missed such a serious and threatening change in the body public as well as the coming acceptance of fascist and xenophobic political movements often which include Jew hatred as part of their platforms, even if unofficially as it has not quite gotten to be completely acceptable. Their concerns are heartening as many of these friends are not Jewish yet their concerns are serious and their new perception has opened their eyes and they have sought to find actual reports and information and have become quite concerned and troubled. Hopefully the fact that it appears the vast majority of the public, Jews included, have been untouched and have chosen to downplay or even try to ignore the increasing anti-Semitism as they prefer to believe the world had finally buried that hatred with it discarded and never to return. Well, return it has and with a renewed vengeance which is just as startling and frightening as it has been any time previously throughout history. There is one even more disturbing truth which I have felt and discerned and that is just as throughout history each time anti-Semitism rose in the world it covered more of the globe and included a larger segment of the world’s societies and peoples. This time it appears that it may reach epidemic proportions unseen previously and even exceed the Holocaust in its inclusion of the world’s populations joining together to eradicate the Jews. The terrifying truth is that this time the intentions are not to eradicate the Jews from their midst and cleanse their part of the world of what they claim is a nefarious Jewish presence, the intentions nearly universally this time amongst the majority of anti-Semites is to eradicate all of planet Earth of its Jews, not just the six million plus in Israel or the almost six million in the United States but the approaching fifteen million Jews worldwide. That is why this time all peoples who are decent and caring people must band together and put anti-Semitism into its grave and bury that diseased state of mind once and forever. Those who choose to fight this chilling and growing reality had best start soon, if not immediately, as waiting will only feed the beast making it all that much more difficult to overcome and, at some point, it will become impossible to stop, making the inevitability of the situation, if not drastically prevented, that will result in a bloodbath unseen in human history for it will not stop with the Jews, it never just stops with the Jews, and the next on the list are the Christians followed by the Secular Humanists in all its many forms, and on and on until the majority of humanity will have been cleansed, leaving the smallest core of fanatics, of true believers, who are willing to murder the whole of humanity, if that is what it requires to save humanity.


Beyond the Cusp


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