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July 1, 2014

The Escalation in Violence Since the Abduction of the Teens

Hamas has chosen to escalate their efforts against Israel in the two plus weeks since Hamas terrorists abducted three teen boys, Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel, and Gilad Sha’ar, as they were returning home from their studies at two Yeshivas. Hamas with the assistance of Fatah as well as officials from the Palestinian Authority in encouraging the citizens of the Palestinian Authority communities to do everything in their powers to impede, hinder and frustrate the efforts to locate and rescue the three teens by Israeli forces even going so far as to advocate such actions through Palestinian media. There were calls for those who owned stores with video monitoring systems and other monitoring devices to erase or destroy any tapes or other electronic records in order to deny the IDF such vital evidence which could possibly have made the searches more targeted and effective. The obstructions to the search from the outset eventually led to the worst of possible end results, the needless and unconscionable murder of the three teens. Their bodies were located late yesterday just outside Hevron, the location in which the search had been focused. This news reached us after this article had been written and before its publication. This shocking end to an already emotionally draining series of events lead to the comments that were added to reflect this emotionally draining and disheartening reality whose heartache is beyond measure. Israel has not utilized the death penalty throughout her history with the exception of Nazi criminal who was guilty of unfathomable crimes against the Jewish People. May we have the fortitude and strength of conviction to once again measure out the ultimate punishment for this senseless crime in which the terrorists chose to slaughter Jews with the same lack of any feelings of guilt or seeing them as remotely being human, just as the Nazis such as Eichmann. They deserve the same fate.


Additionally, Hamas has announced that they are supporting freedom in the launching of rockets into Israel and have halted all patrols which had enforced any restrictions on such attacks. Hamas went even further by not only facilitating an atmosphere for other terrorist groups to launch attacks on Israel including, or even specially, should such attacks target largely civilians, they have also resumed their assaults and launchings with each week escalating over the previous week. From Sunday evening through the early hours of yesterday, over approximately a fifteen hour period, Hamas alone launched fifteen rockets, the majority in one barrage. These rocket attacks have destroyed a plastic manufacturing plant and a paint manufacturing workshop in Sderot. This is addition to the discovery that within Hevron there have been tunnels and terrorist infrastructure throughout numerous locations. These tunnels have been found obscured beneath heavy furniture and beneath various laundry machines. They have also located numerous laboratories which were manufacturing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as numerous weapons caches with hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds plus rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and some heavy weapons systems.


These are within areas where the Palestinian Authority is required to work to end all terror activities and prevent the stockpiling of weapons, ammunition, explosives and specialized or heavy weaponry. They are also tasked to prevent the building of tunnels and the manufacturing of explosive devices and weapons laboratories. This is the Palestinian Authority Security Forces which has been being trained by the United States State Department at a military grade training facility built with over ten-million-dollars of American taxpayer’s money. This training has provided military training using United States military personnel and has been overseen by General Keith Dayton. Some of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces have also received counter-terrorism training and there have been reports that of those selected for this specialized training have actually tuned around and provided guidance for the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and other terrorist forces in methods to be applied in order to defeat such methods and avoid detection and other anti-terrorist enforcement techniques. Hopefully, when the terrorists responsible for abducting the three teenage students are caught, it will be verifiable that they are not from amongst those trained by the United States State Department or trained by those who received such training. Such a determination would be very disheartening for Israelis just as it would be for many Americans who support Israel and would be troubled to realize their government has assisted even unknowingly in assisting the Hamas or other Palestinian terrorists.


Additionally there have been further efforts to obstruct and frustrate all efforts to locate the abducted teens which have required less desirable responses by the IDF. Where the necessity for such actions is always unfortunate and undesirable, the alternative would be unthinkable and unacceptable. The Palestinians have set ambushes for the IDF units who have been deployed to try to locate and free these three youths. These ambushes have included rock throwing with slings used to launch stones and some attacks included the use of fire-bombs escalating the attacks to a life-threatening level. There have been injuries to some IDF units as well as injuries to some of the rioters when IDF units found the situation sufficiently threatening that it required responses to break-up the rioting for the safety of the troops under ambush. There were reportedly as many as four Palestinians who have died as a result of the escalating levels of the rioting and ambushes which have posed some serious and threatening assaults where IDF units were cut-off from escape and found their positions necessitated them fighting their way to safety. The screams calling the IDF defending themselves a form of disproportional and overtly violent responses come from familiar places and consisting of fully predictable phrases.


These are the situations which the United Nations Human Rights Council and United Nations Office of the Secretary General referred to in their admonishing Israel and the IDF for using force when their troops were threatened. The main idea was that IDF individuals should be denied the right to protect themselves when they come under attack no matter how severe the threat and risks to their lives. There can be no excuse for Israelis defending themselves from ambush as they have no right to be in areas claimed by the Palestinians even to attempt to find the abducted teen boys before their murder by their abductors. Israel must use only diplomacy and throw themselves prostrate before the Palestinians and beg for their kindness in gaining the release of the kidnapped youths. Well, we have a little rejoinder for the United Nations, “Never Again!”


That includes never again will Jews beg for the mercy of others, it never comes. Never again will Jews request permission from the world to be permitted to protect ourselves, it does not offer any salvation. Never again will Jews apologize for existing, we choose life and to live it unafraid. Never again will Jews plead on bended knee for the tender mercies of our enemies, we will treat them as they would treat us, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life, and actions against threats. Never again will Jews apologize for defending ourselves, we will simply demand our rights and defend them with whatever force may be necessitated. Never again will Jews cower before those who threaten us and demand that we have no right to our homelands, no right to our lives, or no right to anything such enemies wish to deny us; instead we will exercise all the rights and freedoms of a peoples and defend our own nation from any threat be the source come from without or within. Simply put, whenever you demand of us that we cower, tremble, whimper, defer or cry for your tender mercies asking that you please grant us the scraps if you would be so kind; Never again!


Beyond the Cusp


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