Beyond the Cusp

July 10, 2014

The Middle East Without an Israel

Imagine the United Nations, European Union, United States State Department, many several of the European national governments, unions worldwide, the Arab world, the Arab League, much of the non-Arab Muslim world, the majority of the major church organizations throughout the world and near countless NGOs succeeded in imposing strict limitations on the IDF and Israeli government leading to the formation of the Palestinian nightmare, Palestine established on the graves of over six-million Israeli Jews as they finally succeeded in pushing them into the sea. Mahmoud Abbas finally realized his supposed life’s highest goal by replacing Israel with yet another Arab state cleansed of the Jews who resided in that narrow strip of land at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The first realization of this new state will be the radical and murderous contesting of who will rise to be the leader of Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas would likely be ensconced as the new President or Prime Minister recognized by the United Nations, European Union, United States and the Arab League as being the rightful leader of the Palestinian peoples, and they are a peoples as many are from Syria, others from Egypt and some from Iraq while there are those from Turkey and others from even further places in the Arab world. The Palestinians are just as disperse a peoples as many claim the Jews have become over the centuries despite medical genetic studies to the opposite. There would be some predominant families who would vie for power as well as strong contesting by Hamas, Islamic Jihad with other terrorist entities selling their support to one larger group or another prolonging the struggles. Most would predict the likely result being similar to the result in Gaza when Hamas deposed Fatah and with them the Palestinian Authority as ruled by Mahmoud Abbas.


Those limiting the struggle for power over the corpse of Israel to those parties currently vying for top spot in governing the Palestinians are somewhat foolish as the end results would have more to do with which outside interests decided to make the necessary investment in treasure, troops and military hardware. The gaping deficiency existing with the Palestinian ruling groups which all are better at their initial existence as terrorist groups than they would be at ruling a nation is that they also have limited military heavy equipment such as heavy battle tanks, large bore artillery, and absolutely no air force, a glaring and probably fatal deficiency. The first thought that comes to mind when one realizes that the Palestinians would be completely unable to defend against an attack by any well-armed national military or even some of the more well-armed terrorist groups such as Hezballah or ISIS. Add in Egypt, Syria if their civil strife has been resolved, Iran, Turkey and even Lebanon (which is actually controlled by Hezballah). There is a very good reason that many of the neighboring nations would be interested in claiming the lands which had formally been Israel, the gas deposits sitting in the Mediterranean Sea.


The reality is should the world impose such restrictions and intercede to such an extent in the Arab-Israeli conflict constantly protecting the Arab and terror forces by demanding Israel show restraint, return all lands Israel might gain in defensive warfare, stop all missions when the Western leaders decide that the terrorists have been served a sufficient lesson thus preventing Israel from completely destroying terrorist groups such as Hamas in Gaza, the target of the current strife. Without an Israel there would be nothing to prevent Turkey from completing their conquest of Cyprus taking the gas fields within the territorial waters of the southern half of the island which is currently controlled by Greece. Turkey has sufficient military power to not only take Cyprus but possibly also take Lebanon and Israel declaring their intents to restore the Caliphate by reestablishing the Ottoman Empire. Iran would also love to simply make their claim to being the leaders of the Muslim world by establishing their control over Iraq, Lebanon and backing one of the terrorist groups vying for control of the Palestinian state, probably Hamas who they have worked with before. Egypt would be interested in taking control over these areas in order to rid it of the terrorist groups, especially those aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood such as Hamas and al-Qaeda. By conquering and controlling these areas they could also end the troubles they been experiencing in the Sinai Peninsula.


Once the internal battles and the new lines are established in the Middle East, then Islam may turn their interests and attentions to Europe starting in the Balkans and working their way west and north. Should the controlling government over the Muslim world be able to unify and reach accords with the Muslim nations across northern Africa, then they would also be able to attempt to regain control of Andalusia, the name used by the Muslims before 1492 when they controlled much of Spain and even into southern France. Between the struggling economies of Europe and their population in decline forcing their reliance on immigrant populations which mostly originate in the Arab and Muslim worlds, the situation is almost the perfect storm with which the growing Islamic immigrant invasion providing those controlling the largest of armies in the Muslim world a foothold and fifth column which would make a weakened and demilitarized Europe ripe for the plucking. Should the United States continue in their policy of receding from interfering in wars and other actions which do not threaten the interests of the United States, there would be nothing to prevent the Islamization over Europe followed by an Islamic absorption by combined immigration invasion aiding a military invasion. If Islam were to be successful in a conquest of Europe, whether they took Britain or not, they would potentially have sufficient technical innovations added to their petro-wealth to become the largest and best armed military on the planet. Islam could easily at this point turn their attentions eastward seeking to absorb Southeast Asia. This would leave Islam with sufficient control of the world’s resources that they could easily dictate the economic engines of the entire planet. With such control the leaders of Islam would be capable of weakening any other nation or groups of nations setting them up for Islamic conquest. Without Israel there is but one reason that the powers of Islam would not be capable of taking Europe and then much of Asia and from there nothing could stop them except for the very distinct probability of internal fighting with each factions or groups fighting with all the others eventually weakening all of the Islamic powers leaving them vulnerable to conquest to whatever nation is perched with the necessary military power and political determination to place their stamp on the Islamic world and gaining control of the petroleum reserves, or at least the remainder of the Arab oil reserves. Is the world really anxious to depend on the Muslim world not being able to unify to save them or would they prefer to allow Israel to be the cork on the bottle keeping the building pressures inside from exploding across the globe? If you doubt that nothing could unify the majority of the Muslim world, take a good long look at ISIS and the wealth in gold and monies as well as the great amounts of advanced American military equipment and provisions as well as currently holding lands equal in size to many of the other nations in the Middle East and far more area than makes up Israel even including the contested areas of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.


Beyond the Cusp


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