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August 20, 2014

Time to End the Palestinian Frauds Perpetrated on Israel

Hamas made a few complaints and claims to coincide with their launching of three rockets from the Gaza City neighborhood of Shejaiya towards Be’er Sheva in southern Israel breaking the ceasefire which was supposed to end tonight at midnight after being extended at the end of negotiations yesterday evening. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Israel of stalling the negotiations and refusing to permit an agreement to be reached despite Hamas and the other Palestinian negotiators being ready to reach an agreement along the terms which are well known by Israel. Their implication is that Israel has presumably accepted these terms that Hamas and the Palestinians are ready to sign and thus reach an agreement. The problem is the terms that they refer to are the demands which Hamas has stood on from the beginning which includes Israel pulling away from controlling or even inspecting any imports into Gaza. These terms which Hamas claims are reasonable would have them granted completely open borders, an unsupervised port and international airport through which they would be permitted completely open and unregulated import. Needless to report, the Hamas claims against Israel have been reported on the news wires word for word and the majority of the news reports we have heard made no comments when reporting these claims. Meanwhile, they are reporting on the rockets which Hamas launched breaking the ceasefire as “Israel says that rockets have been fired from Gaza.” Somehow the news reports quoting the Hamas claim with certainty that Israel is “stalling” the peace negotiations but Israel “says” that rockets have been fired? One would think that rockets being launched into a nation by a neighboring governance, even if they are a recognized terrorist group, would be a far more objective statement than claims that the other side is solely responsible for the lack of progress in negotiations. This should not come as any surprise as throughout the coverage of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad conflict with Israel the Hamas and Palestinian side has been granted slanted coverage which reports their statements and claims as fact while using more passive and less certainty implying that Israeli statements must be independently verified while Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority are trusted sources who are not to be doubted or questioned in any way.


The negotiations which Israel is supposedly stalling over according to Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri are the exact terms which Hamas demanded they would not deviate from and that Israel must grant them every demand or face a war of attrition which Hamas is ready to continue without end until Israel accedes to their demands. The stalling is Israel refusing to surrender completely to Hamas demands to permit them and Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist in Gaza to import weaponry to their wildest of desires including the eleven-billion dollars of top of the line weaponry including Apache Helicopters, modern anti-tank missiles and other top of the line modern weaponry from their supporters in Qatar. Then there is always the possibility that Turkey, with their access to NATO weaponry, could also join in arming Hamas as Turkey and Israel have been on less than the best terms since the events surrounding the Mavi Marmara and the attempt to break the Israeli legal blockade of Gaza, a blockade that the United Nations evaluated and found to be legal. There has not been much coverage of the attempted coup against the Palestinian Authority by Hamas which was prevented by Israeli intelligence. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the Shin Bet broke open the coup plans which came through Jordan from Hamas leadership in Turkey. There were ninety-three Hamas operatives arrested of which forty-six were taken by the Shin Bet for further questioning. They also collected fifty-four guns, six handguns and seven RPGs along with 600,000 Shekels (about $170,000). The coup was assisted by additional conspirators in Jordan and couriers who funneled funds amounting to over two-million Shekels into Judea and Samaria to assist with the purchases and other expenses incurred to realize their intents. The efforts were under the command of Riad Nasser out of Deir Kadis, was recruited by Saleh Alaruri who is in charge of the Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria and is stationed in Turkey currently.


The coup plot was first to commit numerous horrific terror attacks causing complete havoc and a serious security situation in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) attempting to overwhelm the Palestinian security forces possibly causing IDF stepping in in attempts to restore order at which point the Hamas operatives were to strike and decapitate the Palestinian Authority and replace them with Hamas leadership followed by their claiming to have taken control over the Palestinian areas and the rest of Judea and Samaria. This would have led to Israel facing a two front war with Hamas. The real shocker is that despite the coup being averted and Mahmoud Abbas made aware that Hamas had likely intended to murder him as part of the conspiracy broken up by Israel, Abbas is going ahead with a meeting with Hamas exiled leader Khaled Meshaal in Qatar. This also should serve as a wakeup call for the Israelis as this confirms the suspicions of many leading Israeli security personnel as well as some from the political arena and in the media. This was very similar to the coup in Gaza where numerous top level Fatah and Palestinian Authority leaders were arrested by Hamas and thrown from the roof of many of the taller buildings in Gaza City and Khan Yunis in Gaza back in 2007, two years after the Israelis pulled every Israeli civilian and all of the IDF and other Israeli security forces from Gaza in an unilateral disengagement. The Hamas coup and takeover of Gaza was predicted by a number of Israeli leaders who were dismissed by the leaders of the Sharon coalition and other leftist Israeli Knesset Ministers and political and NGO leadership as being alarmist right wing fanatics whose only desire was to spread panic and distrust. Unfortunately for many Palestinians who were murdered by Hamas as part of their purging of Gaza two years later after a blood soaked coup which pitted Mahmoud Abbas’s United States trained Fatah and Palestinian Authority security forces against Hamas terrorist fighters, Hamas relative easy and deadly victory left the Fatah and Palestinian Authority security forces appear to be weak and completely ineffective. Now Israel knows for sure that Hamas is not even remotely satisfied with ruling Gaza and has designs on taking control of the West Bank as well. The unity government is a ruse and a farce not worth the paper it was written upon.


So, with Israel now facing Hamas making demands and refusing to compromise and steadfastly insisting that Israel simply surrender, granting Hamas whatever they desire, and adding that Hamas has designs on replacing Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority completely and then arm themselves to the hilt if they can get the world to force Israel to meet their demands, Israel is also facing a hostile international media which simply restates any commentary Hamas issues and then demands Israel explain why they are refusing to negotiate in good faith casting Hamas as having made reasonable demands. From the start of this most recent conflict it has appeared that United States President Obama has been supporting the Hamas demands for open and free access to the world without any inspections or restrictions on the goods they decide to import. Such access would consist of whatever weapons systems and forces they desire, bought with the billions of dollars they plan on receiving intended to provide funding to rebuild the destroyed housing, infrastructure, Mosques and hospitals. Hamas knows that as long as they refuse to compromise that in time the rest of the world will simply get so tired of the violence and realizing that Hamas does not care how long the violence continues and will never mitigate their demands simply because they are terrorists recognized as such by the United States, the European Union and others; then those same nations who recognize Hamas are terrorists will decide that since Hamas will not change, then Israel must be forced to simply meet the Hamas demands. The European Union and United States would eventually place embargos on Israel denying them trade of any kind, especially any military provisions, and starve Israel economically until they are forced to surrender. The problem is the Israeli government actually does care about their civilians and Hamas has proven how little they regard those unfortunate enough to live under their rule as their only use is to be placed in harm’s way in an attempt to paint Israelis as monsters by showing the world pictures of dead Palestinians that Hamas placed in places guaranteeing to maximize the number of innocents who will become casualties. For example, President Obama has already held up a resupply shipment of Hellfire Missiles to Israel and placed all other resupply military shipments under the auspices of the State Department and likely personally supervised by Secretary of State Kerry and why not Valerie Jarrett (Miss R2P, Right to Protect, which was used to provide the Libyan rebels with close air support in their efforts to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi) as well. There have been some who saw the use of Right to Protect in Libya as a trial run to set up its later use to protect the Palestinians and place United States troops in either the Palestinian areas or within Israel or both in order to force Israel to relent and give the Palestinians all of the areas they demand forcing Israel back within their pre Six Day War lands setting Israel up to be destroyed through following terrorism actions which Israel would be prevented from responding by the presence of the United States troops assigned to protect everything Palestinian. Additionally, Britain had threatened Israel to cancel a dozen military tenders which could eventually cripple the Merkava tanks, many of the Israeli radar systems and other vital military equipment which could potentially cripple the IDF. If Hamas continues to push their refusal to compromise and simply continue attempting to press Israel into a corner where the world led by the Western nations turn against Israel placing Israel in a no win situation, that would be where things would get very ugly very fast. Israelis and their leadership mean Never Again and will do whatever it takes as the Israelis realize that should Israel fall that the rest of Jewry will soon follow and that would signify the end of the Jewish People. Never Ever Again Period!


Beyond the Cusp

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