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October 12, 2014

World Media Declares Love Palestinian Authority Week

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Much of the world media, especially those which lean leftist or follow a strict political correct editing, as well as those whose editorial pages exude these qualities will be publishing flowing articles and editorials exalting the Palestinian unity government, the greatness of the Palestinian Authority, the wonderful event which saw the interim Palestinian Cabinet meeting in Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas as the last best hope for peace for Israel if only Netanyahu and the rest of the Israeli government would just take the risk. The running theme is to praise the Palestinians and the promise of peace which rests with them while regretting the unbelievable amount of destruction and the desperate state of the people in Gaza. There will be the testimonies of homes destroyed and families left homeless while stressing that any monies which are contributed to the worthy cause of rebuilding Gaza will be supervised by Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority as the unity government has authority in Gaza just as it does in the West Bank (historically known as Judea and Samaria). There will be quotes of the care and supervisions executed by the Palestinian Authority and by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) who will emphasize the procedures which will be in place to assure that all funds and building materials will go towards rebuilding housing, medical facilities, schools and other public buildings and institutions which were damaged during the fifty days of Israeli strikes, some may even go as far as claiming the damage was caused by Israeli aggressions turning the reason for the fifty day war off of the rocket barrages and the abduction and murder of the Israeli teens by Gaza onto Israeli defensive actions. There will be explanations of safeguards which will prevent the reallocation of materials and funds by Hamas as had been rampant in the past since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007 in a violent coup, a coup which will be ignored and get nary a mention as such events must not be permitted to interfere with this weekend and the week that follows. You may be asking why the sudden overly zealous love affair with Gaza and the newly formed Palestinian unity government which Hamas only completely surrendered control of Gaza to at the close of the fifty day conflict with Israel while giving the unity government verbal acquiescence while resisting their efforts in Cairo to end the conflict and reestablish peace. There will be a donors’ conference for Gaza to be held on Sunday, October 12, in Cairo which will feature the Palestinian Authority and the Unity Government with great fanfare and testimonials as an international event scheduled for the purpose of raising billions in funding for rebuilding Gaza.

Probably the first items which might be of importance are what are the amounts of funds for rebuilding Gaza, reestablishing the UNRWA facilities back to a functioning level and finally what it would take to pay the current arrears for both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority new unity government, according to Mahmoud Abbas, estimates it will take four-billion dollars to rebuild Gaza and an additional four-and-a-half-billion dollars to fully cover the Palestinian Authority debts and obligations such as payrolls including those for Hamas government and security personnel. In addition the United Nations agency UNRWA is demanding one-billion-six-hundred-thousand dollars to “rehabilitate Gaza” after Hamas’s most recent terror war. I am actually shocked and glad to see that UNRWA has not attempted to lay the blame on Israel excusing Hamas of any responsibility, this may be a sign of progress or simply an exception soon to be lost in a retreat to same-old same-old. What will be lacking from most coverage of the needs for funds by the disparate entities which will have their hands out in Cairo is that Hamas, the entity which was supposedly absorbed into the unity government, is also seeking a paltry few hundred million dollars to pay off their debts and assist their melding into the Unity Government. What you will not be hearing is that both Hamas and Islamic Jihad have already begun rebuilding those infiltration tunnels and that they started on this rebuilding project within hours of the final ceasefire and have been continuing ever since. You also will not hear that Hamas recently made a proclamation they will continue struggle stating “we will fight till the last drop of blood.”

Meanwhile, there have been organized riots daily on the Temple Mount in order to prevent Jews from accessing during the weeklong holiday of Sukkot, one of the three pilgrimage holidays in which the Jews were required to come to Jerusalem and the Temple in history when there was a Temple in Jerusalem. Another little fact which will also be removed from the news items and editorials will be the pledge by Hamas to spend as many millions of dollars it may take to keep riots and assaults active on the Temple Mount to prevent the Jews from having access. The emphasis will be a sympathetic listing of the numbers of Gazans without shelter or whose homes were destroyed by the exchange of Hamas rockets and Israeli strikes targeting the rocket launch locations. We might hear about how Hamas and the other terror entities in Gaza had no alternative than to fire rockets from heavily populated areas as Gaza is the most densely populated areas in the world. Both the falsehood of this density canard and examples of Hamas and other terrorists within Gaza intentionally firing from built-up areas including adjacent to the hotel utilized by journalists during the conflict in the article “Gaza, Hamas, Corrected Falsehoods, Frightening Realities” including a video of the setting-up of a rocket firing location adjacent a hotel and a map which displays the fact that the majority of Gaza is open land and farmland with dispersed urban areas accounting for less than ten percent of the area.

There have been some editorials claiming that many of the Palestinians numerous regular donor nations, NGOs and others have been expressing concern and apprehensions that their donations would be reallocated or simply stolen and end up lining the pockets of the leadership or go towards purchases of arms and materials to build terror tunnels and other structures or that materials meant for rebuilding public and private structures destroyed during the conflict would also be absconded for the use for terrorist tunnels, bunkers , command and control or other structures needed to initiate another confrontation with Israel resulting in additional damage and the destruction of any of the reconstruction which the finances were intended to build. Virtually everything people will read in the majority of the mainstream media for the coming week will be supportive and assuring that the new Palestinian unity government will be in complete control of the rebuilding of Gaza and that the situation has completely changed and all the sins of the past have been addressed and will no longer pose any threat for misuse of any funding received as Mahmoud Abbas and the new Unity Government will have complete and culpable oversight. There will be absolutely no mention to the recent Israeli arrest and foiling of a Hamas coup against Abbas which was assembled and poised to strike in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and place Hamas in control over the Palestinian Authority and the unity government rendering Mahmoud Abbas and the current leadership of the Palestinians muted and powerless, providing they would have been allowed to live. But no word of the continuing tensions and power struggles which could erupt again at any instant as there are funds to be had and trust must be put front and center in the display of our new and incorruptible unity government, or so says Mahmoud Abbas. We also cannot mention the numbers of construction companies which are owned by Mahmoud Abbas and his family who have the inside track on contracts from the Palestinian Authority. We must stay positive until the pledges are made and the checks deposited and then reality can creep silently back and before anybody can blink there will be the realization that somehow the pledged financing has fallen far short of accomplishing the aims we had projected they would cover and there will be another donors’ conference in a new city, perhaps Doha, Qatar where the luxurious hotels and lifestyle of the rich and infamous will help loosen donors’ purses and the funding will flow and last a couple of months until yet another gala event will be held and the media will play up the trustworthiness of Mahmoud Abbas and the guarantees will be rung and the sound will be claimed to be truthful, or at least as honest as history has shown. Will the world be fooled again and the fools and their monies soon parted?

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  2. I want to thank you for your honest, in depth articles. And as very scary as times are today, I see this as the time of the Moshiach.



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