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November 7, 2014

Israelis Prayers on Temple Mount Blocked by Netanyahu Status Quo Promise

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday gave his solemn word to Jordanian King Abdullah II that he would continue to insist that the Jordanian Waqf will be left in place and the Israeli Temple Mount Security personnel will be continuing to enforce the bans on Jewish rights forbidding them from praying at the holiest place for Judaism in the world. This was yet another example of Israeli leadership paying greater worry about things which are suspected of upsetting foreign sensitivities or responding to demands from around the world while ignoring the demands and expressed longings of the Israeli people. The fear of offending foreign entities, especially those which hold not only the Israeli leadership in contempt but all Israelis with disgust and even the mere existence of Israeli itself with scorn and hatred, has once again taken front and center grabbing the full attention and efforts of Prime Minister Netanyahu while the Israelis’ cries and petitions remain scattered and discarded shattered across the land. There may be reason and blame to place other than with the Prime Minister and selective others amongst the leadership of the nation, namely the people who have accepted their government placating outside interests including those who hold Israel with contemptible hatred and simply continue quietly showing little objection thus signifying their comfort with being ignored and having their interests sold to the pressures from without. There have been some leaders from within the Knesset and special organizations and religious organizations which have stood up for the rights of Israelis and especially her Jews to be able to pray everywhere throughout the lands as is the law of the land and been supported by Supreme Court decisions. Most of the Knesset Ministers who have taken to the Temple Mount have taken a first step by visiting and making the issue a point for coverage by the media, now it is the turn of the media to pick up the baton and stride forward. Once the media has aired the longing of Jews in general and Israeli Jews in particular, especially those who visit Jerusalem regularly, to visit and be able to pray on the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, and do so without having to enter by a designated Jewish Dhimmitude entrance where they are subjected to the insult of inspections to assure they have no offending Jewish items on their person and then being schooled to obey the restrictions where prayer is forbidden, whispers are forbidden, standing too still or having an appearance of reverence is forbidden and anything any Muslim might take offense to, including their presence at all, can result in their removal, possible arrest and other indignities while any rioting by Muslims, especially Palestinians, are often ignored as much as possible by authorities as the Temple Mount has been determined by the legal authorities to be an Islamic site where Jews are to be shamed and treated as the Dhimmis the Palestinians believe they are deserving of being treated.


This is a disgraceful sign of temerity and weakness beyond description. The apparent impetus is the historic desperation by all Israeli governments, regardless of the coalition or which party holds the Prime Minister’s office, over the past few decades to take any and all actions within their immediate control to minimize offensive actions which might result in insult to Palestinians and especially should the Palestinians already seemingly be in a state of outrage and rioting. This is the most readily obvious explanation as to why the Prime Minister is going to such extremes to assure that the Jordanians and Palestinians are aware that he is taking every conceivable precaution to preserve the Islamic dominion and supremacy over and on the Temple Mount. These efforts have done little to nothing to cause any Palestinian leader to demand that the rioting be brought to a halt and, in fact, not only have Hamas and Islamic Jihad called for continued rioting on the Temple Mount and across Jerusalem, but also Fatah and PLO leadership have joined the chorus. The Prime Minister has taken the nearly unprecedented step of insisting that the Knesset Ministers refrain from any visitation to the Temple Mount and especially to refrain from praying on the Temple Mount. All pf the protestation of retaining the status-quo by Prime Minister Netanyahu to Jordanian King Abdullah II and the handling of the Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount with all the sensitivity that one might show for a disturbed child’s tantrums all without any positive results are reflections of distressing attempts to apply soft power. This has been all part of an administrative policy which has also been at the center of Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich’s efforts to keep the peace and deter terrorist activities including the continuing escalation of rock throwing endangering many Israeli roads including even some major arteries in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.


What have been the results which Israeli society has to show for the soft power and apology offensive taken by the top leadership of their government? In the past two weeks there have been three instances of Palestinian terrorists assaulting innocent people with two assaulting innocents waiting for the light rail trains and another aimed at IDF soldiers standing their guard posts. Since the last two assaults Hamas has called for additional motorist terrorist drivers and the Palestinian Authority has begun a campaign glorifying these assaults and released two cartoons (pictured below) calling for additional terrorist attacks utilizing vehicles against groups of people at train and bus stations.
This first cartoon was issued on Palestinian media and is titled “the run over organization” using a play of words on the Arabic da’es meaning “run over” and Da’esh, the Arabic acronym for Islamic State (ISIS). This cartoon issued by Fatah urges “hit the gas at 199 kilometers per hour for Al-Aqsa.”


hit the gas and run over

Palestinian Authority approved cartoon released for television broadcasts urging drive by terror attacks. Cartoon care of Palestinian Media Watch.


The second cartoon appeared on Fatah’s main Facebook page depicting a car colored in the colors of the Palestine Liberation Organization flag and uses the same run over theme depicting the vehicle having struck one Jewish victim and chasing down a religious Jews with a third person depicted running for their lives off the edge of the cartoon implying additional potential victims. This cartoon used the new hashtag of “#Da’es” which is the same double entendre as above.


Run over the Jews

Run over the Jews. Cartoon care of Palestinian Media Watch.


These cartoons depict more than just the raw incitement that is obvious but another example of the depravity and opportunism evidenced by the Palestinian organizations including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, PLO, Palestinian Authority and the entirety of the Palestinian media who all work hand in glove to adjust to any situation or opportunity to expand and encourage a maximalist amount, variety and severity of terrorist activity. The other implication evidenced is less obvious but vital to understanding the reality of why there can be no peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, namely that no actions, offer or accommodation the Israelis may offer, the sole objective of the Palestinian leadership across the entirety of their different terrorist and governmental organizations and departments is to murder and terrorize the Jews until they force them through eradication or intimidation to leave all of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea allowing for a total and complete victory establishing their Islamic Arab state on the corpse of the Jewish State. The conflict as far as the Palestinians are concerned has nothing to do with territory but has everything to do with the annihilation of the Jews and the eradication of Israel. This has finally become understood by the Israeli people and is likely fully understood by the majority of politicians and experts for the Middle East but they also realize that as the Palestinians will never accept any offer presented by Israel and will refuse to take even a single step towards making such an agreement a possibility then if they desire to have evidence that they have actually accomplished something which will eventually lead to a peace agreement they need to pressure Israel as only Israel can be coerced or forced to make any concessions or offer any peace deal. It does not matter whether or not the Palestinians would accept any offer, the offer is the desired end and then they quote the offer or concession as if it signifies some great accomplishment and then they immediately make the claim that if only the Palestinians’ plight were relieved then they might actually accept this newer offer so it becomes necessary to send the Palestinian Authority a few billions of dollars sending additional funds down that bottomless pit. If the reason behind the actions of so many leaders in the Western world was simply ignorance, misperceptions or any of the possible reasons free of malicious intents, then this never-ending song and dance would simply be a continuous waste of time and treasure, but that is not the reality in too many cases. There is a high priority that a fairly large percentage, possibly a measurable majority or even a near universal majority, are supporting the Palestinians in order to correct something they believe was the greatest mistake of history, the decision in 1920 in the Italian town of San Remo and is known as the San Remo Conference where the Mandate system was established of which a part was the realization of a 1917 British promissory document, the Balfour Declaration, where the founding of a state for the Jewish people to be located in their historic and ancient homelands in the Middle East in the areas surrounding Jerusalem, Hevron, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Tiberius and the rest of the lands described in the Old Testament.


The truth is there is but one single path which can ever lead to a real and potentially lasting peace between Israel and the Arabs and Muslim worlds. That path does not consist of Israeli acquiescence to each and every Palestinian, Arab or Muslim demand. Israel must respond to the terrorist strikes and terrorists rioting wherever these take place with a sense of immediacy, urgency, strength, finality and justice. Israel will need to offer to allow the Palestinians a choice between accepting a remittance to resettle outside of Israel which includes a generous air passage and relocation of their household goods and funding to make their relocation more comfortable and possible. There should also be some lands where Palestinians are capable of self-rule under a system of autonomy and their own leadership and form of government they desire. The last two offers go hand-in-hand as those who desire to become Israeli citizens will need to participate in a program during which they will be granted the temporary status of non-citizen resident alien during their attending the program which, should they successfully complete the integration program and be determined to be a candidate and with no foreseeable connections or history relating to terrorist activities, will bring them to become Israeli citizens. Those who do not complete the program or do not wish to participate in such a program but also desire remaining within Israeli borders would, once they pass a background survey not revealing any terror ties, may qualify to be permanent non-citizen resident aliens. Those taking either of these last paths, even should they choose or fail to become Israeli citizens, their children should be made eligible for Israeli citizenship if they are willing to do their enlistment in the IDF just as most Israelis commit to after graduating high school. Those Palestinians who desire to remain under the rule of Palestinians leadership will be required to reside in whatever areas of Oslo Accord Area A and whatever, if any, sections of Area B where they will reside under Palestinian rule in autonomous semi-state which will remain as a protectorate of Israel and the IDF will be responsible to protect the area should the autonomous Palestinian lands come under foreign attack. The one stipulation which must be that any person committing or otherwise involved in any acts of terrorism will be deported once they serve any prison sentence they receive.


The world would need to support these plans which is why the chances of implementing any solution against the Palestinian agreement as such plans or any other plans would face absolutely guaranteed rejection. This is the saddest reality of the Arab and Israeli impasse where Israel has a reliable and honest track record of bending over backward to establish peace with security while the other side will only accept the complete dissolution of the Jewish state of Israel. Further proof of such comes from the comparison of the two sides on a single issue, acceptance of a multiethnic society and population. Where Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leadership through the years demand that should they ever accept a settlement that their areas of land must be cleansed of all Jews while Israel not only will retain their Arab and Muslim population and in some proposed agreements actually accept as many as anywhere from a few tens of thousands up to five-million Palestinians and Arab refugees with their families, descendants and families of those dependents from numerous refugee camps located throughout the Middle East; somehow, the entirety of the world, including the western world where their societies are all multicultural and entertain equality between all of the various peoples residing within their borders, have yet to ever question or object to this overt demand to discriminate against Jews demanding their removal just as what occurred in Gaza when Israel surrendered complete control over the area which eventually resulted in a terror state which regularly launches rockets and attempts infiltrations to murder or kidnap Israeli soldiers and civilians. Such duplicities exist in virtually every single position, policy, actions and definition for what the rest of the world dreams would be the perfect solution to the Israeli-Arab ongoing sixty-plus-year conflict which is why any approach to solve this cultural and religious conflagration simply engenders increased levels of violence and increased terrorist attacks and not peace and quiet as all claim to desire but seemingly only Israel is willing to make the necessary adjustments and compromises. That begs the question of how long the Western world will continue with their blind support and sending what by now must be trillions if not gazillions of dollars to continuously rebuild or start to build societal infrastructures which are intended to improve the Palestinians’ standard of living. The pity is that these funds have made the three top leaders of Hamas into billionaires or possibly trillionaires after the latest spend-fest held in Cairo to presumably rebuild Gaza after the Hamas Israel flare-up. The blindness and refusal to act upon the knowledge gained so painfully leaves many Israeli shaking their heads and wondering who they can have to represent Israeli interests and not constantly kowtow before the many varied Arab and Muslim leaders across the world’s surface.


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