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November 20, 2014

Expect Kerry, Obama to Stress Israeli Housing Starts Over Iran Nuke Deal

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With under one week left before the deadline to reach a deal between the P5+1 (United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) and Iran over limitations on the Iranian nuclear program to guarantee they are unable to reach breakout point to nuclear weapons in exchange for relief from economic sanction on the Iranian economy, we can expect little discussion from the White House, European Union and European Governments concerning the negotiations and stipulations being discussed with Iran and a great amount of discussions and condemnations of Israeli building of housing in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria stressing how obstructionist such plans are and how such building encourages violence and how such violence is to be completely expected as a reaction to the threat such building poses to reaching a peace which the Palestinians so desperately desire. There will be denunciations over any Israeli actions in response to the growing violence and rioting on the Temple Mount, throughout the Palestinian areas in or bordering Jerusalem, in the Galilee, as well as any attacks launched from within Gaza demanding that Israel show restraint and work to reestablish the peace talks by making even more generous concessions and to simply meet most of Mahmoud Abbas demands to remove such obstacles to reengaging with the Palestinians. Such demands will only serve to encourage Abbas to raise additional demands making the price for negotiations even more extravagant. Any refusals by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu could lead to another round of quotes in the media from unnamed high administration officials denigrating Netanyahu’s character and blaming Israel for intransigence in the face of such favorable situation for peace. We may even hear renewed statements from President Obama that Israel must make the necessary sacrifices and concessions as there is but a short window for peace. This presumed window for peace will extend until November 24, and perhaps an additional week as that is the deadline date for reaching an agreement over the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Another guarantee is that any statements condemning of any proposals being considered in the P5+1 and Iran talks by Prime Minister Netanyahu, he will be accused of making wild accusations simply to divert attention from the Israeli refusal to meet Palestinian leader Abbas’s so-called reasonable demands which Abbas insists are necessary for Israel to meet so that the peace negotiations can resume and then some midpoint can be reached. Never mind that that midpoint does not require Abbas or the Palestinians to meet even the most basic requirements such as changing the PLO and Palestinian Authority Charters by removing the language which demands that all of Palestine be liberated from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea replacing all of Israel, something which was a requirement of the initial implementation of the Oslo Accords and as it has yet to be met those accords are technically null and void.


We just this week saw the manner in which the Palestinian leadership support and constantly inciting their population to engage in terrorist activities and assaults on Israelis or riots on the Temple Mount to force Israel to refrain from permitting Jewish visitors to the holy site while their Imams praise these acts raising those who perpetrate such acts as martyrs and role models exhibiting brave and virtuous acts and who should be emulated and who will receive the highest rewards in heaven. There were celebrations across the Arab neighborhoods throughout Judea, Samaria (West Bank), East Jerusalem, Gaza and to a lesser extent within Israel as well with women handing out sweets and cookies, young men firing guns in the air and driving through town sounding their horns and general revelry which spread during the morning as the news of the synagogue attacks and multiple murders of Jews who had been praying within performing morning prayers wearing their prayer shawls and phylacteries. Even the knowledge that a Druze amongst the victims of the terror assault did nothing to dampen their elations, especially that the Druze was a member of the Police forces which arrived on the scene and engaged the two terrorist cousins who resisted engaging in a firefight where the Druze officer gave his life attempting to protect the public while eventually the terrorists also paid with their lives attaining their much desired martyrdom status. It is only likely a matter of time until Mahmoud Abbas sends a congratulatory letter to their families commending these terrorist murderers for their great acts of martyrdom in the service of the Palestinian cause just as he did for those terrorists who used their vehicles to drive into crowds of people at train stations and other gathering points attempting to murder innocent individuals with one succeeding in murdering two people, one was a three month old girl, the long sought daughter her family had been trying to have a child for a decade. The morning after the terrorist assault on the Jerusalem Synagogue found Hamas and Islamic Jihad placing billboards and large wall posters celebrating the deaths of the two martyrs and celebrating their martyrdom and success in murdering five Israelis, four Jewish men performing morning prayers in the synagogue and one Druze police officer who was responding to the alarm over the terror attack, and causing severe injuries hospitalizing four other Israelis and injuring five others who were treated and released. The reaction within the majority of Israeli society was one of resolute disgust over the disturbing hatred the assault revealed once again as the defining principle of Palestinian society and resolute promise that such threats will not deter the members of the community of the assaulted synagogue to continue to serve G0d exhibited by their return the next morning as soon as the synagogue was reopened and held morning services where even more worshipers dedicated themselves to an extended morning service seeking guidance from G0d and His reassurance and blessings as they go forward from this horrific act of vile destruction and death. The actions of those Jewish members of the community exemplified the resilience and resolute spirit of the Jewish people and their unyielding intent to restore their ancient homeland establishing their community throughout the ancient Jewish homelands.


But the Palestinian-Israeli peace accords are not the central event taking place over the next few days but is eclipsed by the extreme and vital importance for preventing the Iranians from attaining nuclear breakout point where the Iranians would be capable of producing nuclear warheads with possibly as little as a few weeks of intense effort. The coming negotiations cannot allow the Iranians to retain even one thousand centrifuges, let alone six or ten or even twenty or one-hundred or the unbelievable ten-thousand centrifuge upper limit the P5+1 are rumored to be demanding to limit Iran to allowing to be on-line. What is even more unbelievable is the demand that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made recently that Iran must be permitted to continue to utilize the entire nineteen-thousand centrifuges and they further demand they be granted the right to upgrade these centrifuges as improved models become available. The problem is that President Obama is desperate to reach a deal, almost any deal, and preventing Iran from becoming the next nuclear power has been a result that the Obama administration has stated is not that pressing a desire as making an agreement which can be shown as a foreign policy accomplishment. The Obama administration has repeatedly made comparisons to the Cold War deterrence of the MAD concept of mutually assured destruction as being applicable to any nuclear Iran threat so as to prevent their ever considering using such weaponry. The administration has also ruled out any possibility that the Iranians might provide a terrorist group such as Hezballah, Hamas or even al-Qaeda as such would be cost prohibitive and something which would be traceable back to Iran should any terrorist use a nuclear weapon they had provided and thus the deterrence would kick in and prevent such an occurrence. The laxness displayed by these statements and position of the Obama administration fully explain the trepidation which has driven Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his singular protestations warning over the dangers such a soft attitude combined with an overreaching desire to make any deal just to be able to hold up a piece of paper and claiming that, I hold here in my hand a piece of paper with my signature as well as the signatures of our allies from Russia, China, Britain and France along with the signature of the Iranian Supreme Leader the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on a nuclear regimen which will prevent any possibility that Iran will produce nuclear weapons which will rely on the rigorous inspection schedule by the IAEA as set out in this accord.” The most dangerous word in that statement is not nuclear or IAEA but accord as the use of any word meaning agreement but not actually stating the agreement is a treaty might be an attempt by the Obama administration to circumvent any necessity to have the Iranian agreement ratified by the Senate and instead attempt to claim that since this is an accord reached by a committee of nations negotiating with Iran is a different kind of animal from a treaty and as such Senate ratification is not required as the Senate has no jurisdiction over an accord reached by a community of nations and not reached with the United States acting as an individual nation but only as an advisory party which means that the United States was not responsible for the actual wording thus it was an accord drawn-up by a committee of nations with no one nations having sole authorship and thus no actual treaty. By the time such a deceit to avoid having to place the agreement reached by the administration, very likely against the best intentions and desires of all the other nations particularly Britain and France as was made evident when they opposed a similar attempt by the United States negotiators pushed an agreement so favorable to the Iranians that the British were shocked and the French vetoed the offer. President Obama has since garnered the support of both nations and the only thing that would stand between President Obama and Iran reaching nuclear weapons status would be necessitating Senate ratification, something an agreement which would be so weak as to permit Iranian nuclear weapons manufacturing at the drop of a hat would not receive Senate ratification. This is why we can expect a smokescreen using lighting Israel on fire rhetorically in an attempt to divert attention from the Iran P5+1 negotiations entering a crucial last minute deadline period with Iran refusing to agree to anything short of a complete Western nations collapse and capitulation to the Iranian demands and Obama backing such a surrender. When the Obama administration places their full attention on a single subject is the time when it is most important to look in every other direction and seek what it is they are attempting to conceal and with Israel as the target for creating a false emergency, Iran would be the perfect place for the Obama administration to try and slide a really bad deal through under the cover of a false emergency elsewhere. It may be the most dangerous week of President Obama’s entire presidency.


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