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November 25, 2014

The Status Quo is not Acceptable Mr. Prime Minister

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The status quo on the Temple Mount is a form of making the Israelis and in particular, Jews, all into Dhimmis in their own nation and on its own grounds. Has Israel not annexed all of Jerusalem and made it the Capital City of Eretz Yisroel? Has Israel not a law as part of the Basic Laws, the closest thing Israel has as a constitution, which grants religious freedoms throughout the lands which gives every Israeli the right to worship as and where they please throughout all of Israel, especially in its Capital City and at its holiest place on Earth? If these are truths, then the status quo is most definitely not acceptable. Nothing about the restriction placed on Jews and Christians is acceptable or legal under the laws of the land. I should not have to even point this out as you are as aware of these truths as am I. If we surrender the Temple Mount, what will the rioters demand from us tomorrow, the Machpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, or Kever Yoseph, Joseph’s Tomb or the Western Wall, the Kotel? Where do we draw the line? Are you even capable of standing firm and drawing a line or are you now so cowed and removed from those days where you had exemplary bravery and stood for Israel. We will stand with you and if this continues you will see that at some point we will stand without you. When we stand without you, as it appears we may have to, will you then arrest us in the name of the ever shrinking status quo or will you finally remember the promises you gave when you sewed the brigade patch on your shoulder upon graduating the toughest training of your life? This was the fight that your promise was designed so you would pass this and the coming tests. I may not have served in the IDF but I did serve in a military before I made Aliyah and would step forward for the IDF the day they take people our age Mr. Prime Minister. Then we can stand shoulder to shoulder as we should do now while we visit and use a mikvah and enter the Temple Mount from any entrance and not the sole entrance with all the restrictions, where Dhimmis under the law of the WAQF enter, with care to avoid the central areas which may have been where the Temples stood. We can enter from the Lions Gate and be the Lions of Judah who resolutely stand against those who say that a Jew is not equal to other men. Let us have back the pride and rights which were foolishly surrendered by General Dayan in very likely the worst decision of his life, even worse than not being prepared for the invasion during Yom Kippur of 1973.


We took back lands illegally held by Jordan from 1948 through June of 1967. We pleaded with the King of Jordan telling him that the Egyptian and Syrian broadcasts of their great victories and their being on the outskirts of Tel Aviv were lies and the reality was they were being pushed back on all fronts and to please just sit this war out. He did not and attacked later that second day of the Six Day War and paid by leaving the occupied lands and they were returned to us and we could have made our nation whole. We showed timidity and listened to the outside world and simply prepared to return the lands we gained in order to placate the world. The world cannot be placated as they want Israel erased. While we continue to exist they will hound us and demean our existence as being a curse that must be dispelled. The Green Line is not sacred and once we retreat behind the Green Line there will be claims on the Negev and the world will support those claim and hound us to found a nation out of the Negev. Then the Palestinian state we allowed will claim they must have the farms in the Galilee reunited with their historic state because the Arabs there are being oppressed and cheated of their rightful freedoms. We surrender our rights on the Temple Mount then where is it our rights become uncontestable? We surrender the Temple Mount we surrender East Jerusalem. We surrender East Jerusalem we surrender Judea and Samaria. We surrender Judea and Samaria we surrender all of Israel for if Judea and Samaria are not part of the Jewish homelands there are no Jewish homelands. Once you start to take the path of least resistance and simply take the easy path it becomes very difficult to dig in your heels and make a principled stand. The slaughter of our holy men was not committed in any occupied lands, it was committed within the Green Line by what might be referred to as Palestinian Arabs but they were Israeli citizens, so tell me where do we stand? We cannot forget the assassin which attempted to murder Yehuda Glick for working within the system and who obeyed the status quo on the Temple Mount and gave him no immunity and in many ways he was any of us. We have seen the daily stabbings of Jews in Jerusalem, the regular attempts and successful instances of Arabs using their vehicles to run down Jews, especially police and those waiting in groups such as for the light rail, bus stops, and even waiting for the crosswalk to change just to cross the street. Assaults on relatives and others who dare to try to visit the tombs of their loved ones or of the many great scholars and rabbis buried in the Mount of Olives Cemetery face a gauntlet of rocks and bricks being rained down upon them threatening their very lives. Where do we draw the line and take back our country and send those who are stealing our lands and history and fill the world with lies which are being consumed with glee all around the globe, in the mainstream media both newspapers, television, radio, and especially on this world wide web, the Internet. There are those politicians throughout Europe, the United States and the vast majority of the United Nations as we see in every vote before the General Assembly, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and from those charged with world policies such as the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, European Union Foreign Ministers, the former Catherine Ashton and her replacement Federica Mogherini, and heads of nations across the globe all see Israel as the expendable nation if it gains them any peace of mind and eases their current problems. The world may do as it pleases but if Israel is to continue then the status quo on the Temple Mount must be challenged and dashed into a million pieces destroyed beyond resurrection and Jews, Christians and anybody must be permitted full access from all the entrances to the Temple Mount and have freedom to pray as they see fit on the Temple Mount. If the WAQF cannot adjust and permit such freedoms, then they must be returned to Jordan with all the tenderness and care but as firmly as necessary. The Temple Mount belongs equally to the world and especially to the Jews for we have a three-thousand year history with this mountain top and thus we must keep safe for Jews their rights and freedoms to ascend to the Temple Mount as it is the closest we can be to Heaven here on Earth. Can we need any further reason? Can you?


I wish to end quoting a wise and scholarly man far wiser and observant and learned in Torah than I will likely ever be, all my desires aside, the great Rabbi Hillel who said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”


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  3. I just read this article of yours and it is one of your finest, especially about Jews being dhimmis in their own nation.




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