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December 8, 2014

Palestinian Violence and Next Arab Guileful Intrigues

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There has been escalating violence not only on the Temple Mount but across Jerusalem, both Eastern and Western Jerusalem. The Temple Mount violence is all about denying Jews access to the Temple Mount in order to claim that the lack of Jews ascending the Temple Mount is just further proof that the Temple Mount is only holy for Muslims and the Jews hold no importance to the Temple Mount. Meanwhile, the secular leadership of law enforcement, including Chief of Police Inspector-General Yochanan Danino, are taking the position that by restricting Jewish access to the Temple Mount they will be able to reestablish peace and quiet on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem in general. The problem is they are only feeding the Temple Mount and Jerusalem violence as they are proving the exact point the Arab violence has hoped they would accomplish. These secular leaders have no understanding of what a religious based confrontation would appear as or what exactly is the best avenue to combat such a confrontation. They believe that by shrinking from any confrontation will bring on peace and quiet when all such actions will prove to do is to give further impetus to the demonstrations and reinforce them with additional motivation by proving the effectiveness of such violence. The attempts to satiate those instigating the violence by acquiescing to their strident and supremacist demands for surrender of control over the Temple Mount have failed utterly. Further, timidity in the face of the general violence across the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem has failed and has served to amplify such violence through granting corroboration of the reasoning which inspired these violent actions thus rewarding the violence. Any hopes to halt the increased violence pressing hopes to force the complete surrender of the Jewish state and lead to replacing it with their Arab state is fading as the police hierarchy refuses to accept their concepts of passive resistance failed. But surely there must be more behind the expanding violence over the Temple Mount and Jerusalem and a larger plan behind this violence, and there is definitely such a plan that is about to be exploded before the world as it gets introduced to the Security Council of the United Nations and the world faces a choice and will very likely make the exact same error in their calculations that the secular leadership and much of the political class in Israel have made, acquiescing to the Arab demands to form an additional Arab terror state drawn out of what will soon become the corpse of Israel with the compliance and cooperation of the rest of the world’s nations.


This violence is being sold to the Arabs living under the rule of three major terrorist groups, Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, along with a number of lesser terror groups with others from various criminal families living in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria as their religious and territorial rights and necessary to prevent the Jews from destroying the al-Aqsa Mosque and stealing their lands and businesses unless they revolt and spread violence which will serve to frighten the Jews as the Jews are weak and unable to fight successfully against honorable Arab anger and will act with timidity and run from any confrontation. This is the general message being pushed throughout the Arab neighborhoods in Gaza, Judea and Samaria encouraging violence of any nature targeting the frightened and timid Jews and for the purpose of showing the world the Arab desire for the liberation of their historic and ancient homelands which the perfidious Jews have attempted to steal from them since the beginning of the accursed state of Israel. The entire scheme behind the outbursts of Arab violence across Israel and centered in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will only be elevated escalating to coincide with the Arab League sponsored petitioning of the United Nations Security Council to force Israel to relent and allow an Arab state to be formed utilizing the pre Six Day War of June 1967 Armistice Lines as the new borders and leaving East Jerusalem including all of the Old City and Temple Mount as the new Arab State and for the United Nations to provide troops to protect the Arabs within this new state from the Jews and to force any Jews residing within their borders to surrender their homes, businesses, farms, vineyards, and other treasures and be pushed back into Israel without any compensation or other relief for their loss all under the directive of protection of the defenseless Arabs within their new state. Jordan, the nation which is to take the position of President of the Security Council in January, will be presenting Mahmoud Abbas’s demands for the Security Council to force the formation of an Arab state named Palestine meeting every last demand which Abbas has been unable to gain through negotiations with Israel. The reason Abbas has not been capable of reaching an agreement with Israel is exactly the same as it was with Yasser Arafat before him, that neither was willing to accept anything less than Israel’s complete and total surrender on every last demand made by the Arabs while refusing to meet any Israeli demand even to the point of refusing to recognize the right of Israel to exist or that any agreement would signal the end to the resistance and their terror war against Israel. This is also true of their demand of the Security Council that even once they are granted their state they still will refuse to accept the existence of Israel and they plan to continue their terror resistance to the existence of a Jewish state until they have destroyed Israel with the assistance of the rest of the world through the United Nations.


The frightening part of this entire insanity is the recent revelations that United States President Obama has been considering a method through which he can punish Israel for not bending before his will and actually putting their own survival and consideration above his demands. It was revealed presumably to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that one method of punishing Israel might be to refuse to veto some motion to punish Israel when it came before the Security Council. The surfacing of such a predicament facing Israel is frightening enough but with the recent collapse of the Israeli coalition due to certain party leaders revolting and attempting to unseat the sitting Prime Minister, something made even more believable with the ferocity of the assaults on the Prime Minister and the primary focus of their actions being towards the guaranteeing his defeat without any other meaning or desire to serve the people beyond his defeat being proposed as their platforms thus far, will only make resisting such a presentation before the Security Council that much more difficult. The reasoning by Hamas, Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Arab forces is that they can force pressures on Israel with increasing violence forcing Israel into a compromised position leaving them with the quandary facing the ramped up violence and the inability to resist the violence by increased enforcement and imposing order through forceful law enforcement as doing so will only serve to give Abbas another item to use in his display of how the Israelis are oppressing his fellow Arabs, and of course their acts of violence are all so very and completely understandable as a response to the Israeli brutal forces which are oppressing the Arabs and denying them their rights to express themselves, also known as rioting. The violence will continue to ramp up and up and up for however long as it takes to finally get the Europeans and the rest of the world to come down on Israel to demand that they surrender to every last Arab demand so that the violence will end and the Arabs will not be injured or further deaths due to police actions to suppress the violence and terrorism which of course the Arabs were perfectly entitled to riot and murder Jews but Israel is not to be allowed the right of self-defense as such acts of self-defense would interrupt the Arab desires and needs to express themselves even if such expressions result in violence and destruction of properties owned by Israelis or the deaths of Israelis as Arab rights to self-expression is more important to the average European politician and many of the rest of the world’s politicians than is the right of Israelis, especially Jewish Israelis, to possess homes and businesses or even to live. How far the Obama administration is willing to go to punish Israel for refusing to bend before their will remains to be seen. If the reports that the Obama administration is seeking a route to punish Israel even to the extent of permitting the alignment of the world in the creation of an Arab state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea reinforced with foreign troops to protect the Arabs even when they riot and assault Israelis firing rockets from their newfound state and other assaults across the border into Israel proves true, then the question of what happens when Israeli troops respond to such assaults enter the Arab state under a declaration of war responding to such assaults. Will such a defensive response from Israel be met by the rest of the world declaring war on Israel in response to their assault on international peacekeepers who are protecting the Arabs when they attack Israel with rockets, artillery fire, sniper fire and other military attacks? Is this the path the world takes to bring forth the war where Israel stands opposed by the entirety of mankind? Is this what leads to the actual war to end all wars? Can we afford as a planet to take such a risk. We may be finding out far too soon and without any actual intent to reach such a final and total confrontation in which any result will be something which the world will never rebound from and return to anything resembling normal life.


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