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January 16, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Aftermath and Inevitable Anti-Semitism


As we expected, within the first week the laying of blame for the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, according to the usual suspects, fell to the Jews. Leading the charge was former President of the United States James Earl Carter who while on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” with another suspected purveyor of anti-Semitic commentary masked as comedy, Jon Stewart, stated, “Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem and this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now; what’s being done to them.” Remarkable, there is an old phrase I often have come to mind whenever I hear such accusations come from President Carter, especially as they are often accompanied with some explanation as to why his commentary may be taken in the wrong vein as he does not hate Jews and had a number of Jewish advisors is, “To the Jews as individuals, everything; to the Jews as a people, nothing.” This was his response to a question of whether the violence in Paris was actually fueled by something other than Islamic extremism. President Carter also provided additional views including that Western society was seeing this “new evolutionary development in terrorism,” where their own citizens are trained in jihadist and extremist tactics and returned to their home civilization as agents against that society to bring that selfsame terrorism into its heart and murder those who were simply guilty of being neighbors. President Carter instructed Jon Stewart, “I think this event is going to waken up the people in charge of security to watch those people more than they have in the past.” President Carter has in the past condemned Israel and particularly Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government which he claims is uninterested and unwilling in making peace and allowing for a two state solution and called for the European Union to “introduce proper labeling of goods produced on illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.” So, it is anything but surprising that former President Carter would blame Israel and the Jewish people as the source of the anger which was required to commit such acts of terror against the people in the offices of Charlie Hebdo.


Then there was this report with their person in the street asking those from the Islamic community just outside of Paris to get a feel for their reaction to the attacks of the previous week which claimed seventeen lives. The responses she covered were next to unbelievable as they stretched credulity to its limit and some might say beyond. There were many who did not believe, despite their taking credit, that Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) were the initiating impetus, trained the perpetrators and facilitated the attacks in Paris last week. A select group had a far more credible suspect which acted in a manner to intentionally dupe a willing world into blaming Muslims for these events but were actually a group of, how did one of them say it, they were actually “shape-shifting” people further stated them as “magical Jews” who were from a “hybrid race of shape-shifters” and actually “they know how to get in everywhere. They are master manipulators.” This is far from the first time that Jews have been accused of using the manners of “sorcery” and the “black arts” and other nefarious methods always to place the blame on Muslims. This was also the reasoning in many Muslim circles after the September 11, 2001 Twin Tower attacks on the United States. There were claims that the Jews had been told not to go to work on the day of the assaults and that there were no Muslims on the airliners and the hijackers were Jews disguised as Muslims. Below is the actual news report as without such proof how could any normal person accept such an otherwise ludicrous story.




The French people proved by their enthusiastic outpouring and attendance to the march this weekend where it was estimated that as many as three-million people were present for the rally and march in Paris. I remember the levels of unity in the United States immediately after their seminal terrorist attacks back on that day of September in 2001. There was the claim made for slightly over a week that in the United States they were truly united and there were no longer Democrats and Republicans, there were only Americans. By the end of September cracks were appearing in that unity and by the middle of October the bickering between the two parties had returned to its before September 11 levels. That was the total extent of the effect of those assaults on all that Americans supposedly held dear and the unity did not even make it a whole month before it all disassembled completely. It will be the same in France, the same in Paris though I would simply love to be wrong. We saw this kind of unity in Spain after the horrific train bombings and the same in Britain after the Tube bombings and both unities collapsed before any permanent changes were made. So far Charlie Hebdo has sold out all of their copies in the weekly edition recently released and the next two or three will also sell out as long as they get them out quickly enough. The question is how their Easter parody issue will sell this spring. We posed that very question in our article “We Have Awakened but for How Long This Time?” I guess this is one which time will tell.


There are some simple facts which need to be expressed by the actions of the terrorists and as to where and who they attacked. They assaulted the staff of Charlie Hebdo due to their writings and their printing pictures of the prophet Mohammad and especially those pictures which spoofed or ridiculed Mohammad or Islam. There was a single exception as the brothers who murdered those members of the Charlie Hebdo offices released all of the female members of the staff save one lone woman who they murdered her simply because she was a Jewess and thus she must be murdered along with those who offended the prophet. The other terrorist who assaulted the kosher market did so as that target provided him with the greatest number of Jews as he expressed when he first entered the store announcing that they would know who he was and that because they were Jews they would necessarily have to die. The reality and the message that history will eventually judge these events is that the three terrorists were the ones who most offended their prophet and the entirety of what is Islam. If that is not the case and instead Islam and the Muslim followers of Islam decide that the three terrorists did exemplify that which is the best and a central pillar of Islam then at the realization that such is the case will make Islam incompatible with all other religions and secularists as such a situation pits Islam and its followers against the rest of humanity. In many ways such a situation matches almost directly the Biblical statement from G0d to Hagar describing her son, Ishmael, “He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand will be against him; and he will live to the east of all his brothers.” There was another troubling event when French authorities closed all Jewish stores in the general vicinity of the kosher market in the hours before the Sabbath which is usually their most profitable and necessary service for the community to prepare for the Sabbath. Even more troubling was that for the first time since the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II that the Great Synagogue was closed over the entirety of the Sabbath, a disturbing occurrence. Many Jews felt that the French authorities, if they were so concerned, should have guarded the Great Synagogue and surrounding area instead of closing the synagogue.


There is this claim by the followers of Islam that their religion is the final revelation that fulfills both Judaism and Christianity and as such it replaces Judaism and Christianity. They further claim that the true name of G0d is Allah and that disrespecting Allah is their definition of blaspheme. The followers of Islam are adamant that Allah in all forms must be respected yet they do not demand the same respect for G0d when He is referenced in Jewish or Christian revelations or when the G0d worshipped by Jews and Christians is referred to with disrespect. Why the dichotomy in their actions of blaspheme to Allah and acts of blaspheme to G0d as referenced by Jews and Christians? The answer is obvious though refuted and refused to be given recognition by the Judeo-Christian world mostly due to fear. Until the citizens of the Judeo-Christian world, and the Western world in particular, finally recognize and act accordingly to the fact that Allah is not the same entity as the Judeo-Christian G0d, they will not be capable of resisting the engulfing and dissolution of their society and the replacing of G0d with Allah. This is the seminal and only dispute which is being fought between Islam and Western society. The followers of Islam do not wish to destroy or change Western society, they seek to simply take it over and dedicate it to their god, Allah replacing churches and synagogues with mosques and replacing the Menorah, Jewish Star and the Cross with their crescent moon and thus replace G0d with Allah. This is the crucial struggle which currently Western society is denying at their own peril.


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