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January 27, 2015

Would Even This Satisfy President Obama?

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Finally the liberal media has found their scandal to play on both sides of the planet, Israel and the United States, and ably calling a scandal with which to berate and bludgeon Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for committing an unforgivable faux pas with the United States getting to throw Speaker of the House Boehner on the tracks of outrage alongside has been the headlines for the last few days and likely coverage for the foreseeable future. Speaker of the House Boehner had the temerity to invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before the Congress without requesting the blessings of the State Department and the White House and adding insult to injury Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted the invitation without asking for permission from that very same State Department and White House. All this dust-up begs two questions, would the State Department and the White House both have approved of the invitation and of the Prime Minister requesting approval to accept and since it is all water over the dam and under the bridge and well out into the ocean, what, if anything, might the Prime Minister be able to do to mitigate the entire situation. Let’s take the entire series of steps and challenges they have raised and see where such might lead just for the sake of having some fun.


The initial crossing over the lines of political etiquette, or so we have been informed, was that Speaker of the House Boehner did not discuss his idea for inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress to any intelligence or other concerns the Israelis might have which would aid the Congress in intelligently addressing any upcoming legislation on sanctions or other suggestions the Congress might wish to send to the White House was that the Republican Speaker did not consult with the Democrat leadership of the House and Senate before proceeding. Perhaps Speaker Boehner skipped asking for the advice of the Democrats as he simply assumed they would have objected which their taking such extreme insult has likely born out the answer, they would have advised against the invitation. Perhaps this was Speaker Boehner repaying the Democrat side for their lynching of the CIA enhanced questioning hearings which were held as the Senate Democrats last hurrah before they had to hand over control to the Republicans. I did not read anywhere that the Democrats had asked the Republicans for their blessings or even for their approval before raking the CIA to pieces before a hungry media ready to reveal every juicy tidbit on the front pages each day. The main lesson is political etiquette is completely dependent on whose ox is being gored. If it is your side, then the observance of etiquette was not observed and if it was the opposition’s then what are you talking about etiquette. Simply stated, political etiquette is completely dependent on the beholder and has no real meaning beyond that.


The next horrific act which ignored the niceties of political relations was when Speaker Boehner did not pass his request for the Israeli Prime Minister to address the Congress passed the State Department and White House as he was inviting a head of state and there presumably are levels of protocol to be observed by the White House and State Department in arranging security and planning any meeting or perhaps even a White House dinner to honor the invited head of state allowing the President to extend his hand at the very least greeting the visiting head of state. Does anybody honestly believe that President Obama would have prepared a White House dinner to honor Prime Minister Netanyahu or even desire to greet him upon his landing or that the Israelis and their embassy would really need any assistance in securing the safety of their visiting Prime Minister? And the State Department when it comes to Netanyahu would be more likely to join with the White house in having him as the guest of honor at a hanging before they would show him any pomp or the celebratory White House dinner. And as far as getting the blessing from either the White House or State Department, there is absolutely no chance at all that either would approve of having Prime Minister Netanyahu visit and give a briefing and answer questions from the individual Senators and Representatives concerning the negotiation and the particulars of the Iranian nuclear program or the P5+1 negotiations which have been lunging from one embarrassment to the next Iranian twisting of the talks to their benefit. Having Prime Minister Netanyahu negate and paint a completely opposite picture to the story which has been the line given by the White House and the State Department would never have received any assistance from either so once again Speaker Boehner acted with the certainty of a man who knew what he was doing would be opposed at every turn had he observed any of the steps he is now being criticized for omitting when inviting the Prime Minister to address and answer questions before the Congress.


Upon receiving the invitation from Speaker of the House Boehner, Prime Minister Netanyahu would not be making unfounded assumptions that all the necessary contacts had been already made by Speaker Boehner before he extended the invitation. These apparently have been erroneous assumptions in this instance. But would Prime Minister Netanyahu have met with answers any different had Speaker Boehner or Netanyahu himself decided to make requests of the White House and the State Department and have had those requests being approved before accepting the invitation from Speaker Boehner? Does it fall to the invited Prime Minister to make sure all the appropriate necessities have been checked off and cross checked or is it completely normal to simply assume that all the necessities had been taken care of before the invitation had been extended? Let’s face it, accepting Boehner’s invitation without going through the normal protocol of consulting with the State Department and/or the White House was not actually a mistake nor likely unintentional as Prime Minister Netanyahu and his staff were completely aware and sure of how either the White House or the State Department would have answered. They would have answered with a resounding “NO!!” and then there would have been no chance to give Congress the briefing and alternate view of reality in Iran and the P5+1 nuclear weapons negotiations and the resultant horrors leaving the centrifuges operative in Iran could potentially prove to be. When asked about the situation and Dermer said, “Iran is the world’s most dangerous regime. It has already devoured four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa in Yemen, and it is hungry for more. Iran is the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world, perpetrating or ordering attacks in twenty-five countries on five continents in the last four years alone. Iran’s terrorism has all happened without Iran having a nuclear weapon. Now just imagine how much more dangerous Iran will be with nuclear weapons.”


In Israel they have used the insult that Prime Minister Netanyahu presumably has heaped upon the unfortunate victim in this entire fiasco, President Obama, as being the most grievous and serious disaster in international relations to happen to a sitting President of the United States since either the War of 1812 or the second Battle with the Barbary Pirates and something which Israel will not be able to survive unless the combined Labor Hatnua Party ticket is elected to lead the next coalition. The leftist press in Israel has not had anything anywhere near this titillating in remembered history. They have also had a field day accusing Prime Minister Netanyahu of accepting and even arranging the invitation in order to prop himself up and seem more Prime Minister like than simply actually being the Prime Minister. There have been demands that the United States Congress also extend an invitation to Labor Party leaders Yitzhak Hertzog to appear so he can also appear to be just as much like the Prime Minister as long as everybody ignores that he is not the Prime Minister or that his view pertaining to Iran is the same as everything else pertaining to the relations with the United States, namely to follow any and every demand and lead which comes from the White House. Yitzhak Hertzog would have been the perfect spokesperson to have been invited if the Republicans in Congress had desired to have an Israeli tell them that President Obama is handling the negotiations with Iran superbly and that there is absolutely nothing at all troubling to anybody in Israel about the direction the negotiations appear to be heading.


All of these hyperventilating reactions lead one to wonder if there were anything that Prime Minister Netanyahu might be able to do to disarm much of the criticisms. It is probably obvious to any neutral observer watching the relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu would conclude that absolutely nothing that Prime Minister Netanyahu could possibly do short of walking ten steps behind President Obama and constantly quacking out a nice loud and clear “Yes” to everything the President uttered throughout his day. But is there anything that the Prime Minister might try to simply defuse much of the charges such as that this is all a plan hatched to provide Netanyahu a platform before the United States Congress where a resounding response and glowing press coverage is the aim simply to assist him going into the March elections in Israel a few weeks after his scheduled appearance. There is one item that he might do to disarm the claims that this is an election ploy and still provide the information which Speaker of the House Boehner believes that the Prime Minister could provide to Congress especially in that Netanyahu might have intelligence information which he could provide in a closed session even if some of the information he might not feel comfortable in providing in open session and before the world media. Prime Minister Netanyahu could request from Speaker of the House Boehner that he delay the appearance until ten days after the elections have completed and then he would be glad to appear whether he was reelected or not reelected. This would make the reasoning for requesting Netanyahu to appear before a joint session of Congress was purely to gain information and not in order to provide a campaign stop. One can only wonder whether such a request from Prime Minister Netanyahu would alter any of the hyperventilation from the mainstream media on at least one side of the world if not both. Somehow I think they would only claim that he was now postponing his appearance to garner the sympathy vote and had chosen to postpone his appearance to give the appearance of trying to be fair and thus make himself look more gracious before the Israeli voting public. The one thing that is guaranteed is that no matter what the Prime Minister does, the left wing media, which is almost a redundancy, will find some means to complain and show Netanyahu in a bad light, and that this will continue even after the elections.


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