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March 5, 2015

Now Come Out the Long Knives

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The knives have cleared their scabbards and their target this time is the Jewish nations, its people its leadership and those who support either. They were scraping and griping and causing as much displeasure and discomfort for Prime Minister Netanyahu and any who desired for him to speak and particularly those who supported his message as the President and his supporters were able. Prime Minister Netanyahu stood against the pressures and the insults to deliver the needful message and immediately afterwards the knives were slicing into the content and being even less honest and more vindictive than they had been before the speech. The tunes were familiar, Netanyahu offered no alternative except war, Netanyahu is a war monger, Netanyahu is ignorant of the delicacies of the situation, and finally Netanyahu has no appreciation of all that the deal we are reaching will mean for Israel and its people. The reasoning was that Netanyahu and those who believe as he does were ignorant and demanding the world be sacrificed and fight their battles for them while being ungrateful for all the support given them. We heard President Obama disregarding what the Israeli Prime Minister had stated about the opposite of this inadequate deal being war but instead had called for a return to the sanctions which had worked so well and force Iran to agree to a better deal; and instead, demeaned loudly and viciously that Netanyahu demanded the world go to war with Iran immediately and force their compliance to his impossible demands made by the Israelis by brutish force. The leftist media will be echoing these claims that Netanyahu is a war monger who refuses to compromise and is irascible and impolite boor who is condescending and whose simply presented argument which was as full of lies with claims of mishandling the negotiations by President Obama. That was simply Tuesday afternoon and evening, what a surprise erupted the next morning.


President Obama woke that fine morning to hear that the Iranians have completely refused his polite request that they withhold their drive to nuclear weapons for ten years. The interesting thing behind all of this was why President Obama might have made his terms only apply for a decade and not open ended into the future. President Obama was showing more ethnic and religious sensitivity of the Iranians than he ever has Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other Israeli Zionists. The President was making an offer of a Hudna, an Islamic term for a ten year ceasefire which the non-Islamic forces are obliged to observe to the very end while the fighters of Islam are permitted to break the deal as soon as they have sufficient powers to defeat their adversaries. This was an offer made with all the sensitivity and respect, or at least that is probably what President Obama thought, the Iranians likely had to find a way to stop laughing before refusing his offer. The Iranians are going to get their desired nothing at all and let us get back to producing nuclear weapons as we have been doing for two years already. Oh, you didn’t know we had a number of what might be called clandestine or alternative nuclear enrichment and production facilities? So sorry you didn’t ask, we might have told you, followed by laughing in the face of Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama. That is far more likely a scenario than anything President Obama is dreaming he will accomplish. The Iranians are not going to agree to inspections, limiting their centrifuges, surrendering all their enriched uranium or to stop construction on the Arak plutonium reactor. The only question is will Iran bother to announce when they have sufficient numbers of nuclear warheads and the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) to destroy the United States, Britain, France, Germany and whomever else they desire to remove from their discomfort or will they simply allow their mass launching at all these targets be their announcement. Prime Minister Netanyahu is not simply afraid for Israel; he is also concerned with the entirety of Western civilization as all of the Western nations are equally vulnerable to a nuclear armed Iran.


I do not worry or even concern myself with what will happen the day that Iran decides to use their weapons and close the positions which are choke points which can be used to stop almost all of the oil flowing from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf nations as well as blocking the Red Sea southern exit to Asia making the Suez Canal inoperative, and uses a fast boat to detonate a nuclear device amidst the United States fleet off their coast sinking most of the ships and making most of the others simply ships with walking dead for their crews. I worry about the day after when the nuclear weapons and ICBMs are flying across the globe from every nuclear power sending the Earth back ten-thousand years. The problem with Iran gaining nuclear weapons capability is not restricted to Iran as there will be a consequence, every nations capable of producing nuclear weapons will begin to do so as quickly as they are capable. A world filled with nuclear armed nations is a disaster waiting to happen. The Earth’s inhabitants are not wholly responsible and restrained in their actions to all have nuclear weapons, and with some willing to use them to arm terrorist entities to do their delivery for them and others whose tribal grudges demand that they utterly destroy their enemies as soon as they are able. Such a world would be crippled and many would look back and try to find at what point everything went awry and who was to blame. Unfortunately, many will conclude that it was Israel simply because Israel was the most newsworthy nation at the beginning of whatever they call the final war, and as Einstein answered when queried what the weapons would be used to fight World War III and he replied, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Is it too early to start collecting sticks and stones?


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