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March 8, 2015

Ali Khamenei of Iran Dies and Societal Controversies in Pictures


Today we will not need to write any lengthy discussions or spell things out. There have been reports stating that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has died, with this rendition of brevity from Breitbart News reported Sunday. They were relying on statements out from Cairo and Israel where it was tweeted that Khamenei had died Saturday after a bout with prostate cancer, noting that the information stems from “reliable sources.” The lineage serving as the Iranian Supreme Leader has since 1979 passed from Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini followed by Ali Hosseini Khamenei and now the Iranian Assembly of Experts must find someone who will fit for the lineage of Khomeini then Khamenei and now what? Maybe there is somebody in Iran named Khumeinei? Kidding aside, the choice about to be made by the Iranian Assembly of Experts will have ramifications far and wide, especially concerning the ongoing nuclear negotiations. It is most likely that whoever is chosen will want to present a tough and strict initial action in any deal which may prove even more problematic than the situation which the world had been facing. This next period will be another time where the world will be holding their collective breaths; hoping and praying for some good news at the end of this still ongoing situation. I guess that once again all we can do is wait and see.


So from here we will just let the videos below speak for themselves. The only set-up needed is to point to the first somebody wearing a Yarmulke and Tzitzit and walking around several European cities and the reactions are interesting and surprising, the reactions are far from uniform. The second shows a Greek Orthodox priest wearing street clothes and a large and overly noticeable cross and walking through several areas in Tel Aviv. The reactions and lack of reactions are what one need contrast and compare between the videos.


Here is one final note on a completely different story. The Dutch Authorities have sent samples from soap purported to be from World War II and made from the remains of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The story gets even more disturbing when one realizes that this came to the attention of the authorities who were responding to an advertisement attempting to sell bars of this soap online. This is either one of the most disgusting indicators of where human society can possibly sink or a hoax based on the presumption of the most disgusting indicator of where human society can possibly sink. Coverage of the story can be found here and here and below is a picture of the item in question. This is sufficient commentary and depictions of human society but perhaps things are not as bad as first viewed, the perverted soap salesperson has had the interdiction of authorities, and the wearing of religious symbols and walking the streets though revealing did surpass initial expectations and the last video does show that there is still much hope left in the world, well at least in one place.



Dutch Police Probe Sale Of Soap Made From Holocaust Jews Bodies

Dutch Police Probe Sale Of Soap Made From Holocaust Jews Bodies









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