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August 30, 2015

Neutered IDF Lost Control of Soldier to Leftist Instigated Clash


There is a video which shows a confrontation that slowly but steadily escalates which is a certain sign that the entire confrontation was staged and carefully orchestrated to produce a desired end, the isolation of an IDF soldier and the apparent shaming of the soldier by depicting him as defenseless and helpless against any aggressions against the soldier. The entire video is shown below. The length of the video is a full nine minutes with the last four starting at the five minute mark displays the desired end result, a surrounded soldier being beaten by teenage girls and soon backed up by women. The soldier was attempting to subdue a rock thrower who has what may well be a broken arm in a sling which may have contributed to the soldier taking a less strident means for restraining the youth who resists making his being taken more difficult than it already was given the terrain. So, first the video and then more discussion on the probable other factors which many outside, and even inside, of Israeli territories are unaware of but the foreign instigators and Arab rock throwers and others are fully aware and take full advantage due to the dire situation.





The first thing which needs to be pointed out is this entire fiasco may have been committed and carefully orchestrated to result in a single IDF soldier attempting to arrest the youth with the cast on his arm. Watching the video carefully from the seven minutes-forty seconds through the seven minutes-fifty seconds introduced into the scene was an individual wearing a blue-grey T-shirt, baseball cap and with a large backpack strapped on his back. He enters the scene and is careful not to become too intrusive and involved in the events but who has taken the moment to challenge further the soldier who has apparently extricated himself. If not for the intervention of the second IDF soldier, this intervention might have engaged the first soldier sufficiently long enough to allow for the mob to reengage thus providing the camera person filming the entire event to get some more ‘choice’ video of the hapless and helpless weak IDF.



Leftist infiltrator with large backpack on back enters picture at top before coming down to attempt to prolong confrontation by forcing IDF soldier back to the ground but was prevented by second soldier in video

Leftist infiltrator with large backpack on back enters picture at top before coming down to attempt to prolong confrontation by forcing IDF soldier back to the ground but was prevented by second soldier in video



Instigator entering scene wearing backpack ready to interfere with soldier to prolong confrontation

Instigator entering scene wearing backpack ready to interfere with soldier to prolong confrontation



Bilal Tamini credit person behind many similar such videos exalting Palestinians at the expense of Jew, especially IDF soldiers

Bilal Tamini credit person behind many similar such videos exalting Palestinians at the expense of Jew, especially IDF soldiers



The video depicts a soldier unable to cope with women and children, an IDF boy, not a man as he could not even perform his duties when assaulted by women, for even further propaganda and largely shot to shame the soldiers and depict the superiority of the Arabs. This briefly intervening person appears to be a Leftist instigator and coordinator likely from Europe and in the area to gather film such as they were able to shoot today. The video concluded with the name “Bilal Tamimi” emblazoned in red across the closing view. The name Bilal Tamimi appears to be connected with Palestinian videos largely depicting violent exchanges and edited to give the worst possible depiction of the IDF and the heroic Palestinians. Often the theme is the Palestinians as David against Goliath IDF forces and, at least true to the original story, David proves victorious. Unfortunately the reality is the Palestinian Arabs’ efforts have the support and backing of the vast majority of Arabs including the leaders of various Arab and Muslim nations. The Palestinian Arabs are the proxy being used in order to give the impression of the Israeli giant and brutal forces when should they ever succeed in using world pressures to force Israel back to her pre-1967 Six Day War borders, then the full Arab force of as many as five to ten nations will contribute forces, financing and other essentials for the next attempt to drive the Jews into the sea.


Analyzing the causality for the events depicted on the video is the long chain of command all the way back to the Israeli Supreme Court. Believe it or not, the Israeli Supreme Court took upon itself the task of reviewing and tweaking, they referred to it as humanizing, we would more refer to it as empowerment of the enemy through the handcuffing and forcing the IDF and other Israeli security forces by allowing deadly force in almost no circumstances and should such force ever be used, the soldier in question would be considered to have acted improperly and will face a command court of inquiry where the soldier will need not only to defend their actions but prove the absolute need for their ‘overt act of undue violence.’ Every time overt force is implemented, especially involving a weapon even if only as a threat, the offending soldier and potentially their commander will at the very least be forced to take additional training. This additional training does not give the soldier or their commander any new techniques or methods of engagement. No, this additional training is given by lawyers from the IDF who review the reasons against ever harming an Arab Palestinian or Western leftists who orchestrate and direct these confrontations as it is more important to deny these instigators with an act of violence than it is to avoid giving the effect of an emasculated IDF incapable of handling any opposition. The Rules of Engagement (ROE) are far more stringent than those placed on the troops of the United States, Britain or any of the other nations assisting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those ROEs were excessively stifling as it was. Our brief article from December 19, 2006, titled ROE, the Real Problem in Iraq gives an accounting of the ROE for United States and most allied forces in Iraq. It was the ROE which spelled the end of the career of Lt Colonel Allen West which we reported about in the second half beneath the video of ret. Lt. Colonel Allen West speaking on the issues of the day as he views them. The article written on July 31, 2015 was titled How to React When Your Societal World is Threatened. These references should grant a clearer insight into the problems which a poorly constructed and stifling set of ROE can and does place a soldier.


The additional problem with the ROE lies in the IDF, particularly those at the front lines where the dangers they face are real threats to health, body, limb and life, having their ROE inspected by non-military and non-combat panels. Requiring that the ROE have the approval of lawyers would be bad enough if those lawyers were also at least soldiers or possibly a panel of politicians comprised of Members of the Knesset, or the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, but definitely not the justices of the Supreme Court of Israel. The Israeli Supreme Court in question is largely leftist in their political views; reside in safe neighborhoods far from the realities in Judea and Samaria; and lastly we can be assured that no more than two or at most three ever served or were trained to fight in the front lines, particularly as these lines are today. One piece of information that may not have imparted the hard impact upon the judges is the potential for loss of life when soldiers suffer hard impact from stones thrown very often with accuracy and ill intent using slings or the size of the rocks which often are as large or larger than cinderblocks and boulders and the full threat such hold. Rock throwers are a very real threat to life and limb of the IDF soldiers yet they are not permitted to protect themselves from such attacks with lethal power themselves. They are pretty much left to depend on teargas grenades and other non-lethal and nearly completely ineffective methods. As was depicted in this video, the grenades are often retrieved by the sling throwers and launched right back at the IDF positions with great efficiency. The ineffective ROE has also been evidenced by recent reports where soldiers refused to take steps to terminate rock-throwers who were targeting passing vehicles as should they engage these rock-throwing terrorists they could very well find themselves set upon and in threat of breaking their ROE defending themselves. It is apparently wiser not to engage and appear impotent than to actually take steps to enforce the law and protect the citizens from potentially bodily harm on top of a damaged vehicle.


The first item which needs to be addressed would have to be what kind of support, if any, will the current government provide perhaps by simply holding a meeting between the Defense Minister, Prime Minister and a selection of others from varying sides on the issue and actually review the ROE and make changes where there are needs to do so. IDF commanders need to update their thinking as they are still using the ROE and definitions of threat which applied very nicely and politely to suicide murderers and catching them before they could effectively self-detonate. The IDF soldiers are no longer fighting that form of war and are now often attacked simply because unless the Arabs fire actual bullets or have already stabbed and potentially murdered an Israeli or a soldier can they use lethal force, and even then they are advised that hand-to-hand combat engagement is preferred. It is really easy to prefer the most dangerous and potentially life threatening manner of disarming a knife wielding Arab Palestinian than to shoot them in their legs and thus making their detention safer for the IDF personnel. This is not possible as the ROE are not written with the IDF soldier in mind but rather the protection from harm the ignoble Arab Palestinian which the Supreme Court appears to presser using their powers to rescue than they do IDF soldiers. That situation needs to be adjusted so that a soldier knows that his commanders all the way up to the Director General, Major General Dan Harel, Deputy Defense Minister, Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home), Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon (Likud), and finally Prime Minister, Benyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu are supportive of their professionalism and judgement. They trust that your use of deadly force is solely in those situations where absolutely necessary; instead of precisely the point at which your life is in imminent mortal danger, which proves too late more often than not.



Dan Harel Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) and finally Prime Minister Benyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu (Likud)

Dan Harel Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) and finally Prime Minister Benyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu (Likud)



Israeli leadership have a wonderful, if not exactly preferable, set of values by which they attempt to make Israel the most civilized and righteous nation in all things and especially all appearances no matter how contrived to do the opposite by European and American leftists deployed to Israel with implicit instructions and trained in techniques for directing events in order to provide the most embarrassing or unprovoked physical threat or action which can be edited from the filming of a confrontation. One can usually bet that there are Western Leftists behind any confrontation being expertly filmed and often edited. This wonderful goal runs afoul of the practical but dangerous situations which soldiers often find themselves. The IDF is so stifled and literally forbidden from using force, not just lethal force but any force. They are required to passively hold their ground when under attack by rock-throwing Arabs. If these assaults happen to those writing the ROE, they would immediately rewrite the ROE to make whatever actions they decided on at the moment of threat as necessary, starting with the use of weapons many Knesset Ministers carry on their selves. Such a ROE would be quite enlightening, would it not?


The facts are that the current ROE lessens any readily available reason for an escalation. Nobody should desire events to return to the stone-throwing being backed by rifle carrying men ready to answer violence with violence. All too often the launching of teargas grenades would obstruct vision and the sound of a rifle-shot echoed a moment before everything went past crazy and into lethal insanity. Sometimes it was a perceived threat, a potential detected which would be utilized, a finger raised or placed near to the trigger, then bullets would be exchanged often for a mere ten seconds, ten seconds which took a week to pass in the combatant’s mind. The result was inevitable, the youth stuck between the two combatants shooting at ghostly wisps of the other side, targeting anything which moved. This resulted in the wounding or deaths of the rock-throwing teens and younger who were caught in the middle of a gunfight. The contributing factor would be the age of the average rock-throwing youth as many are merely teenagers under nineteen and many likely in their preteen years. On the other side, the age of the recruit in the IDF is eighteen and nineteen which are recent graduates from High School. There exists a sole redeeming quality of the current ROE, it prevents escalations. Still, the ROE needs to be altered if only to trust more completely those we train and then hand them a weapon and tell them to almost never fire the weapon no matter the provocation. There actually is a deterrent force which is the paperwork which becomes necessary to describe in detail any shooting so a board can review the situation as perceived by the people present. The most common explanation given despite each bearing its own specifics would still be sufficient for reference for review. In a normal world, or should we claim a more perfect world, these children would still be hanging out together but would instead of playing this potentially deadly game would be playing soccer or hiking and what-not. It is a crime that they end up at each other’s throats. That is the saddest of realities as is each death on both sides. That is the sole damning quality of the current ROE. Still, the ROE needs to be altered if only to trust more completely those we train and, not as is the current policy, handing them a weapon and tell them to almost never fire the weapon no matter the provocation.


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