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September 14, 2015

Jordan and Egypt Invert Events on Temple Mount


There were rioters who had spent the night in the al-Aqsa Mosque stockpiling rocks, bricks, and firebombs otherwise known as Molotov Cocktails but using such an offensive wording is understood to be forbidden as the attacks of Arabs must be softened and appear to be restive or unruly conduct, not actual assault with intent to do bodily harm or even attempted murder, the charge I would face if I were to hurl a Molotov Cocktail, no, wait, firebomb except as I am not Muslim it would be the Molotov Cocktail and a charge of assault with intent to do bodily harm if not attempted murder. These ‘youths’ were a little high spirited this morning and were rightfully protesting the exclusion of two groups of people who cause disturbance and upset the mood for those visiting the Temple Mount by hurling insults, throwing objects, cursing, spitting, kicking and otherwise spoiling the aura and attachment to the holy and historic aspects of this central place in Judaism. They are not an actual threat, they just ruin the mood and banning them for such trivial occurrences which are perfectly permissible under their version of Islam and the Jews, oops, sorry, dhimmi should understand it is their lot to have objects, insults and yelling, even firebombs thrown at them and not complain or take anything other than slight offense, deserved offense though. This morning when the police came under the planned attitude adjustment, reacted harshly and actually defended themselves and the District Police and Border Police responded by firing stun grenades and tear gas, dispersing the rioters. This was an unacceptable response from these authorities as dhimmi they should simply take their insults with a more deserved and shamed posture as who do these officers think they are trying to enforce non-Islamic laws as Muslim law permits such acts in defense of the feared assault on the al-Aqsa Mosque which apparently is imminent twenty-four-seven and thus assaults on anyone, including police as they are Israeli police and thus not a legal entity as far as these rioters are concerned. As the police often react by retreating and never actually attempt to harm, nay even touch, as these rioters are to be treated with kid gloves and never are those gloves to be removed despite what the Defense Minister or Prime Minister may tell the media for the population to eat it up and believe their rights are being protected. Of course when they might actually be permitted a visit to the Temple Mount they have a better than fifty/fifty shot at being molested if not assailed by rioters or mobbed by the burka patrol who emit shrill ululations while kicking, punching, spiting and other degradations upon the Jewish dhimmi who have no rights as this is Islamic land under their version of Sharia and even the security police on the mount must permit these acts as that is Islam to these miscreants. But enough about the attacks this Sunday morning on the security police on the Temple Mount and on to the reaction to the riot dispersing methods utilized to scatter the mob and end their rightful place to attack these dhimmi and show they have no power and must bow their heads and take all shames heaped upon them but they dares actual stand against the attack, what next, actual prayers other than Islamic prayer on the Temple Mount, next thing you know they will want to build a Synagogue or even something called the Third Temple despite Islamic history proving there never was a First Temple or Second Temple constructed on this site or anywhere as there have been Arab Palestinians practicing Islam on these places for the last five-thousand years, just as Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Palestinian Authority Supreme Shari’ah Judge and Mahmoud Abbas’s Advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs has stated (video can be seen below), so how could there have ever been a Jewish structure on these grounds.





But even five-thousand years did not satisfy some of the advisors to Mahmoud Abbas, in another speech given in the name of the president of the Palestinian Authority and Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee and as the Comrade, and the Great Fighter, Abdallah Al-Ifranji, Representative and Advisor to the President finally gets to speak after one of the most elaborate titles signifying little to nothing other than he gets to read the script with great gusto while claiming the Arab Palestinians history dates back to 7,000 BCE, that is 9,000, yes, he claimed it, nine-thousand years history probably practicing child sacrifices to Ba’al which pretty much continued practice with their sending youths with bomb belts to cause more deaths and then they distribute sweets and candies, honk car horns, fire rifles and submachine guns into the air and other general revelry including dancing in the streets exactly as they did a little over fourteen years ago on September 11, 2001. First the video of the excerpt of the speech made in Mahmoud Abbas’s name by another trusted advisor, he appears to have a great number of advisors, hopefully he will find one who serves better than the ones he currently employs, one that actually desires peace and progress instead of obstructionist and overt demands aimed to strangle peace in its crib. The second video is actual new footage in a montage, the video used by more than one news outlet, in this case Fox News and CNN coverage of West Bank reactions to the 9/11 attacks on the United States and nearly three-thousand American civilians murdered in the most horrific and deadly terrorist operation in recent history.







Such celebratory acts and the persistent and escalating violence against Jews and other non-Muslims visiting the Temple Mount are all acts of the same anti-social vein. The Temple Mount has been transformed by Muslim coordinated efforts to make any visit by anyone other than Muslims as far from peaceful or respectful or solemn through continued violence and assaults both verbal and physical and sometimes potentially deadly with a constant threat of rioting and now that Israeli security has been tasked with attempting to end these constant assaults and deprivations, we have Jordan and Egypt condemning not the rioters, not the instigators, but condemning the police for using nonlethal techniques to dispel the rioters who spent the night in the al-Aksa Mosque waiting for a period after dawn when security personnel are almost ready to admit visitors before mounting their assault. These assaults can only be determined to be a form of ambush but apparently according to the Islamic Waqf which presumably has jurisdiction and supposedly could end these disturbances with a simple condemnation but they reserve that for the Israeli police and security personnel for responding to such ambushes with measured, non-lethal tactics using teargas and stun grenades.


“From the Jordanian government we received news that they condemn the assault carried out by Special Forces of the Israeli occupation army against the Al-Aqsa mosque compound,” Information Minister Mohammed Momani said. Further defense of the ambush against the compound by masked Muslim youths and young adults with firebombs, rocks and other projectiles claimed the response by the police; the Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemned the use of tear gas and sound bombs as an “unacceptable escalation against Muslim holy places in the occupied Palestinian territories.” These condemnations also caught the attention of one Mahmoud Abbas who issued a statement from his office declaring, “The presidency strongly condemns the attack by the occupier’s military and police against the Al-Aqsa mosque and the aggression against the faithful who were there.” The problem with the Arab Palestinian rioting on the Temple Mount is that it has become such a commonplace act that it no longer makes the news even when Israeli security personnel get injured, often seriously. But should a precious soul from the Arab rioters get a hangnail torn out and they bleed they will be carried roughly by six or seven of their comrades to the awaiting ambulance which appears magically within seconds and the poor victim is thrown into the Ambulance which speeds off as the door is being swung closed. Nowhere other than an Arab Palestinian riot with camera coverage arranged through stringers for AFP, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Reuters and freelance coverage sold to whoever will pay and you will see ambulances appear as if out of nowhere; they psychically knew exactly when and where the injury would take place. Their ability is beyond remarkable as has been demonstrated in the Pallywood commentaries on YouTube. With the average riot not getting picked up by the networks as rioting Arabs is not news, a Jew shouting back and making a less than polite gesture will get the Jew in question arrested, grilled by special services to force him to implement others making it a conspiracy and gives them reason to pick up others and give them administrative detention for as much as a year without charging them or giving them a trial. Below is an interesting video which covers a number of topics concerning the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and Jewish vs. Muslim claims of attachment to each as a holy site and holy grounds. Some of the truths revealed and backed with quotes from the Quran as well as the Bible.





Here we have the accusations from expected places such as Abbas and Jordan, but why Egypt saw fit to also condemn Israeli security personnel protecting themselves against rioters, a sorry situation which has afflicted Egypt as well with much of their problems originating or being directed from within Gaza, somewhere Egypt has no desire to enter for any reason, that they leave to the Israelis after which they complain and make charges and threats. Much of this is planned and will play a part in the coming plotting by the Arab Palestinians and their choreography leading up to the opening ceremonies of the United Nations General Assembly and the speeches by Mahmoud Abbas demanding the world grant them recognition as a nation under occupation. What is left unsaid is that the Arabs consider the reality that all of Israel is actually occupied Palestine and they are demanding all the Jews be moved or eradicated as any lands turned over for the “State” of Palestine must be made Judenrein while the Arabs demand the Jewish State repatriate the generations of Arabs even to include their sons and daughters and their children and in some families that are comprised of great grandchildren withering away as the refugee camouflage persists.


One additional voice has joined the chorus demanding that Israel allow the rioters on the Temple Mount have freedom to intimidate and threaten and eventually ban all others from having access to this important holy site, and that is the Arab League. This is fast becoming the next rallying cry on which to base the next massive Arab war against Israel, a war which will be fought with modern weapons on a par with those used by the IDF as the Europeans, Russians, Chinese and Americans have long given up on permitting Israel military superiority and instead have adopted the false belief Israel is more powerful than any of her neighbors policy. This has led to the first time since 1948-9 and 1967 where the Arab nations surrounding Israel have multiples of aircraft, artillery, armor, troop transports and other tools of war compared to Israel. Part of the reasoning has been Israeli success leading to the belief of Israeli invulnerability. If the nations which fought against Israel at her founding were to combine in a similar war today they would have a weapons advantage approaching or exceeding five to one against Israel. There are those who will claim Israel has overcome worse odds in the past. The problem is that in past wars the weaponry took a level of proficiency where knowledge, practice and coordination of systems to be effective while weaponry today has taken much of the human element out of the equation and all one need do is point and click and the weapons systems do the rest. War really has begun to resemble a video game with all the simplicity of use and reduction of necessary talent for the operator, in many ways these systems if kept up are even easier to use than the average video game.


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