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October 13, 2015

Terror War Escalated with Calls for More Stabbings


Step one in the ramping up of attacks to the point where every few hours we hear of new stabbing attacks being prevented or too often the dreaded successful attack with some victims barely holding to life and very seriously injured but stabilized and expected to survive and those fortunate enough to need a short treatment in a hospital or even just an outpatient treatment. The news will quite possibly concentrate exclusively on those assaults taking place near the Temple Mount or the Old City of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and those ‘occupied’ (actually disputed) territories. This will permit summarizing that the reason for these assaults is because of the Palestinians not being granted their state. This does not explain the stabbing attacks within Green Line Israel including a serious attack in Tel Aviv amongst others. Then there is the call that has gone out to all Arabs, Palestinian, Israeli or any who can commit an attack on Israelis. Below is a picture of a Rafah cleric calling upon Arab Palestinians to stab Jews murdering them wherever they find them and seek them and stab them repeatedly followed by the MEMRI video of a cleric’s sermon from which the picture was taken.



Knife Wielding Rafah cleric calls upon Arab Palestinians to stab Jews murdering them wherever they find them and seek them and stab them repeatedly

Knife Wielding Rafah cleric calls upon Arab Palestinians to stab Jews murdering them wherever they find them and seek them and stab them repeatedly





These stabbings all have escalated since the shooting deaths of Eitam and Naama Henkin who were slaughtered after their vehicle had been struck with rocks and cinderblocks with all of this taking place in front of their four young children. The murderers were eventually caught and were found to have been members of Hamas and still were also officers in the Palestinian Security Forces which is provided arms by Israel as part of some horrific agreement which simply twists fate beyond all reason. It is highly likely that these murders were carried out using their service weapons which is more than enough reason to disarm the Palestinian Security Forces. Of course this possibility is one question not being pursued and one which the government will never reveal as to do so would start an upheaval which would be beyond the government’s ability to quell without acting on this possibility. At the least a full and independent investigation is definitely in order with the result made public at the same time as it is released to the government so as to remove any possibility of a cover-up. The next video is serious and quite disturbing as an Arab youth turns on the Israeli Border Police Officer attacking the officer as he is checking identifications along with two other officers. When the youth pulls his knife and attacks the two officers closest to him, we see the insanity with which these attacks are carried out as it immediately becomes obvious that this is a checkpoint and there are quite a number of other Border Police stationed carrying out the identity checks, something not that out of the ordinary when considering the level of violence in and around the Temple Mount this past week. The scene develops ramping up immediately with the dozen Border Police brandishing their sidearms and after a few seconds we also see an IDF soldier who must have been in the area also appear with his weapon. The assailant is quickly dispatched and rendered to no longer pose any threat. Such an attack on an officer in close proximity to the amount of backup received almost immediately shows the intensity and hatred driving these attacks that when having a dozen armed officers carrying out an identification check, something with which I and every Israeli is familiar.





Identification checkpoints are located everywhere and can be run into almost to the point of ridiculous as there are identification checks to ride the trains, a major form of transport for a majority of Israelis, when entering any shopping mall, any government building, almost every upscale retail store, before entering an entire area of any city where a parade is being held or any other such gathering point such as for marathons where the entire route is closed with identification check required to enter as well as any other event or locations such as stadiums, lecture halls, expositions etc. When we hear about the checkpoints being a cause of disruption and an inconvenience for the Arab Palestinians it plays poorly as checkpoints are a fact of life in all of Israel. On a single trip to a doctor’s office one could run into any number of checkpoints and is guaranteed to have one at the hospital entrance if the doctor’s office is in one of the hospital clinics, so checkpoints are not unusual for Israelis anywhere and not simply only inconveniencing Arab Palestinian in the disputed areas.


There are likely fewer checkpoints in these areas with the majority of them placed where trouble may be expected through intelligence information gathered or points where larger numbers of Arab Palestinian enter across the Green Line into Israel. The world demands that Israel place as few or no checkpoints within the disputed area and then complains that there are checkpoints wherever the Arab Palestinian enters into the main areas of Israel. If the Arab Palestinian areas are to be treated as another country, one which has proved to encourage murderous attacks on Israeli citizens, then these are border checkpoints and reducing their numbers increases the potential threats I and other Israelis would face in our day to day lives. These checkpoints were put in place after suffering at the least one suicide terrorist bombing ever week to ten days and often more when they began blowing up the first bomb and then when police and others were at the scene treating the wounded, removing the fatalities while checking their identifications and other cleaning and investigating when a second bomb would be detonated to murder as many police and others who would have gathered at the scene of the initial bombing attack. Since the increased surveillance and checkpoints there have been far fewer bombings to the point that today the main attacks consist of stabbings, rocks hurling at vehicles which have proven fatal, shootings and ramming crowds or checkpoints with a vehicle which has also produced numbers of fatalities. As long as the stabbings, rock throwing, cinderblock thrown attacks, use of Mosque as assault point armory on Temple Mount, mob attacks in Jerusalem and other aggressions continue at such a fevered pace then there will be more checkpoints, more random identification checks which includes Israelis being checked and other necessities to decrease the danger to the public. The Border Police and other law enforcement know that should they catch a terrorist at the checkpoint that before their identification check is completed they usually assault the officers and this is preferred by the security personnel as such an attack means fewer civilians facing that particular threat as they will now prevent a future attack. That is the reason for the checkpoints to begin with, making Israel and the disputed territories safe for everyone. Some of these attacks have made victims out of Israeli Arabs and even Arab Palestinians and checkpoints protect everyone and the removal of checkpoints simply feeds the terror cycle as every successful terror attack breeds more attacks simply because violence fuels and inflames the desires to also become famous and be lauded by Arab Palestinian society, and murdering Israelis is the fastest path to such praise.


Many times when there has been attacks intercepted by Israeli security forces the news even within Israel follow the same blueprint, the Israeli security personnel are shown forcing the crowds back and their continued clashing with the assailants who are often barricading themselves in the al-Aqsa Mosque which serves as an attack platform and armory where rocks, pyrotechnics, Molotov cocktails and other objects both for ranged attacks and hand to hand combat. These attacks are choreographed and often planned to implement bait and ambush security officers as well as mass attacks in an attempt to interfere with people who are not Muslims from touring the Temple Mount, this includes Christians as well as Jews and others who are not Muslims. Last year produced an assault near the Temple Mount at the Mount Olives Cemetery, where Jewish luminaries from throughout Jewish history stretching back over two thousand year are interred there and often have had their graves destroyed and defaced, there was a rock attack on visiting United States elected politicians who were visiting the graves of some of the illustrious persons buried there. Representatives Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler, both New York Democrats, were pelted with rocks from the Arab Palestinian schoolyard which overlooks the cemetery and has been the source of such attacks before. Below is a picture of one of the rocks, presumably the one that struck Representative Nadler, shown holding said rock, and below that the video of Representatives Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler voicing their reactions to the life-threatening situation which they experienced and assume is not as unusual an event as often depicted in reporting by the media.



Representatives Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler displaying one of the rocks hurled down upon them from Palestinian schoolyard overlooking Mount Olives Cemetery

Representatives Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler displaying one of the rocks hurled down upon them from Palestinian schoolyard overlooking Mount Olives Cemetery





There is another video from just over a week ago in the midst of reports of violence escalating on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem and across Israel and the contested territories where the chairman of Fatah Party and self-proclaimed President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas made a statement released to the media where he denied that there was any Arab Palestinian violence and if there were any such violence, then it was righteous and necessitated by attacks upon the Islamic holy sites. We can only assume that Chairman Abbas believes the piles of rocks and boxes of pyrotechnics and rows of Molotov cocktails were all hurled by the Israeli Border Police and Temple Mount Police into the al-Aqsa Mosques and landed arranged for easy access should anybody within the Mosque care to hurl them back at the Police. These objects which have consistently been the ammunition used by the Arab Palestinian terrorists when assaulting the police, an activity which they appear to have nothing better to do than start these confrontations. Abbas claiming that the police are instigating these confrontations because they mass outside the al-Aqsa Mosque without cause after chasing and assaulting the young, innocent, ice-cream-would-not-melt-in-their-mouths young adults and teens into the Mosque and the projectile and balls of fire emanating from the Mosque are actually being thrown into the Mosque by the Police and something only explainable by complex physics including probability theories and quantum entanglement of objects at a molecular level is the reason all the projectiles appear to be coming from within the Mosque despite the fact that these young adults and teens are not confronting and rioting as has been reported.





The next video depicts that exact scene as it played out in mid-September, a good two to three weeks before Chairman Abbas claimed with a straight face that the Arab Palestinians have not been rioting and there had been no Islamic instigated violence of any kind, well except for the rock throwing, Molotov cocktail hurling and physical assaults on police.





There are also brutal vicious shooting deaths of Eitam and Naama Henkin in the front seat of their vehicle with their four children in the back seat on October 13, 2015, almost a week before Chairman Abbas made his statement. So, this was a defensive act to prevent what exactly, prevent two parents from returning home, cause rioting on the most sacred ground in Judaism and presumably, as we have been told endlessly, the third holiest site in all of Islam with a stated goal of preventing the Jews from soiling it with their “filthy feet” just to quote Abbas as shown in the next video. How could Abbas have forgotten this video which precedes his we have committed no violence pleading to the Europeans and others to use as proof that the Israeli reports and the news clips are all imaginary or played out on a sound stage?





This violence has been instigated, choreographed, tactically executed and trained for by Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and near countless others. These attacks are not unique to just Israel. What do these terrorist groups all have in common? They all received training from Iran either in Iran, Syria or Lebanon while also receiving assistance such as explosives and other provisions for the production of rockets and mortars to be used against Israel. But these problems have spread now across Europe with Germany being a particular hot spot and Hungary coming in a close second. These disturbances will continue their march westwards eventually rising up with riots and attacks on police and other targets in France and finally Britain. Below are a pair of videos, the first depicting the violence and police attempt to control a group of ‘Syrian refugees’ as they fight between themselves and also attempt to break out of the camp. The second depicts the trail of riots, violence and mayhem as it winds its route through Europe. It has numerous scenes from numerous locations in Europe, confrontations with authorities and scenes which are becoming commonplace throughout Europe and spreading from the major cities now to the towns as the influx has easily topped one million if not two million or more refugees and the train has just begun. On average each refugee has between four to dozens of family they will desire to have joining them once they are settled. This will play out over the next three to five years until at some point Europe will be forced to accept Islamic rule. Coming tomorrow will be an article on how some Christian Churches and organizations are already preparing for Islam to conquer the western world.







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