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November 17, 2015

Today Europe Labels Judea and Samaria, Tomorrow All Israel


The European Union has voted their fate casting their lot with the anti-Semites, the anti-Zionists and the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement) which was originated by Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) which is the terrorist group made legal by the world’s insane drive to destroy Israel, to destroy the Jewish State. The European Union has decided their future is with the Islamic world and they will very likely get their wish as Islam is poised to crawl over the rotting corpse of a dead culture spent and tired crawling towards extinction as they forfeit their culture for expediency. The Europeans’ society has fallen so rotten in its core that their reproductive rate has fallen well below replacement levels and this has bode extremely troubling for the now elderly society realizing that there are insufficient youth to pay taxes in order to subsidize their retirement pensions and other services the governments have promised. The European Union realizes this more than most of the wealthier nations seeing the dissolution of Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the possibility that soon these will be joined by Italy and eventually France. Then the European Union looks to the east to see the former Warsaw Pact nations, from before the Soviet Union, and satellite Communist nations imploded due to financial and other systemic problems. These nations are still crawling, scratching and clawing their way in recovering from almost a century of slowly degrading and collapsing governance which took a toll on infrastructure, lacked modernized systems for power, water, energy and transportation leaving a ruined near wastelands which have been performing bravely but still not ready to support the over-bloated and aging society of Western Europe and also facing some of the same demographic inequalities though for different reasons but the same result of aging societies as the youth fled to greener pastures leaving their former generations behind and not even looking back. This is the demographic and financial bombshell which is threatening to explode all across Europe.


Europe desperately needed more working youth to support the top heavy aging society and believes they found the answer in the Islamic world. But there is a problem inviting what they saw as their potential salvation in the Islamic world. The Germans initially looked to Turkey, France to Algeria, Italy to Libya and Spain and Portugal to the smaller states from the coastal regions of northwestern Africa. What nobody predicted was the tens of hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding Europe like army ants clearing the jungle as they open their path from the old nest to their new nest. They thought they were getting Syrian families who had no home left and were stranded in camps with no hope seeking a savior, and the Europeans led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who announced in a speech the willingness of Germany to absorb eight-hundred-thousand Syrian refugees. Well, Europe got their refugees but they were not quite what they had been expecting. The refugees did not have demographics of families with small children, mothers and fathers but instead these refugees were not all Syrian and not anywhere near as many were families but rather military age of fifteen to forty years of age, alone and many riotous already and refusing food aid claiming it was not Halal. They have broken from any holding areas and have torn through the areas stealing and antagonizing the people who reside in the adjoining neighborhoods. Obviously these disturbances were minor inconveniences as we now know after the assault in Paris, France last Friday.


But the European Union is still more concerned with the possibility that Jews and Arabs are working together receiving equal respect, equal treatment, equal pay, and equal opportunity. With a mix of Arabs and Jews at every level of the companies except for one, the companies are owned predominantly by Jews, but this is not sufficient so it must not be permitted to stand. Jews employing Arabs as well as Jews and treating them fairly is simply unthinkable and as such cannot be true. Those all-knowing Europeans have assessed this according to their beliefs that Israel is in an Apartheid State and its Jews are all racist. The fact that in the Israeli Knesset, Arabs such as Minister Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) insists that Hamas is not a terror organization while holding the position of Deputy Speaker and Hanin Zoabi (Balad) was on the Mavi Marmara when the deadly assault with Israeli forces enforcing the legal embargo took place and she is still protected by the Israel Supreme Court and serves in the Knesset as well. In virtually any European country at least one of the pair, if not both, would have been tried and convicted of treason but in Israel they are coddled darlings of the left and not only free but serving in the Israeli Parliament. The Europeans might not be as open minded towards Israel and the Jews as the Israelis are to the Arabs in their midst. But certainly this cannot be true, Europeans are as accepting as they come, after all, look at the refugees the Europeans have accepted into their nations.



Muslim Rioters Burning Denmark Flag Protesting That They’re Not Being Permitted to Shape the Laws and Society to Match their Islamic Homelands

Muslim Rioters Burning Denmark Flag Protesting
That They’re Not Being Permitted to Shape the Laws
and Society to Match their Islamic Homelands



Then there are the newest wave of refugees, or should we call them what they really are, front line shock troops. No, I am not going to actually claim that all the refugees are militants out to destroy Europe and there are likely many families honestly seeking safe shelter and a place to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, it does not take a multitude to spoil the entire European welcoming of the honestly needy and abused Syrian refugees, it doesn’t even take a plurality, it merely takes a remarkably small percentage when the numbers of refugees are approaching over a million souls. The other problem is that it often takes but a few well trained instigators to bring what would be an otherwise small problem into a full blown riot. It is what in the United States is often called a community organizer, and there appear to be quite a few such well-trained instigators amongst the refugees as riots have broken out throughout the heart of Europe. These riots are tame compared to the terror attack in Paris and we are not making any comparison but the rioting is disconcerting when it is your neighborhood. There have been reports that even in Germany there have been serious advantages taken by the government by sending hundreds of refugees to very small towns in the countryside which have long traditions and had agreed to accept some, a reasonable and justifiably reasonable few in proportions to their populations. This was exemplified to the ridiculous, even worse, this could only be equaled by the theater of the absurd as the tiny German town of Sumte, population 102, will soon be home to 750 refugees from around the world. There have been other reports, some from other than known trusted sources, which tell of numerous other towns where the numbers of refugees will completely change the communities by refugees equaling half that of the population to as much as double the population and this is just the first phase of German distributing the onslaught of refugees and other Muslims which have overwhelmed German capabilities to manage. There have even been discussions by German officials to try and place a large number of refugees in other European countries. The rioting which has been claimed to have become a serious problem of late surprisingly began farther back than many might believe. Here is an example in the video below from September 5, 2015 in the city of Budapest.





With such a number of incoming Muslims and the percentage of radicalized observant Muslims apparently amongst them, there is the possibility that the European Union might be bowing to the Arab Palestinian BDS Movement in order to transform Europe making it a more comfortable and sympathetically adjusted atmosphere. One might posit that by labeling the goods made by a well-adjusted, multicultural, integrated, multi-ethnic, religiously mixed, religiously blind, mutually profitable businesses which pay Arabs and Jews according to their positions and promotions are merit-based but are owned by Jews is but the first step by the European Union in ridding their shelves of any Jewish Israeli owned products. Their historic support of all Arab demands over Jewish interests, especially Israeli interests, from the 1948 war of Jewish genocide where Israel lost the Gaza to Egypt, the Golan Heights to Syria, and Judea and Samaria to Jordan who found Judea, as well as Samaria, as sounding far too Jewish renamed them West Bank and attempted to annex them which was not recognized as their possession was an obvious occupation which was all but impossible to ignore. What might be next might be the European Union folding to the Arab Palestinian BDS Movement’s oft stated goal of having all Israeli products so labeled as the Arabs claim is that all of Israel is occupied lands. Should such a step be taken it would be an even more obvious and threatening situation for Europe’s Jewish citizens. Such steps might even be taken as a move meant as a threatening acquiescence to such Arab designs and demands so easily and eagerly, there might be those who might believe that these moves were intended to be making Europe Judenrein for the incoming Muslims. The politicians will deny such designs were their intentions, but the truth will eventually emerge despite all the hype, screaming, yelling, knocking in doors and all the temper tantrums, the truth will eventually be heard.



BDS Was Never Meant To Free an Inch of Palestine It Was Always Meant To Destroy Every Inch of Israel

BDS Was Never Meant To Free
an Inch of Palestine
It Was Always Meant
To Destroy Every Inch of Israel



There is an interesting effect which has been seen by those who have bothered to seek the trends within Europe. The distance between the average politicians, especially those of the European Union, and the peoples have been ever widening. This trend has seen the peoples sliding towards a more conservative, right-wing, nationalist position. At the same time the politicians are flinching before the loudest complainers, the leftists whose international and domestic policies will estrange the politicians from the people. Part of any polls since Friday or over the next weeks will only show these gaps widening as the peoples and politicians each react in totally disparate ways. This distancing between the peoples and the politicians can only be resolved in one of two ways; either the peoples will replace the current parties and people with ones which more closely represent their growing nationalist and conservative views or the politicians will find ways of buying votes with programs, spending money or other investments to persuade sufficient numbers of voters to give them their votes to maintain their seats. There is coming turmoil in Europe which may result in a new map of the Islamic World as compared to the one we have used previously.



Arab and Muslim World After the Initial Breakout until World War I
Arab and Muslim World After the Islamization of Europe except for Switzerland and Israel in Red Both Standing Against any Islamic Assault or Tide



The world, not only the Europeans, is completely and totally obsessed with Israel. Their hatred is beyond the white hot rage which blinds their eyes to the facts and burns out the circuitry of their minds to recognize their completely off-the-wall crazy-insane slogans and actual points they chant and applaud whenever they gather in a group larger than a dozen believers. Here are a few examples to ponder while you have your third morning cup of coffee, hopefully rich and aromatic coffee. The chanted demand for “From the river to the sea; Palestine must be free.” Where does Israel belong in your claimed perfect solution of two states living side-by-side in peace and security? Next, “The IDF is committing genocide in” (your choice as you use these interchangeably) 1) “Gaza,” 2) “the West Bank,” 3) “Jenin which was wiped off the map” (proven by the special investigators for the United Nations and verified by the HRC, UN Human Rights Council, to be an actual battle fought completely within a half mile radius not harming the rest of a major Arab city) and 4) “Israel is committing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians” yet somehow there are over five million Arab Palestinians, that’s 5,000,000, all from an initial population estimated to be somewhere between a half and three-quarters of a million original refugees. Trust me when I inform you that should the IDF actually decide to cleanse the areas of Arab Palestinians there would be a few less alive today, not five million Arab Palestinians, like somewhere between zero and none. Of course you know as well as we do that such a situation would only be the result of a Pan-Arab and Muslim final Jihad against Israel and Jews everywhere were to be declared, and such would not be an idea from Israel, never. Then the IDF and every Jew with an ounce of common sense would join the fight as better to die on one’s feet than be beheaded stooped over on one’s knees. Then the battle would be to the death of one side or the other, the Arabs or the Jews, then you will see what genocide looks like, but we fear that the Jews will be at the wrong end in such a war.


Beyond the Cusp


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