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November 26, 2015

The Israel Problem is, in Reality, No Problem at All


There have been glorious calls in Europe and I am sure elsewhere for the nations of the Western World to combine their resources in order to address the situation which is the Islamic State or ISIS. They call for the first stage to be an all-out diplomatic assault to deny ISIS its Raison D’être thus drying up much of their attraction and ability to draw more fighters, especially fighters from the West. This sounds like a great start though it would likely be a lot more productive to initiate a twenty-four-seven bombing campaign for about three weeks or for however long it would take to put a half million armed forces in Jordan and both northern and southern Iraq. Then the bombing should be slowly rolled back as armored divisions and artillery took up close combat support with the heavy battle tanks moving forward supported by A-10 Warthogs flying close air support taking out any ISIS battle tank or armor that dared to move or appeared to be being utilized as an entrenched artillery piece half buried in a sand berm. Needless to say, infantry, preferable armored infantry would follow up whenever ground forces required such and support the infantry with the Apache AH-64 attack helicopters. But that is not what the great minds of Europe and probably much of the minds not so great from the White House and their co-conspirators in the Congress and elsewhere. No, they have a much different approach which will likely place them on the same side of ISIS when the time comes.


You might be wondering but the truth is that these brainiacs honestly believe that the war in Syria, the troubles in Libya, the shootings in Paris, the hotel slaughter and standoff in Mali and virtually every terrorist attack including the first World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 by placing a truck bomb in the underground parking garage which murdered sixty people if memory serves me well. That includes all the major attacks on the western World and I am sure if they were reminded of earlier attacks such as the Lockerbie bombing they would include that as well. There are two they would be correct that were spawned by the cause they have chosen as the highest priority conflict even preceding ISIS in importance to be addressed. Those attacks would be Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of Robert Kennedy and the assassination of the American Ambassador Cleo A. Noel Jr., in Sudan, 1973, as both were committed relating to the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict with Ambassador Noel’s murder officially ordered by Yasser Arafat, and the CIA has the recording of his approval to go ahead with the planned assassination from his office in Ramallah, and Sirhan Sirhan confessed that the reason he assassinated Robert Kennedy was due to Kennedy’s support for Israel. The rest are all related by the thinnest of threads with the only one in common being they were committed on planet Earth in the Sol solar system in the Milky Way during its expansion.


You have probably guessed by now, but the brainiacs of Europe have claimed that in order to fight ISIS the main causality behind ISIS has to be first resolved, the Arab-Israeli or Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel must be pressed to form a Palestinian State of Palestine with borders with which Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the leadership of the Palestinians demand. Israel must be put to the task of making sure the State of Palestine is economically viable and has all the resources and opportunities for said success. The wherewithal to complete this transfer of land and arranging the accords to bring permanent peace must begin with Israel surrendering all of the lands beyond the Green Line and the half of Jerusalem which was taken, never will they say the truth of liberated from illegal Jordanian occupation, during the 1967 Six Day War. This would include all and any access to the Jerusalem holy sites in Palestinian hands and thus the Jews would be giving away for more than land, they would be surrendering places too precious to even begin to put a price upon. This would cause a problem that the Europeans must be overlooking, right? Well, let’s look at that.



Left Side Depicts World's View of Two States While Right Side Depicts Abbas' and Arabs' view of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed Throughout Europe America and Western Nations

Left Side Depicts World’s View of Two States,
While Right Side Depicts Abbas’ and Arabs’ view
of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed
Throughout Europe America and Western Nations



The map on the left depicts what is seen as the areas as they were before the six Day War. They also represent what many allow their readers and the uninformed to believe this is the division of lands the Palestinian desire as they had it stolen from them in the Six Day War. The Problem is that there was no such state as the “West Bank”, actually Judea and Samaria, were occupied by Jordan illegally taken from the State of Israel during the War for Jewish Annihilation of 1948-9 where Israel lost much of Judea and Samaria to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. Jordan renamed the areas they stole as West Bank as Judea and Samaria sounded too Jewish. The world has adopted the Jordanian names because Judea and Samaria sounded too Jewish. The world does this also so they can claim the lands are occupied by Israel when the reality is the lands were occupied by Jordan who gifted their claim to the lands they occupied to the PLO and Yasser Arafat almost a year after they made their peace with Israel. That became important after 1993 as without that claim to the land there would have been no Oslo Accords signed in September of 1993 and no Palestinian-Israeli conflict, just an Arab-Israeli conflict. The reason there is a difference was the illegal possession of the lands was transferred in claim to the PLO and Yasser Arafat after Jordan surrendered the occupied lands of Judea and Samaria to Israel in their peace accord. So Jordan surrendered the Jordanian occupied Israeli lands they stole in 1948-9 back to Israel in their peace treaty and then transferred their bogus claim over lands they no longer possessed and had returned to their rightful owner when peace was reached and treaty signed to the PLO so that there could be a claim by an Arab entity and the Arab-Israeli conflict could still claim the lands occupied by Jordan and Egypt in 1948-9 thus threatening Israel even further and potentially have the same borders they had in 1967 should there ever be a next Arab-Israeli war.


This is important because the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley make a perfect defensive position which would be extremely effective against any ground assault and thus are strategically necessary for the defense of Israel. Reading any United Nations or other peace proposal or means of settlement of the conflict there are two main items which came from immediately after the Six Day War when Israel held the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria, Gaza which combined are far less significant than the Sinai Peninsula which Israel also held. The proposed peace demanded that Israel return lands, not all lands, not a significant amount of lands, not anything defined except by the following, and retains those lands considered important for the safety and security of the state of Israel. There were military authorities who mostly argued whether Israel would thus retain all of the land because the Suez Canal made a natural defensive barrier while others claimed the central mountain in the Sinai might make a fair place to draw a defensive line and thus Israel would retain the eastern lands and the central highlands while Egypt would receive the western plains of the Sinai. That was pretty much the debate except for the occasional question over the Golan Heights, some land the Syrians demanded be returned, after all, how could the Syrians shoot at Israeli farmers in the central Galilee without holding the Golan Heights, their hunting season would be greatly deteriorated if they lost this defensive high-ground. Tacticians never gave such a second thought, Israel required retaining the highlands and the crests on both sides of the Golan Heights, those were definitely remaining with Israel. That leaves Gaza, which was out of the question if Israel, according to many discussions, was to retain any of the Sinai, and the so-called West Bank, which was remarkably never brought into any discussion, Israel would require all of Judea and Samaria returned for a multitude of reasons, these were lands sworn to be a part of the Jewish State under numerous treaties many stemming directly from the San Remo Conference and the Balfour Declaration which was accepted word-for-word into the Mandate Documents for the varied Mandates and especially the British Mandate and into the San Remo Conference as the guiding document for their decisions concerning a Jewish State. This did not prevent the British from taking seventy-eight-percent and gifting it to the Arabs under the rule of the Hashemites to which the British owed some recognition and lands for their assistance in the Great War. So the Jewish State would have to do with the remaining twenty-two-percent of the lands which were divided along the Jordan River with the Jews forming their State on the lands west of the Jordan River, all the lands west of the Jordan River.


Still, some might see the map on the left as an equitable solution except this is not the minimalist demand of the Palestinian leadership; they have a different map in mind. Mahmoud Abbas has made this absolutely clear; he will only accept the map on the right. That is the big problem, Abbas, as Arafat before him, wants all the lands and the Jews removed by any means necessary, even if that means another genocidal six-million-plus Jews slaughtered. So, looking at the map on the left and then the map on the right and realizing the area named Gaza and West Bank are what they hold and are demanding the lands depicted on the right as their minimalist demands, how do the Israelis debate a peace accord with such people who are in total denial of reality. The paradigm for this discussion needs to change and reflect the reality, all the lands west of the Jordan River are defined as Israel and anything gifted the Arabs, who laughingly call themselves Palestinians, is generosity beyond measure and far beyond any reward their actions, threats, murderous fantasies and treachery deserve. What their actions do deserve is to be wiped from the lands in much the same manner they would implement for the Jews given equal advantage as shared by Israel who has not so dealt with these adult delinquents. The reality need be explained to the reprehensible, terroristic sociopaths that the land is truly occupied lands and that they are the occupiers whom Israel would be well within their rights to remove by any means required. If that is beyond their ability to grasp, I have an easier way of explaining this, this is our land and you, our terror stricken adversary and blemish on our lands, are the occupiers of our land and simply put, what part of



Am Yisrael Chai
(עם ישראל חי)



do you not understand?


Beyond the Cusp




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