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December 21, 2015

Why the Arab Israeli Conflict Refuses Resolution


The reason the Arab Israeli conflict refuses all efforts for a resolution is simply because everyone treats it as if it is about land, but land is only a secondary issue. The small part that land plays can be simply stated as to why that cannot be solved as there is no solution which leaves both sides living together in peace and security. The only solution acceptable to the Arab side despite all that has ever been started outright is for Israel to be destroyed, utterly and completely destroyed. There can be no two states living side-by-side in peace and security because as long as Israel is permitted to rule over themselves there can be no peace. Israel is far from the only problem in this area as Jordan and Lebanon also must be erased leaving only Syria and that too would need redefining as simply a province in the theme of things. Iraq and Iran are also problems as is Egypt, the Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and every other nation of the Middle East. The ultimate prize is to be living as an entity which is merely a province within the Islamic nations. Thus far the only people who have it historically correct is the Islamic State as they seek to unite the individual Arabs into their fold and to presumably meld all of the Islamic states into one all-inclusive Caliphate where each region will no longer have individual rule; the current leadership would be merely each major region. The area near Syria would become the province of Syria which would also include Jordan, Lebanon and Israel.


The real problem comes down to the mere existence of Israel and the only solution acceptable is the eradication of Israel. When the complete eradication with the complete conversion of the entire population killing all who refuse, which is either won or the presumed conquering forced are routed, what you have is a religious war. Europe should be familiar with religious wars as they have had their share of religious wars and are about to have another one, this time with Islam which to Europeans will be an entirely new war while to the Muslims this is simply another attempt on conquering Europe and starting the mass conversions and replacing every cathedral with a mosque or destroying them. Such acts will infuriate many Europeans which might be the spark necessary to wake the Europeans up to the fact that they have to fight to protect their heritage and prevent their history from annihilation and being superseded by Islam. For the past half century plus the cork in the bottleneck separating the Islamic forces from entering Europe has been Israel. The forces of Islam had been beating themselves against the Israeli stopper realizing the tactical importance of the small piece of land held by the Israelis. That small strip of land was not seen so much as a Jewish State or a multi-ethnic state or any other of the descriptions one wished to paint Israel with. No, the Muslims simply saw Israel as not being Islamic and that was sufficient for them to demand its repatriation, as they viewed it, by its proper rulers, the Muslims and Islam as there was no meaningful history of the Jewish state before Islam and the only permissible result of the land once having been conquered by Islam, and that was for it to be forever Islamic, there can be no other power capable of taking that which was ever Islamic as Islam is superior to all else in all things as that must be Allah’s will.


Whenever things go other than in the favor of Islam, the Muslims cannot grasp such events and they go into denial followed by rage. These are the only two reactions a Muslim has when things go other than in their favor and allowing for the obvious superiority of Islam. This mindset was imprinted on the Muslim religion simply due to the great ease with which they initially spread across North Africa, the Middle East and finally being routed in the first siege of Vienna; then at Tours, France where Charles Martel, the Hammer, put an end to their advance and then again at Vienna. These were the high water marks of Islam and they held these positions more or less with small changes to the shape of their conquest despite internal wars which eventually led to the Ottoman Empire which is viewed as the last Caliphate. When the Ottomans sided with the eventual losing side in World War I and the Ottoman Empire was broken into individual states, which were briefly nurtured by the European allied victors with Japan and the United States not desiring to have any part of such occupations, occupations which lasted at the long as a little over fifty years, a mere flash compared to over a thousand years these lands were colonized by the forces of Islam out of the Arabian peninsula; yet it is the European colonialism which is protested as it was not a part of Islam and thus should never have defeated their Islamic colonizers. The populations of these lands had accepted the idea that there was no history before Islam which was driven into their brains by the Muslim rulers.


That leads to the situation today and why Israel is seen as such a threat to Islam simply because if Israel continues to be ruled by those who are not of Islam, then Islam is no longer superior to whoever rules the land of Israel. To have those rulers of Israel be Jews, that is a double blow as the Jew is seen as barely above an idolater and thus incapable of ruling previously Islamic territory as the land itself should have thrown them from this abomination in the eyes of Islam. This is in part why the Islamic reaction to Israel and it being the Jewish homeland has been so shrill and virulent demanding the eradication of this blight they see within their midst and thus the preoccupation with Israel has prevented their seeing anything on the horizon as they have been so fixated on Israel. That has begun to change and it is because of a younger and new generation who have only known of a world with Israel within their midst but not something which should occupy such a blockage to their thinking and something which can be circumvented and worried about in good time when their conquest becomes required and for the meantime simply ignored except for a threat every now and then so as to remind them that Islam will defeat then in good time. Additionally, Turkey had been secular ever since after World War II and their leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, realized that the reason for the Ottoman’s loss was the lack of modern technical knowledge and industry and that Turkey had fallen behind the western World and thus restructured Turkey into a secular democratic state with separation between religion and the state.


This had lasted for almost a century until outside interference prevented the failsafe mechanism in Turkey’s constitution from being utilized as it had been three previous times when Islamic religious leadership had taken control of the government and were moving towards a theocracy and away from secular democratic rule. When current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took office it became evident to the Turkish military that he was taking the state towards a theocratic state and they were preparing to remove him from office and hold new elections as stipulated in the constitution as Atatürk knew Islam would attempt to undo what he had accomplished; so he placed the security of the secular democracy with the military which was to guard the secular and democratic attributes of Turkey. This was when the European Union and President George W. Bush interfered and claimed that no democracy could thrive if the military could replace the government as that really meant that the military ruled the nation. Nothing could have been further from the truth and the military was acting as the enforcement of the secular democracy. This gave Erdoğan the heads up that the military had considered acting to end his government so Erdoğan declared war on the military. He wiped the General staff out replacing them with people he could trust and purged the upper ranks of those not members of his party thus ending any hope of salvaging Turkey. This took place from around 2003 to 2005 and Erdoğan has never looked back and is now guarded by the military; so exactly what the European Union and George W. Bush claimed they opposed is now exactly what exists, a President with hand-picked Generals backing him instead of removing him and thus granting him with the ability to make Turkey into a Sharia state and assist in the invasions and Islamization of Europe and potentially the United States as well.



GW Bush plus BH Obama equals RT Erdoğan



Turkish President Erdoğan has altered the face of Turkey making it more inclined to perform as an Islamic nation with little if any challenge from those who would restore the democratic nature of the state in check. This was made obvious when Erdoğan and his AKP, which they call themselves the Justice and Development Party though they are nothing more than the Muslim Brotherhood Party, did not have an outright majority so Erdoğan with the assistance of another party prevented the formation of a coalition and caused new elections to be scheduled. On the way to the new elections a number of the Kurdish candidates turned up dead and some of their party officials were arrested on charges of treason, otherwise known as opposing Erdoğan, and this permitted Erdoğan and his AKP Party to once more have an outright majority and thus goes Turkey’s democracy. The story is an old one but this one comes with a twist, you might say the cherry on top, namely that United States President Obama trusts and is most enamored with Turkey’s Erdoğan and there are signs he wished the United States could more resemble Turkey’s democracy, or whatever one might call it. This should make the remaining year of President Obama’s term that much more interesting. There are signs that President Obama has made preparations for receiving a number of ‘Syrian refugees’ with presumably the first one-hundred-fifty-thousand already being readied for transport and rumors on social media have exceeded guesses that the number by end of term to be in excess of a million and a half ‘Syrian refugees’ resettled throughout the nation with an emphasis on purple and red states over blue states on the electoral map with plans to change the face of the United States. And why not; it is not like anybody will step up to try and prevent President Obama doing just that and more.


Now back to our main subject. With Turkey now with the Islamic program, and trust that all of this was planned just waiting for the right conditions which were provided care of the combination of President Bush followed by President Obama as this was not possible to be any better set up than the two Presidents following in that exact order. So now Israel is not as effective a stopper on the Islamic explosion into Europe as now there is the overland route going through Turkey. It was obvious that not everybody got the memo as there were still those attempting to use undersized boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea which unless it is stormy should not be a problem. Of course that is providing you put no more than twelve to fifteen in an eight person rubber dingy or rowboat with small outboard motors where none were ever supposed to be placed, then you will have difficulties, especially those who crammed twenty people into such craft, something many thought only a fraternity from an Ivy League school might try. This, in part, is what we are to assume led to the young boy washing up on the beach apparently after drowning and then making the first page top of the fold of every liberal newspaper and top and bottom of the hour newscasts for days plucking as many heartstrings in order to soften up the populations for opening pocketbooks and then possibly demonstrating or at least not actively opposing these ‘Syrian refugees’ coming to a town not too near you.


So the majority of the Sunni Arab world is all in on the invasions of Europe by ‘Syrian refugees’ and whoever else can be shipped with them. They are also aiming high for the United States and apparently doing a bang up job of getting that done. The aim is not to transform Europe immediately, well, at least not this year or next, with demands for Sharia courts, prayer mats and rooms in Malls, theaters, schools, and just about everywhere else along with foot baths and sinks for washing the hands and feet of the faithful. They will demand schools set aside time for the Muslim prayers possibly three times daily and a certain sensitivity in the textbooks with them including people in Islamic clothing. There will be demands for ‘modesty’ to be shown in the workplace, nothing too harsh, just hair covers followed by longer skirt and dresses, then long sleeves and whatever eventually to full head to toe formless clothing hiding women so males are not too excitable and distracted by the female form and their ways of intoxicating even the holiest of Muslims and others as well. The blessing is now the Arabs, who refer to themselves as Palestinians because they are even worse than the Romans at spelling Philistines, squatting on what was declared land for the Jewish State at the San Remo Conference and continued to be recognized as such due to recognition in the United Nations Charter Article 80 will no longer have the backing from their Arab brethren. If only the Europeans would get wise to the game, and they are working real hard at importing people to teach them the realities, and stop throwing good Euros after bad; then perhaps Mahmoud Abbas, Saab Erekat (who recently equated Jews with ISIS) and the rest of the merry band of kleptocrats would move on to greener pastures and Israel could get started on deprogramming the youth and instead provide them the opportunity for a better life where they receive the fruits of their labor. With Turkey as the new route for infiltrating Europe and beyond, Israel’s importance has dropped and perhaps will escape the wraths of the terminally angered as they run out of funds.


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  3. […] Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu surrendered once again to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and this time did so with his eyes wide open and not after being hoodwinked by United States President Barack Obama inviting him onto Air Force One where he already had Erdogan on the phone and handed the call to Netanyahu with likely the one word demand, “Apologize!” The demand was worded with a stern or else look on the American President’s face and a cold lifeless steely glare in his eyes. This time Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu not only gave another apology but sweetened the apology with twenty million dollars of surrender money to be paid to the families of the terrorists of the Mavi Marmara. There was the excuse of sending the gas pipeline through Turkey where it can be sent on to Europe. One can only guess how badly that will work out or how many times the pipeline will be cut and/or exploded very much like the gas line in the Sinai and of course every time it is blown to smithereens, Israel will rebuild it for free and resume gas deliveries which will likely have ten percent skimmed off the top for domestic use, once again free as the price of doing business. You lie with dogs you awake with fleas and possibly ear mites and other wonderful gifts. One can only wonder how we came by Erdogan. Perhaps the picture below will assist in the story which can be read here. […]


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