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April 11, 2016

Message to Bernie Sanders and the Other Candidates on Israel

No people are more desirous for peace than the Israelis. The Israelis have sacrificed their security and compromised and given concessions after concessions for peace but Mahmoud Abbas, almost all if not all of Fatah officers, all of Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the Islamic State from the very top to the last and lowest fighter, the Iranian leadership (especially the fanatical IRGC), most of the highest ranking Imams, and much of the Arab and Islamic populations of the world desire the peace of the grave for Israel and the Jews, period. That said; Israel proved beyond any doubt when making peace with Egypt and returning the Sinai which is tens of times the size of Israel itself and with making peace with Jordan that Israel will accept even the coldest of peace to a state of conflict on any level. Winning every war does not mean liking war, it means survival for Israel. A single loss would be the end of Israel and another Holocaust resulting in six million dead Jews and maybe more. It would also mean tens of thousands of other non-Muslims murdered as the population of Israel would face an ethnic cleansing on a whole new level. That is why Israel must never lose a war at any point in time, period.

That is the formula Israel lives with and the United States has not faced ever in its history. The worst price America faced was should they have lost the war of 1812, many top elite of the United States would have been tried for treason against the crown. Otherwise the American people would have lived on under new management which would have been much like the old management except the British would have imposed additional and punitive taxes possibly approaching ten percent. Israel, on the other hand, has faced a genocidal slaughter in every war that has been waged against her and each war was the idea of Israel’s enemies. They had committed a casus belli or an actual crossing of her borders by multiple armies starting each conflict. Under International Law if a nation closes a waterway without having the approval of world bodies, that is considered an act of war. Before anybody goes off on the Gaza blockade by Israel, that has been ruled upon by the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal court and found to have good cause as it prevents terrorist organizations, universally recognized as such in Hamas and Islamic Jihad, from receiving arms to use against civilian populations. As anybody can detect, this has not been sufficient to prevent these entities from arming themselves with some impressive rockets which they continue to upgrade with the assistance of Iran and others.

Back to the candidates; Bernie Sanders’ claim that Israel killed 10,000 Gazan civilians is an obvious overstatement as there were not even three thousand dead in total. His reclassifying that he may have misspoke and that Israel wantonly struck Gaza destroying entire apartment blocks and struck hospitals is again a gross misstatement. The apartment blocks struck had rocket launchers place on their roofs and at their bases. Israel did not strike any hospitals but a pair of misfired rockets by Hamas did indeed strike a hospital and a refugee camp accounting for many hundreds of casualties which are consistently laid at Israel’s feet as Hamas and Islamic Jihad immediately after their misfire released the charge that Israel had struck both the hospital and the refugee camp despite their not posing any threat to Israel. Subsequently the actual trajectories of the four misfired missiles were released as Israeli Iron Dome radar had tracked all four missiles and their trajectories are displayed in the images below. These claims by Bernie Sanders are proof that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Arab Palestinians claims, even the definitively proven false claims, made in the immediacy after such accidental strikes leave the lasting impression. Despite the Hamas rockets being misfired, they were still able to immediately place the blame on Israel and that was the image which everybody remembers because in the news with the pictures of a burning hospital or dead bodies in a strike in a refugee camp which were disturbing and memorable pictures, were presented with claims that Israel perpetrated the deed. When later after a full investigation had been thoroughly examined the causes and a correction is added to the end of the next day’s nightly news almost as an aside, that does little to nothing to change the initial shocking pictures and the blame Israel first actions. Bernie Sanders suffers from the affliction of first impression-itis which is a common ailment in many of the accusations repeated ad nauseum against Israel, and the fact these claims are repeated and seldom clarified eventually makes them more believable than the truth. It is proof of the old expression attributed often to Winston Churchill; “A lie gets halfway around the earth before the truth can get it pants on” is as valid as it ever was.

Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked

Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked

We fully expect Arab leaders and their apologists to blame Israel for every ill in the world such as the recent claims by a former Arab nation’s finance minister that Israel was the cause of the 2007-8 financial crisis and that the Jews profit from such financial trickery by buying derivatives and other means of stealing the wealth of the Arab world. He proffered as proof writing and quotes from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the old Czarist forgery used by them to blame the Jews for their mismanaging of Russia’s economy and for the lack of food and other staples being suffered under their rule. What we do not expect is for American politicians to fall trap to such lies as all too many European and Third World leaders and politicians have through the years. America has not suffered from overt and flagrant anti-Semitism to the extent that the rest of the world has over the years. We would like to believe that there is hope for the world to get past their historic anti-Semitism which has been prevalent since the time when the Pyramids were still the newest attraction and well before the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Perhaps anti-Semitism is so engrained into the world that such is an expectation which is well beyond the capability of the human race. The one thing we can assure the world that should there ever come a day when anti-Semitism has been eradicated, then there will come a day when it can truly be said that mankind has evolved to a state worthy of the coming of the Messiah, and having that be the Earth and state of mankind that brings such it is far preferable to the other extreme which is the other condition for the coming of the Messiah, when all of mankind is so corrupt that nothing short of the Messiah will be capable of saving us from ourselves. For now let us hope the American voters will save us from Bernie Sanders. Bernie can be said to be basically an honest man which is why we feel he was quoting bad input which his handlers should have prepared him not to have said such ludicrous a statement. Then again, we expected that as he places little if any value on his Jewish roots, we also figured he would distance himself from Israel even further than President Obama just to prove he had no dual loyalties, despite his voting record proving already that he was no real friend of Israel. His desire to prove he is not a Zionist just because he was born a Jew will drive him to do all in his power to walk away from Israel, so if anyone cares about Israel, Bernie is not your candidate, period.

Beyond the Cusp

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