Beyond the Cusp

April 26, 2016

College Daze

There is nothing more dangerous than college campuses turned into weapons. We have witnessed a transformation over the past twenty years as all the old communist organizations went hunting for a new target as their old fight was lost. Darned if their new target is one of the oldest targets in the world, the Jew. Their new target is actually one of their old targets but with a new twist, the Jew amongst the nations, Israel. One item we need remember is that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas along with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and the PFLP (People for the Liberation of Palestine) were built from the ground up by the KGB. One has to remember that Israel was one of the great disappointments to the world communists as they had such high hopes. When Israel was first founded it was the model of socialism and communism with its Kibbutzim all for one and one for all attitude and their work ethic and true equality where the leaders were chosen partly on merit and partly on popularity. Everybody worked for the advancement of the collective and the Israelis had found the magic formula and had all but perfected collectivism. The secret formula was actually obvious as it was easy, keep it simple and keep it small. When you have a collective system it is required that everybody work and work together on everything. This does not mean that everybody does every job as there are some jobs where specialized skills are required and these jobs often only need one or two people actually working at them and an equal number in training. The training sessions are partly to be capable of handling emergencies and partly finding the correct people with the best skill set to be the next generation lead on that speciality. The mechanics or the smithies were just such people and they deserved and received special treatment. The physician was such a person and had to be brought in from outside as they required special skill sets which were not available on the Kibbutzim and thus they had to train at a university and often they served more than one kibbutz.


The Israeli kibbutz system worked for quite a while until they began to grow in size and that was the end of the system except for some special cases where a kibbutz had a speciality from which they could continue to gain a livelihood as Israel grew to the point where cities began to grow and become the central hubs of business and the economy. That brought the glorious age of socialism to an abrupt halt as now the groups had grown beyond the manageable stage where everybody knew each other and as such each individual was under peer pressure to work or else they would receive the treatment where they ate last, got the worst details and were treated equal to their lack of efforts. Cities did not allow for such a system and found another way of driving the individual, that evil which the collective was supposed to breed out of the system, greed. Greed is an evil in excess as it becomes avarice, one of the deadly sins. But greed in moderations, namely the desire to own more items and nicer items and have life reach a point where it becomes easier and the rewards grander making for a happy camper. There is an economic system which uses greed as its motivator which greases the skids and makes everything work all the better. It is that evil of all evils, capitalism. In capitalism the individual seeks to maximize their return on effort which thus best satisfies their desires for good and wonderful things, a 52” plasma TV, a 7.1 surround sound 25,000 watts of pure amplification perfection studio system, that Mercedes one had eyed since they first saw that model advertised in a magazine and so many other of the good things in life. For some it is a vintage car, others it is fine wine and still others the perfect sound system and the last one we all understand but so few of us can afford, fine jewelry starting with a top of the line Rolex watch, his and hers of course. These are the motivators which for some it is the simple things such as good friends, sufficient and tasty food, a solid roof over our heads and a few creature comforts but most of all no needs unfilled and an easy life. In our case we call it retirement and this is a hobby of sorts and an obsession at other times. Today we are feeding the need here for an article that rambles needfully.


That means discussing something that most of us have little need to worry about either because the kids have survived college or the kids just entered second grade and finding that perfect college can wait for third grade before we start pushing out precious little one for their own good. Then there are those kids who are destined for Harvard or similar academy where they must be groomed starting with the right disposable diapers if not the finest cloth diapers and a team of professionals caring for them. OK, perhaps that was a bit much, but to get into Harvard you need brilliance or a well-placed mentor as President Obama had despite his possibly not knowing so. It was at Harvard where one of the leftist darling from Israel ran into something ugly which has infected many of the best colleges and some of the lesser ones as well, anti-Semitism in all its most splendid hatreds of our and every time. We just finished our Passover Seder where we read the line which reads, “In each and every generation they rise up against us to destroy us. And the Holy One, blessed be He, rescues us from their hands.” Below is a short summation of the years taking samples throughout Israelite history from the times of the Hebrews to modern Judaism. Is it any wonder that Jews today expect the same, well; actually many feel that they live in a society where such cannot happen because they are assimilated and accepted in all professions and are even in positions of political power, what could be a better inoculator than holding powerful positions?



1430 BCE – Slavery in Egypt. (Passover)

356 BCE – Haman attempts genocide of the Jews. (Purim)

138 BCE – Greek government outlaws the practice of Judaism in Israel. (Chanukah)

486 CE – Monks and mobs burn synagogue, dig up a Jewish cemetery, and burn bones.

624 – Mohammed watches as 600 Jews are decapitated in Medina in one day.

640 – Jews expelled from Arabia.

1096 – First crusade: Thousands of Jews tortured and massacred.

1146 – Second crusade: Thousands of Jews, including women and babies, are butchered across Europe.

1200s – Jews ― blamed for causing the Black Plague ― are murdered in Frankfort, Speyer, Koblenz, Mainz, Cracow, Alsace, Bonn, and other cities.

1290 – Jews expelled from England.

1306 – Jews expelled from France.

1349 – Jews expelled from Hungary.

1391 – Spain: Seville, Majorca, Barcelona – tens of thousands killed.

1394 – Second expulsion from France.

1400’s – Jews accused of murdering Christian children and baking matzah with the blood.

1421 – Jews expelled from Austria.

1492 – Jews expelled from Spain; Inquisition.

1496 – Jews expelled from Portugal

1500s – Marranos are burned in Mexico, Portugal, Peru, and Spain.

1553 – The Talmud is burned in Italy.

1648-66 – Cossacks, Poles, Russians, and Swedes massacre Jews.

1744 – Jews expelled from Bohemia and Moravia.

1818 – Pogroms in Yemen.

1840 – Blood libel in Damascus.

1862 – General Ulysses S. Grant expels Jews from Tennessee.

1882 – Pogroms in Russia.


1930s-40s – Official Canadian reply to most Jewish pleas for refuge: “Unfortunately, though we greatly sympathize with your circumstance, at present you cannot be admitted. Please try some other country.”

1939-45 – Six million Jews are annihilated across Europe. Babies serve as target practice, women are human guinea pigs for doctors and scientists, beards are torn from men’s faces.

1948-67 – Arab nations launch attacks to annihilate the States of Israel. Fearing for their lives, Jews flee Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt.

1917-91 – The study of Hebrew is a “crime against the state” in the Soviet Union.



This has been the case before and actually in all too many such situation as listed above our forefathers felt exactly the same and said exactly the same things which we sum up with the phrase, “It cannot happen here as we are accepted into the society and are instrumental with positions of importance and power.” Or simple, “It can’t happen here.”


The last great time of acceptance was in Germany where we were college professors and judges and amongst the leaders in every field and every endeavor. This was Jewish life in Germany from before World War I on into the early 1930s. There rose one who found willing audiences for his particular poison amongst the unemployed and under-employed. He sought them out in the beer halls and then went to work on the leaders of the future and the most gullible and easily led astray, the university students. He also infiltrated the unions and the trade guilds and all the professional societies and began to spread his poison, anti-Semitism. The college campuses demanded the termination of the Jew professors as they were poisoning young minds in their diabolical plans to conquer the world, all at most one percent of the world population but why think when hating is so much easier and accomplishes so much more once the institutions are turned upside down and you have organized and are feared and use that to control the people. Next the Jew is driven from the trade unions and is not permitted to be an apprentice in one guild after another meanwhile violent riots are planned many centered on the college campuses as the Jew is driven from the institutions of higher learning and fired from position in industry as they have been rendered toxic and nobody desires to stand to defend them, they would risk too much. It is much easier to go along to get along and it is not as if it really matters as one is not a Jew. This was the situation in the early and mid-1930s Germany where the economic woes were due to the money hungry Jew who was benefitting at the cost of everyone else. There were scholarly papers and The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, a Czarist ploy used to victimize and accuse the Jew of the highest of treacheries, world conquest through manipulations on a scale unimaginable. Never mind that the Jews numbered less than one percent of world population and there were nations where the Jew all but did not exist, they were all over in high position and successful beyond reason so it had to be from a conspiracy, a perfidy most cruel that had to be stopped.


What was most interesting was the fuel that the Nazi movement found and tapped into one and created the other. The first were those who were out of work during bad economic times and these people were given a target for their misery, one who was responsible, a group successful beyond what was normal, the Jew. After all who were the ones occupying the top of nearly every professional group? The Jew was. And who were the doctors, the professors, the judges in numbers beyond reason, the politicians, the elite across the boards and running the financial institutions and had all the money. Look at the Rothschild family (a favorite target for centuries as they were a wealthy and powerful family who held great wealth but were not the only thusly wealthy family but were the wealthiest and most notable Jew family of such wealth and power), the advisors in the Weimer Republic in numbers unbecoming such a minority that they obviously used trickery and other illegal or unsavory methods to gain such importance and then they were the founders of that greatest of evils, Communism. In Germany the Jew was the Communist and must be stopped from furthering Communism as that would be the ruin of Germany. Meanwhile in Russia the Jew was the Fascist or the Bolshevik and thus the bane of the Communist dream.

Anti-Semitic Posters Pre World War II

Anti-Semitic Posters Pre-World War II

What made it so interesting from a historical perspective was how the Fascists accused the Jews of being the perfect Communist threat to the success of the Fascists while the Communists accused the Jews of being the leaders of the Fascists who were out to destroy Communism and these two powers who both blamed the Jews for creating the other agreed to split Poland between them at the start of World War II. The only item which has ever mattered was that the Jew is always cast as the other, the one who is different, is strange, who does not fit and is outside of the acceptable peoples. The Jew is thus made into the threat and always when the Jew had become the most assimilated and all but completely rejected their Jewishness in favor of being the best German, Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Russian or whatever nation they reside within. Almost always when the Jew has all but melded into the society that there comes those who forces the Jew to become the other upon which all the sins of the day can be cast and almost instantly the Jew goes from productive and happy member melded into the society to the target of every derision and division which can be cast upon them. The authorities have to go back often two or more generations to find parents who were Jews and then trace their children and then ostracize them insulating the society from these imposters who almost got away with hiding in plain sight. In every case the successfulness of the Jews is used to prove the presence of some conspiracy otherwise how could they have become so successful? It could not be because the Jews favor education and have done so since the earliest of time. In ancient time the Jews were one of the few and often even the only group which required that every member of their society be capable or reading and writing and often taught a trade or studied logic as there are logic arguments written into the daily prayerbook and practiced in their writings as the learned Rabbis would often play devil’s advocate to force the argument to prove the validity and necessity of their definitions. These arguments in logic are recorded within Talmud and other writings. It is often these devil’s advocate positions which are presented as if they are the actual beliefs of the Jews when they were simply used as an argument to force the making of the case for the belief which was the opposite or which forbid such acts. How better to prove that an act is harmful than have somebody actively promote and argue for such acts and have the other side proven. It is a form of debate often used in philosophy and the sciences to make a better proof of a concept which opposes the position. Why is theft of an idea so evil and hurtful for the society as well as the inventor? Well, first one argues that there is some good from such a theft as it likely brings the discovery to the people more rapidly but the eventual argument is that by rewarding the wrong person then the actual inventor does not receive the credit and thus support for further discoveries and instead a simple thief is tasked with making further discoveries which inevitably leads to their stealing other ideas and thus denying the contributions of many brilliant people who were harmed irrevocably by such acts which eventually hurt the society. Does writing that the thief has served a good purpose mean I support it or was that position simply a tool for debate and furthering knowledge by making the argument against stronger and more readily understood? But the ignorant can be easily led astray if they have yet to learn how to think and research for themselves, especially if such lessons come from a respected person such as a professor. That is why the colleges are amongst the first institutions where the anti-Semites spread their poison often with willing accomplices.


Looking at the universities today and their rampant anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitism and the beginnings of the next plague on humanity is taking shape right before our eyes and most are doing absolutely nothing to combat these falsehoods. Allowing the false victimization of Israel and the denial of the right for Israel to exist is pure anti-Semitism as it is the method of denying the Jew their own state and only the Jew. When Israel is cast as the greatest human rights abusers by the United Nations and the United States State Department lists the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as an abuser of human rights because of the disproportionality of the Gaza war while ignoring the fact that every previous war the victorious military used disproportional force to win and often at a far more damaging level than the IDF in Gaza. One need look no further than Dresden, Marseilles, Tokyo, Berlin, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and many other cities bombed until they became a firestorm which completely destroyed the central districts of the city and left almost no structures standing and then bombed the rubble to see the disproportionality of warfare. The entire job of the military is to break the will of the enemy population and at that Israel has been one of the least effective as they have gone to proven extremes to assure that innocents are not harmed even to the point of risking their own ground forces and allowing the enemy forces to vacate an area with the civilians before a tactically necessary bombing of a bomb factory or other military target placed often next to a school or clinic or as in a number of cases in Gaza, entire clinics were built with bombs placed in the walls as traps to detonate when inspected by the IDF and often tunnel entrances were found in clinics and schools and rocket stores kept in classrooms. Watch the video below where a British Officer Colonel Kemp who was an international observer of the Gaza operations by the IDF and had operational knowledge from his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.



The current undertone of anti-Semitism worldwide is growing and reaching far and wide. The BDS (boycott, divestment and sanction against Israel) was begun by Yasser Arafat and the Arab League as the next stage in the Arab Muslim actions against Israel by the Arab League which came from the <a href= target=blank>Khartoum Conference Resolution</a> where the three no’s were established, “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” There is the SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) which was established by the PLO and the PFLP and both BDS and SJP are financed directly by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which receives over eighty-percent of their funding either directly or indirectly from Europe, the United States and the rest of the Western World and United Nations. Thus one could easily claim that the Europeans and American are spending their tax dollars and Euros to finance anti-Semitic confabs and organizations on their college campuses through their financial assistance to the PA. These and Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Wahabbist groups are gaining support from leftist and the remains of the former communist and KGB operations which still remain with much of their infrastructure intact and very capable of swaying influences on the college and university environments. They couch much of their actions as being purely human rights and claim that the human rights of Arabs are being adversely affected worldwide by Israel and the Jewish organizations which control so much of governments and world bodies. They claim that the United Nations is run by the world Jew conspiracy and is fully responsible for the formation and continued existence of the Jewish State and oppressor of humankind across the world, Israel. How anybody can believe that the United Nations supports Israel unless accusing Israel of every conceivable crime and the Durban conferences which were hijacked and turned into some of the ugliest anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic confabs ever assembled on earth and the human rights commission and council both of which required every session to denounce Israel before getting to work on the subject at hand which all too often was the denouncing of Israel. The General Assembly is one of the most anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic bodies in existence today and UNESCO just ruled that Israel and the Jews have no historic rights or claims to Jerusalem or the Temple Mount and that the First and Second Temple never existed and were invented by the Jews to steal Jerusalem from the Arabs who are indigenous to Jerusalem despite their history recording their conquest of Jerusalem after the year 700 AD. Jewish recorded history including backing by Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian records went back to before 1000 BCE which is a mere 1700 years before the Arabs, the greatest colonial power in the history of the planet having conquered all of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) outside the Arabian Peninsula, so named as it is where the Arabs were indigenous. The world is once again diving as quickly as it is capable into another dark chapter where the Jew is the target of all the worldly ills and must be brought low to pay for their crimes of having succeeded where all others had failed before them, in making of Israel a nation which spreads light, enlightenment and assistance in any emergency to anywhere on the planet they are allowed to help.


Beyond the Cusp


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