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April 30, 2016

Why is Europe so Full of Disturbing News?


Why Europe is so Full of Disturbing News is obvious to all but the European politicians for the most part. It is so because the politicians are feigning ignorance of the problems sweeping the continent. What is equally disturbing is how ill prepared the remainder of the Anglosphere is regarding the threat which they would be best served facing now before their cities turn into horror shows like the news out of Manchester, England. In Manchester there has been an actual and visceral war on women with what seems to have been a majority of the Christian girls, we are talking ages eleven and twelve through twenty something, have been turned into sex slaves used by some unscrupulous Muslim men who have preyed on them. More disturbing was the lack of action from the community which basically whitewashed the entire incident which had been happening for over a decade. What were the parents of these young victimized girls thinking as they were obviously sitting on their hands? One can easily read about this epidemic with a simple Yahoo or Google search and read the many articles which speak of the problem in the British Isles as well as across Europe. One is tempted to ask what could fuel such a conspiracy of silence, but that is not necessary as we all know what the fuel is, it’s Islamophobia and the fear of being called a racist or a hater. But what is this to these young girls, and in some cases young boys, if it is not a culture of hate and refusing them of their rights to a normal life growing up in the safety of a caring neighborhood and with parents willing to go to any extreme to protect the children in their care. And what about the police, which we know the problem there is lack of support from city hall and the spineless politicians afraid of what lurks in the dark shadows and the loss of votes in the next election. Well, my friends, let us tell you, there are things far more important than votes in the next election and that is the children. Claiming you cannot do anything to help these children if you are not elected and doing nothing in order to get reelected is cowardice and victimizing of these children just as much as their rapists and accoster. What are our politicians elected for if not to watch out for those who are too weak to do so for themselves and preserving a community where children are the concern of every individual from the mayor to the police chief to the school teachers to the individual parents and everybody in between.


There have been reports intermittently, and judging from the defeatist atmosphere these events are mostly not reported upon, despite the likelihood that these events are not as uncommon as the coverage, that at large public events unescorted females are in danger of molestations from the most minor of a quick grab of delicate areas as they walk in any crowded area to full-blown rapes which are being ignored by law enforcement. Is this what European civilization has become and if so when exactly did it die? There are theories that Europe died somewhere between 1930 and 1945 when the continent lost its moral compass as they did nothing to prevent the horrors to the point of the shame of the such events characterized by the long and insulting return trip of the refugee ship with its desperate passengers being ignored and shipped back into the gnashing maw of the Holocaust which was the voyage of the damned on the S.S. St Louis (Movie Voyage of the Damned available free online). Others blame the counter culture of the 1960s and 1970s while others blame it upon the loss of the strong Judeo-Christian religious linkage and the resultant negative population growth numbers. Some blame it on abortions, greed to the point of avarice, lack of caring for one another and even the loss of nationalistic pride as the European Union robbed every individual nation of their pride and transplanted it in the unfertile soil where there was nothing given the people to believe in in exchange for the freedom to do as one pleased without consequences. There is also the belief that when shame disappeared and the church lost its influence, then came the people who believed in nothing who are now falling for anything as the latest generation is seeking anything as an anchor; and there are few choices within their grasp and they now grasp at straws as their lives go over the cliff landing beyond the cusp where a darkness awaits; and from that darkness even one person with a candle becomes the light bearer. Who will be Europe’s light bearer as currently Europe is a continent of people bumping off of each other and any object they run into, all unable to see in the darkest of hours.



Queen Elizabeth I with Troops and Queen Elizabeth II with Troops

Queen Elizabeth I with Troops
Queen Elizabeth II with Troops


Churchill called Blitz as the darkest hour, but he was wrong as at least then the people had some hope and they had old Winston holding onto the brightest of lights Europe may have ever known. It was a light passed to him by Queen Elizabeth I and cared for and nurtured by her namesake, Queen Elizabeth II, a woman with an iron spirit, a delicate and deep understanding of her people and the intelligence to recognize her nation’s savior when she saw him. They have something missing in today’s Europe, something to believe in. This is not solely a European problem as this malaise has permeated all of Western culture and is spreading at an alarming rate and will bring the end of civilization if the people of the developed world do not soon find their link to a positive influence before they are swallowed by something far worse than nothing to believe in. That is the surrender of one’s core beliefs for anything to guide them. Surrender of one’s inner self cannot and never will be a positive result as that was the bane which rode the stone idols which Abraham brought the initial salvations for humankind, now another such hero is required to ride forth; but even if one did, would the politically correct crowd not kill them and their message before they even were permitted to speak. Their initial words would claim right and wrong are no longer correct or acceptable; this savior had best be a person of indomitable spirit and boundless energies if they are to succeed against all hopelessness that wishes to remove any hope as it finds comfort in the dark emptiness where it can squelch any thought. What is to become of Europe? Is she to be the first meal of the spreading demand of surrender? Europe had never surrendered without a fight until now. Will Europe survive or die with merely a whisper, a gasp, a wheezing last breathe.


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