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May 15, 2016

America Paying Price for Impossible Election Laws


Almost every article bemoaning the historically pathetic choice between the two presumptive candidates for President for the next potentially four years have almost always prayed, pleaded, hoped or simply called for a savior to run as a third party candidate. Almost equal numbers have done so from the right and from the left and possibly from the center. Whatever their politics they are being disingenuous as they are just as aware of election laws as we are, but as we ran a third party campaign we will try and be understanding and explain some of the problems with this idea. There is no way by the closing of the ballot cycle any person or even party, including the two main parties if their elite so desired and took on the task, could conceivably get their third party or independent candidate onto the ballot in half, let alone all fifty states. We spend well over half and likely eighty percent of our efforts and funding simply to get our name on the ballot in one congressional district in Maryland and that was with volunteers from two strong issues groups making herculean efforts. It took every ounce of effort by both the pro-life and gun issues groups, churches and individuals just to achieve ballot access. Even with that the entire mechanisms of election law still closed us off of every televised debate and the media barely paid us any notice despite our efforts. Doing the same state wide in every state is beyond possibility as such efforts would have required starting over a year earlier than now, especially when many states require turning in the signatures for validation six months ahead of the election and then the main party of one or both parties will then attempt to get as many signatures invalidated in order to block your efforts which is why we collected a good twenty percent more signatures than were required.


The two main parties have each other to blame for these draconian rules which are designed to prevent a popularist candidate from attaining ballot access and thus protecting the two main party candidates from such a challenge. Many of these laws were written over the years as a reaction to the death of the Whig Party and its eventual replacement by the Republican Party who then worked with the established Democrat Party to prevent exactly what the Republic Party had done from ever happening again. The Democrats were more than glad to assist in these blockading efforts as they did not desire going the way of the Whig Party. As the years continued these two parties of the people made sure the people could never ever change their minds and bring another party to the fore on Election Day. But don’t take our word for this, simply research or request the rules for ballot access from your local government election board. For those wishing a quicker guide they can look here or here. As far as receiving the number of ballot signatures ask yourself one question and answer it honestly, would you sign a petition for somebody to be placed on your state ballot for President of the United States if somebody asked you for your signature the next time you visit any shopping mall or at a desk outside the grocery store? If you are honest you will admit you would brush them off or simply pretend you did not hear or see them if walking a good distance from them was not an option and that is the reaction of almost every other person even if the candidate themselves is there for you to meet, and the candidate for President cannot be in all fifty states at one time, let alone every grocery store and mall in every state. The size of the effort to even get sufficient people canvassing to get signatures by manning booths at stores or going door-to-door is next to impossible. So, that is out of the question but alas there is hope.


Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton


The hope will, oddly enough, be provided by the candidates themselves unless they are extremely careful. This hope is more likely to be potentially possible for the Trump campaign as Hillary Clinton has the support of her party power brokers and elites, alas her path through super delegates at the convention. At some point, likely the convention, each candidate will necessarily roll out their choice for Vice President and alas the party savior as all the elite of either party need do once their candidate gains the way into the White House is impeach them with the anxious and willing assistance of the other party and the Vice President, presumably a more sober choice than the primary electoral process produced. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be choosing a running mate from within their respective party and will want a person with a fair degree of electability as choosing a complete doofus would be counterproductive making their likely electability be even more of a negative. Considering the negatives of each candidate, their Vice Presidential nominee will very likely be far more popular with the voting public. One might even find the elite of either party touting the impeachment of the party candidate simply to place the Vice Presidential nominee in the white house as soon after Inauguration Day as the Congress can act. Then again, it is possible that each candidate will be able to find a running mate with even less appeal or equal revulsion as they are causing their party’s elite.


Some have probably by now decided to call us on that one and will require some potential nominees which would prevent just such a situation for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Truth of the matter is finding just such a person would be difficult but is potentially possible and in the spirit of helping the candidates out we will try to come up with a few suggestions and we would welcome your picks or critiques as well. Hillary Clinton could nominate Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ben Rhodes, Steny H. Hoyer, Alan Stuart “Al” Franken or a host of others who are currently in the House of Representatives or Senate not to mention potential governors and other party delinquents. Donald Trump could nominate Ted Cruz as the party elite had great trouble coalescing around Mr. Cruz even as he became their last hope to stop Trump. There is also John Kasich, John S. McCain, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Jim Bridenstine (trust us as he is our Representative) or a host of Hollywood people the Donald claims he is in with. There are many choices or there would be the ultimate evil move by them, they each pick the other as their running mate, that would protect them guaranteed. Well, yes, it is unlikely but face it, when it comes to negatives those two are very hard to beat.


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