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July 15, 2016

Update Coup Turkey and United States Trip

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There was a coup starting this past afternoon and here in the ever behind the scenes but never on the mark United States they have no clue about who, what, or how; but have figured out the where is Turkey and the when is about now. In the meantime the entire BTC crew, both of us, are on the ground in the United States and Mike Pence is the main story and whether he agrees with The Donald’s immigration policies, as if that is the sole problem. The average American is still rather upset, the only question is at what. The liberals at the hate preventing President Obama from completing any of his wonderful programs and on the right that President Obama has accomplished so much of his socialist agenda. There really does appear to be two Americas and they do not even live in the same nation if one judges by their opinions.


We will try to get snippets in when time and other problems permit. Please excuse grammar or spelling errors as our usual editing is not well coordinated with us each going in different direction and using travel limited computers.

Thanks to all for your patience and continued readership.

Beyond the Cusp



  1. “…preventing President Obama from completing any of his wonderful programs…”
    Is that a joke?


    Comment by tricolorro1 — July 15, 2016 @ 7:38 PM | Reply

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